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Release: Nov 16, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The R-rated version has been compared to the unrated version (both released in the US by MIRAMAX)

Partly very funny film with some of the Wayans brothers, which spoofs the at the time popular gangster movies. First only released in an R-rated version, there was an unrated version released a little later. The scenes contained there are, except for the last scene, not really "worthy of the unrated-label", but fun to watch.
00:00 The MIRAMAX logos differ in the two versions. No time difference.


15:45 In the unrated version (UV), Preach preaches before Ashtray, Loc Dog and some passersby as the two visit him.
34.7 sec.

The R-Rated version (RV) on the other hand shows the shot of Loc Dog and Ashtray longer as well as the beginning of the next view of Preach.
3 sec.

21:40 The scene between Loc Dog and the girl he wanted to date in his matchless manner, is longer in the UV. There, the Ghettogirl also draws a gun and holds it to Loc Dog's head. A slightly strange attempt to get to know each other takes place, ending in the two dancing together. The guns pointed at each other all the time, though.
50.3 sec.

The RV on the other hand shows the previous shot of Ashtray leaving the Bil a bit longer.
1.7 sec.

53:23 After Ashtray was released from jail, the UV shows an insignificant but funny plot device in which you see Preach, Loc Dog and Crazy Legs play the gangster version of Monopoly. Here, it's called Po'Nopoly.
121 sec.

The fade to black is longer in the RV.
2 sec.

59:01 The camera fades from Old School to a scene only contained in the UV. It takes place in a club where Loc Dog attempts to do a stand-up (it's only a dream, though). The audience loves his jokes.
77 sec.

80:21 This scene is only contained in the RV: Ashtray calls to his girlfriend Dashiki, that he will call her later and runs away. Screaching Dashiki is shown after that for a short time.
+ 8.2 sec.

80:46 Here, the two versions continue differently: In the UV, Ashtray calls Dashiki and runs to her in ludicrous situations to save her. He grabs her and gets her to safety. Cuts to Toothpick and Loc Dog shooting around wildly. When Ashtray wants to save one of Dashiki's children, Toothpick shoots a bullet in his shoulder. Ashtray drops to the ground.
45.9 sec.

In the RV, Ashtray also runs to the boy. He tells him to take care of his mother. Cut to shooting Toothpick who hits Ashtray with a bullet. After that, shots of Toothpick and his gange follow, as well as Loc Dog shooting around.
11.7 sec.

81:34 After Grandma has beat down the guy, only the UV shows her getting out a machete and behead the guy with it. She then picks up the head, puts it into her purse and calmly leaves.
17.1 sec.

The RV shows a shot of Grandma a little longer.
1.3 sec.