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Beyond Re-Animator


  • R-Rated
  • Original Version
Release: May 24, 2009 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Habek - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US-DVD(R-Rated) and the NL-DVD(original version). Both DVD's have the same duration, if you regard the PAL-Speedup. The NL-DVD is 8,5 seconds longer than the one from the US if you focus on the film, because the scenes which have been cut out in the US DVD have been replaced by a studio-logo. That might have been done on purpose to trick the customers. The US edition has been cut slightly to get an R-Rating. The US-DVD and the Canada-DVD both contain the R-rated edition. All scenes that have been out contain violence. The NL-DVD contains the uncut (spanish) original version.

00:00 Min. - 00:09 Min. (US-Edition!)

The cut scenes have been (purposely?) replaced by a Lion's Gate logo, so there is no time difference.

Duration: 8,5 Seconds in the US-Edition.

80:28 Min. - 80:31 Min.

The junkie having an overdose of West's serum wriggles a bit longer,until his eye comes out of his eyehole.

Duration: 3 Sek.

80:35 Min. - 80:37 Min.

The junkie's stomach bursts open. In the NL-Edition you see the bowel splash out in two shots, whilst in the US-Edition you see a shot with west watching and hear the stomach bursting open. Then, you see a part of the shot from the NL-Edition for 1 second, in which the bowel splashes out. Both editions have the same duration.

Duration: both 2 Sek., no time difference

85:08 Min. - 85:09 Min.

Howard slits Schizo-Laura's/Emily's throat a bit longer. The shot where you see Howard striking out and the shot with Howard slitting are a bit longer. In the US-Edition you see the mere end of the second one.

Duration:: ca. 1 Sek.

85:15 Min. - 85:16 Min.

Howard slits Schizo-Laura's/Emily's throat again. In the US-Edition you only see Howard striking out, in the NL-Edition you also see howard slitting the throat.

Duration: ca. 1 Sek.

85:17 Min. - 85:21 Min.

After seeing Dr.West and Warden, we can only see Schizo-Laura's/Emily's throat apparently being cut again in the NL-Edition.

Then there is a little cut:

In the US:

1. Howard striking out off Nr 1

2. Schizo-Laura/Emily: "Yes!" Nr. 1

3. Howard hauling off Nr 2

In the NL:

1. Howard striking out Nr 1

2. Schizo-Laura/Emily: "Yes!" Nr. 1

3. Howard striking out Nr. 2 part 1

4. Schizo-Laura/Emily: "Yes!" Nr. 2

5. Howard striking out Nr. 2 part 2 2

Dauer: NL ca. 3,5 Sek. longer.

The NL-Edition is exactly 8,5 Sek. longer than the US-Edition, if you do not regard the studio logo. Else, both DVD's have the same duration.