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I Just Wanna Love You

artist: Jay-Z


  • Censored
  • Uncensored
Release: Oct 13, 2012 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Mr Miau
The music video for Jay-Z's "I Just Wanna Love You" was censored at several points. The only notable of those is the pixelation at the beginning, but a lot more of scenes were replaced by less offensive material.
One of the three women who were fleeing the man following them to the door is storming out of the house again. She is topless and her breasts are visible, at least in the uncensored version. A pixelation effect was used for the censored version.
2 shots, no difference in time

Left side uncensored, right side censored

When the guy managed to get one of the girls, they go into a photo booth. Different footage was used for the scene inside the booth.

In the uncensored version he pulls her top up so her breasts can be seen almost completely.

In the censored version he just reaches out with his hand as if he wanted to trigger the camera.
1 sec was replaced (no difference in time)

Shortly after the photo booth scene, Jay-Z can be seen singing and then two more censored scenes follow.

1.) A barely dressed woman dances in a close-up. Her shiny legs are very prominent and a man is bowing down to the camera and lustfully points to her lower back.

2.) A woman is being shooed through a corridor. Her breasts are jiggling a lot so her top is sliding further and further up until everything becomes visible.

The censored versions shows shots of Jay-Z singing with a shot of a dancing woman in between. The woman is a lot more dressed than in the uncensored version.
3,5 seconds were replaced (no difference in time)

Because of the recuts, we actually have more libertine footage in the censored than in the uncensored version here!

The original shows the dancing woman which has already been used in the altered version (see last cut).

The censored version shows another woman dancing instead, she is dancing pretty intense in a crouching position while several men stand around her and stare at her.
1 second was replaced (no difference in time)

And again something was replaced:

The uncensored version contains a woman doing offensive movements by rubbing herself agains a man's groin.

The censored version only shows a few people dancing.
1 second was replaced (no difference in time)