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Vampire's Kiss


  • Theatrical Version
  • Uncut Version
Release: Mar 02, 2015 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version (German FSK 16 VHS by Columbia Pictures) and the Uncut Version (BBFC 18 DVD by MGM.

There are 19 additional scenes with a total length of 8 minutes and 1.5 seconds.

Vampire's Kiss is a funny vampire comedy which is not about vampires per se. At least not about real ones. Because after Peter (Nicolas Cage) got bitten by his mistress, he now believes he is a vampire and keeps acting like one. What he doesn't know is that he is only imagining it and that his insanity is taking control of him.

The Theatrical Version lacks approximately 8 minutes of plot. In most cases, the missing footage is insignificant but longer dialogs with a length of one minute or one minute and a half are also missing. The UK DVD by contains the Uncut Version.

Please note: cuts with a length of less than one minte have not been considered in the following comparison.
4 Min
Peter and Jackie leave the bar drunk and talk. When Jackie calls a cab, the versions are back in sync.
12 sec

4 Min
The shot of Peter and Jackie on their way to his apartment is longer.
8 sec

7 Min
After the bat attack at Peter's apartment, Jackie is standing in the hallway in front of the door. Peter leaves his apartment, puts on his shoes in a rush. Then Jackie and he run outside the building.
7.5 sec

7 Min
Extended shot of the the cab driving up the street with Peter and Jackie in it. Cut to apartment tower Peter is working in. In doing so, the camera tracks upwards the building.
12 sec

9 Min
Additional shot of the lively street.
5 sec

9 Min
After Peter got out of the cab, he stops in front of the house for a moment. Then he leaves the scene.
2.5 sec

10 Min
Peter's conversation with Dr. Glaser is significantly longer:
Dr. Glaser: Starting with your earliest years when you somehow were taught to expect something that wasn't even halfway attainable! Peter?
Peter: Well, I guess my time's up!
Dr. Glaser: We have a couple more minutes! You know, lately... you have always been telling me when our time is up! And I just wonder if maybe? Does it make you feel a little insecure when I say... Well, what?
Peter: Nothing! I was remembering! I brought this girl up to my place the other night! Really hot, you know! And we're on the bed! Suddenly, this bat comes swooping down out of nowhere!
55 sec

11 Min
Shot of Dr. Glaser buried in thoughts after Peter left. Then a cut to a building. We see the interior of it. Peter is drinking some water. Alva passes by him but he addresses her.
Peter: Alva! I didn't see, did you find that Heatherton contract?
Alva: I checked the files under Heatherton and Rattlesnake Hills, but I couldn't find it! I guess I'm gonna have to look under the "Der Spiegel" files!
Peter: I told you that I already checked those files I already checked them!
Alva: Sorry! I must have misunderstood! I'm gonna get right to it!
Peter and Alva keep walking, Alva watches him leave. An exterior shot of Peter's apartment follows.
51 sec

15 Min
Peter gets some milk from the fridge, puts it on the tablet with the two cups of coffee and leaves the kitchen with it.
12 sec

17 Min
Peter's entire conversation with Dr. Glaser is missing here.
Dr. Glaser: So... How was your weekend?
Peter: It was all right! It was nothing earth-shattering!
Dr. Glaser: Did you hurt yourself?
Peter: Just cut myself shaving!
Dr. Glaser: Oh! Well, Peter! Why don't we begin where we left off last week? You started to tell me about this strange feeling you had, when this bat flew through the window of your apartment!
Peter: Huh?
Dr. Glaser: The feeling of exultation that you experienced! You made it sound as though it were something more than sexual!
Peter: I don't really know what you're talking about! I don't remember!
Dr. Glaser: You were sure about it last weekend! It made a strong impression!
Peter: Oh, yes! Ok, I know! I guess I was pretty horny! Pretty keyed up from being with the girl right before! I was drunk, too! That was it! I'd had a little to drink! I was a little drunk! Plus I was horny!
Dr. Glaser: And have you seen this girl again?
Peter: No!
91 sec

20 Min
Extended shot of Peter behind his desk. He checks the time, then he informs his secretary that he is going to take the rest of the day off via intercom.
Change of scenery: extended shot of a vehicle passing by.
10 sec

28 Min
Extended shot of Peter and his colleagues laughing at the table.
7 sec

72 Min
Extended shot of Peter gnawing at the woman's neck at the club. He then lets go of her and puts the phony vampire teeth in his mouth.
8 sec

78 Min
Three further shots of Emilio is driving along the street. Alva is also in the car.
8 sec

79 Min
Another shot of Emilio and Alva in the car. Then Peter staggering along the street while howling. He passes by a pile of newspapers. The cover page shows the picture of Peter's victim with the headline "Disco Death". Cut to Emilio who stops his car at the side of the road. He rolls down the window. Then he looks at Alva who starts crying.
Emilio: All right! Just tell me when you see him!
The Peter again. He is running on the street with a piece of wood in his hand. All of a sudden, he hits a column which makes him stagger backwards. But he goes back right in front of the column and says: Sorry, I forgot! Where did we leave off?
90 sec

80 Min
Extended shot of Peter talking to the column he takes for Dr. Glaser. In his delusion, Dr. Glaser makes fun of him when they are talking.
Peter goes nut and says: You said you wouldn't laugh!
Dr. Glaser (laughing): I am... It... I'm sorry! I'm only laugh.. laughing because... If you had told me, if you had just told the good doctor, the time you could have saved!
25.5 sec

83 Min
Peter thanks Dr. Glaser / the column and calls her a pearl. He blows a kiss. Subsequently, he turns to his companion Sharon who only exists in his delusion, too. He walks down the street and whistles. Then he talks to "Sharon".
Peter: Do you like that tune? Yeah! Actually, I live up right around here! Do you wanna come up? You can join me! Ok! Well, I was born in Philadelphia, but I've been a New Yorker now for going on ten years! And what about you? Ah, nice! I hear it's very beautiful country up there! What? This? It's like I started saying before, I turned into a vampire last week! It's all in the past, though! You Ok? You know!
Now Emilio and Alva in the car looking for Peter.
Alva: There he is!
Emilio: I don't wanna talk about it any more!
62 sec

84 Min
Emilio looks through the glass door of the apartment building Peter is living in, then he checks out the mailboxes. He turns to the camera. When he turns back to the frontdoor and smashes the glass with a crowbar, the versions are back in sync.
10 sec

86 Min
The tracking shot of Peter with the piece of wood in his chest is longer.
5.5 sec