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1.23 Rei III

original title: Shin seiki evangelion


  • Original Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Aug 13, 2011 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Because of the huge success of this series in Japanese TV, the idea of the plot had also to achieve the jump to the cinema screen. Both cinematics ‘Death and Rebirth’ and ‘End of Evangelion’ are directly tied to the story. To adjust the story of the movies for the DVD release, the episodes 21-24 were extended with new plot scenes.

However, one thing beforehand: The extended four episodes were edited again in plenty scenes. Sometimes with good, sometimes with a bad result. There are only minor changes, for example an opened hand at the image border in the normal version turned into a clenched fist in the DC version. The mimics were also partly edited and the hair was sometimes drawn new. These changes are that minimal and can only be figured out with close observation. At the first view one could say both version are identical, except for the new image material. For this reason the various ‘changes’ are not considered in this comparison.

Compared is now the normal version of the German OVA Films DVD box and the Director’s Cut of the HK DVD box.

The Dir. Cut episodes partly offer different image material so it becomes difficult to name the exact cut length. Disregarding the different material the Dir. Cut of Episode 23 runs 73.5 sec = 1 min 13.5 sec longer.
The DC also contains a drawing of the blond professor crossing her legs under the table while she's speaking with her grandma on the phone.
1 sec

The circular angle attacks Rei in EVA 00
Alternate footage:

After the angle attacked Rei and EVA 00, one of the controllers says it was building right up. Then she says it was being decomposed by the target.

Both versions contain different footage here.
The DC shows the woman from another angle. Then a diagram of EVA 00's condition of the AT-field.

Screens (DC):

The Regular Version lacks that diagram. Here we only have the woman but from a different angle (as already mentioned).

Screen (Regular Version):

no difference

Different footage:

A status indication pops up while the angle is penetrating Rei. That status indication looks entirely different.
no difference
Left DC, Right Regular Version:

In the Dc, sth. brown bursts out of EVA 00. In the Regular Version, nothing bursts out of her.
3 sec

The angle attacks Shinji in EVA 01
Recut in the DC when the angle goes for Shinji. His weapon bursts earlier here. Moreover another drawing of him in the cockpit pops up exclusively in the DC.
0.5 sec

Furthermore the fight between Shinji and the angel is way longer in the DC:
Shinji grabbed the second end of the angel and tries to hold it as far away as possible. Unfortunately the angel now starts to contaminate Shinji as well. There are blisters on EVA 01's hands and now Shinji gets blisters, too. Katsuragi tells Shinji to use his knife. So he pulls his knife and stabs the angle as hard as he can. Blood splatters. Now Shinji's hands again. The blisters form into little figures. He hears a voice that asks him if if hurt. Then the end of the wurm-like angle opens and forms the image of Rei.
23 sec

Rei talks to himself. He says that was his soul and the soul wanted to unite with Ikari.

The Regular Version continues with the drawing of Shinji's bursting weapon now, the DC continues completely and utterly different:

The bursted angel, whose end formed into an image of Rei, hovers to EVA 01's head and snuggles up against him.
4 sec

Alternate footage:

Different footage after Rei cringed and said "No".

Another perspective of EVA 00 in the DC. Then a drawing of a red bubble (Eva's core) which bursts out of EVA 00.

Screens (DC):

The Regular Version shows EVA 00 crucifing hisself but from a closer perspective.
The DC is 1 sec longer.

Screen (Regular Version):

EVA 00 again. The brown substance gets smaller now. Cut to EVA 01. The wurm-like angle lets go of Rei. Then EVA 00 again: the red bubble bursts and the brown substance the core is filled with emerges. It grows to a huge clump. The wurm-like angel vanishes. Cut to the command center. The controller yells the AT-field limit was reached and the core was going to explode soon.

The versions continue equally when Katsuragi orders Rei to leave EVA 00.
15 sec

Shot of the collapsing brown clump after Rei pulled the hand gear.
3 sec

Exploding EVA 00 looks much better in the DC! - EVA 00 slowly rises. Stsnding tall, it looks like the Mecha turns into energy. Then the eneryg turns into an image of Rei's. A white ring appears above his head. The ring tightens itself until finally EVA 00 explodes.
Screens (DC):

In comparison to that, the explosion looks pathetic in the Regular Version. The shot of EVA 00 only lasts a split second until the explosion.
The DC is 5 sec longer.
Screen (Regular Version):

Katsuragi tries to solace Shinji
After the more or less failed attempt to solace Shinji, Katsuragi stands in front of his door. He tries to find a reason for his solitude. The image section of his face is different in the DC. Furthermore the DC lacks an intercut to Hauspinguin lying on the ground.

After the mentioned scene, the DC continues with a new scene. We see Ikari in front of huge fluid reservoir. His assistent Fuyutsuki starts talking. He calls Rei the object of desperation but still the object of their hope. He adds he was afraid they could never be forgotten.
16 sec

Rei (3. clone) returns to their quarters
The DC also contains a shot of bandages unwrapping from Rei's hand.
5 sec

Fuyutsuki speaks with Ikari
Alternate footage:
The Regular Version contains a close-up of Fuyutsuki's face. The DC contains a shot froma further distance plus Ikari is also there.
no difference
Left DC, Right Regular Version:

The blond professor is being questioned by the board of souls
Alternate footage:

The Regular Version contains a close-up of the symbol of one of the soul speakers. That's it. In the DC, the nude professor is standing right in front of it.
no difference
Left DC, Right Regular Version:

Katsuragi forces the blond professor to show her the secret facilities
Alternate footage:

Again different footage when Katsuragi, Shinji and the professor are going down in the elevator.
First an alternate distance shot of the elevator:
Left DC, Right Regular Version:

So is the following interior shot:
no difference
Left DC, Right Regular Version:

The cemetary of the Evas
And again different footage. The DC looks much better one more time.

The Regular Version shows a big skeleton which represents EVA's first attempt. Then the camera zooms upwards.

The DC shows several skeletons in a shaft or sth.
no difference

ca. 0.19.50
Different footage when the blond professor shows Katsuragi and Shinji all the empty "Rei shells". It starts to become different since the moment the professor says the people found a god, wanted him and he prepared them for it.

The Regular Version sticks with the rice reservoir while the rest is being narrated.
Screens (Regular Version):

The DC shows some newspaper articles and photos and the reservoir in rotation.
no difference
Screens (DC):