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Hellhole Women (aka Sadomania)

original title: Sadomania - Hölle der Lust


  • International Version
  • Spanish Version
Release: Aug 24, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the International Version and the Spanish Version

Jess Franco's "masterpeace" of the WIP genre Sadomania - Hölle der Lust has been released in two versions. The extended Spanish Version was only available on VHS (in Spain) before the release of the US DVD by Blue Underground. In other countries, a so-called International Version was released (approx. 15 min. of plot and sex have been removed). Further differences are possible, but these occur to the particular country the International Version was released in.

In 2005, a DVD with both versions (german audio track included) was released in Austria. Due to the different soundtrack, problems with the music are existent.

International Version = 84:12 min

Uncut Version = 98:19 min

No consideration of trivial jump cuts.
04:03 The tracking shot of the stone pit and the working cons is shorter in the International Version.
35.6 sec

04:14 Several shots of the working women. Then a shot of Mendoza's arriving limo.
41.4 sec

04:40 Ditto.
4.5 sec

04:50 Ending of a shot. Magda Urtado rides through the mise-en-scène with her carriage.
12.8 sec

05:17 Extended shot of Mendoza watching through the binoculars plus the beginning of the following shot.
6.7 sec

06:55 Shot of the cons, Mendoza with his binoculars plus Olga escaping.
19.2 sec

07:34 A shot of Conchito looking worried after Olga was being captured.
5.1 sec

09:00 Cons and guards on his way back, accompanied by some guitar music.
58.8 sec

10:02 Jump cut: the women are being brought to their cells.
11.5 sec

10:38 Pan shot from a whistling inmate to a bird in its cage.
19 sec

11:15 Extended shot of Mendoza and Magda. They turn around when the convoy of cons is arriving.
23.4 sec

12:52 Extdended shot of Olga running away in the water while Mendoza is counting down.
11.5 sec

13:18 Shot of Mendoza, his gun and then Magda.
11.1 sec

13:22 Olga in the bush, she watches Magda.
14.5 sec

13:48 After Magda fired off the first shot, further scenes of Olga are missing.
35.6 sec

15:23 Jump cut.
0.5 sec

15:28 Jail corridors at night, then the inmates in their cells.
23 sec

16:00 Beginning of a flashback: Tara's boyfriend plays the guitar.
15.3 sec

17:34 Pan shot of the island by night. Then a shot of cigar-smoking Mendoza in his room.
28,5 Sek.

22:31 Extended sex scene of Tara and Mendoza. Mendoza's wife Loba watches them for a longer period.
18.3 sec

22:34 Ditto.
7.7 sec

28:43 Michael and his buddy get out of the car, then a shot of the jail.
10 sec

29:25 Ending of a shot of the sea. Then Loba's arrival by car, she and Tara get out out of it.
37.4 sec

30:31 Shots of Tara being dragged to the boat by some men, then the beginning of the next shot.
28.6 sec

30:51 Scenes in the stone pit.
28 sec

31:36 Missing scenes of Juno and Conchito insulting and charging at each other.
6 sec

37:53 Shorter fight between Juno and Conchito.
40 sec

38:59 Pan shot from the island to the jail, where Loba is in a room full of wind-up toys.
80 sec

41:25 Further scenes of the German shephard abusing the defenseless Conchito (no details). Mendoza watches that stimulated while he's having sex with Loba.
45 sec

41:27 Ditto.
29.4 sec

50:11 Jump cut.
2.2 sec

50:15 Jump cut? Michael disarms some guards and knocks one of them out.
2.2 sec

70:02 Conchito and Uschi take care of the heavily wrecked Loba, followed by some scenes of a landing boat with a bunch of megahorny guys. All hookers come out of the woodwork immediately. Lucas (Jess Franco), the owner of the whorehouse, collects his dough from the customers. Finally, a shot of Loba.
105 sec

70:20 Extended shot of Loba, Uschi and grieving Conchito after Loba died. Uschi says it was dreadful, like the day Zenobia had died. Conchoto wants to know if Zenobia was a relative of her. Uschi denies that and explains she was the best lesbian she had ever known. Then the beginning of a further shot.
28 sec