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Release: May 23, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the Theatrical Version (represented by a free-tv broadcast on the German channel Einsplus on July 23rd, 2015) and the Director's Cut (represendet by the German DVD released by Universum)

- 3 additional scenes
- Difference in time: 83.8 sec (= 1:24 min)

The amusing and charming video-store-homage Be Kind Rewind starring Jack Black and Mos Def was released on DVD and Blu-ray all over the world and alsmost all countries seem to have received just ONE version. Thus, it seemed a pretty weird thing to read the word "Director's Cut" on the German DVD's cover. Often, this title is used just on principal, just as they did it for The Green Inferno. However, further research made it clear that the BBFC rating included a remark that says "Extended DVD Version". Both the BBFC and the german FSK list an earlier rating for the theatrical release that is roughly 1.5 minutes shorter. Thus it became clear that even though this version was not released for home theaters, German TV channels usually use the original theatrical version.

In hindsight we can say: The "Director's Cut" included on the DVDs and Blu-rays includes a longer extended plot scene during the first third of the movie. Mr Fletcher (played by Danny Glover) stars in a reflective scene about basic business economics. The other two short additional moments concern Fletcher's return to business, yet are considerably shorter.
Since the changes are not all that spectacular, it seems that the producers knowingly renounced promoting the Director's Cut in a big way. Overall, the changes neither make the movie better nor worse. If anything, it shortens the flick a bit, however, the scenes also round up the character a little better.

Runtimes are listed as follows:
Theatrical Version [PAL] / Director's Cut [PAL]

The logos at the beginning are not included in the TV broadcast.


The following movie titles are included in German language in the TV broadcast.
This is a general aspect of the German TV master: During the 56th minute we see some more movie titles during a fast shot sequence. All of them are included in German language. The same thing happens again during the daily shoots with additional townspeople.

German TV broadcastDirector's Cut

18:14 / 18:39-19:48

After Jerry stumbles away, the DC includes an additional scene of Fletcher and a few old friends.

One of them cheers him up. He says that he thought Fletcher might run bankrupt earlier, yet he always managed to get beack on his feet. Fletcher admits that he is incapable of fitting in and therefore is broke.
Another man says that they at least are in America. There, everyone is able to earn his money and to underline his argument he presents a dish scrubber that sprays dish soap. Then he explains that this idea came to him years back, however, only thanks to the handle made out of stainless steel it was funally successful. This lead to a profit increase of 800% and thus a triplication of the market share within two years. He summarizes that all one needs to do is to see what people want and give it to them.

71.7 sec (= 1:12 min)

56:20 / 57:53-57:56

We can see a frontal shot of Fletcher. After that, he walks around in front of the building a little longer.

3.5 sec

56:48 / 58:25-58:33

Only in the Director's Cut Fletcher thinks his idea through and says that he will make more money.
He is happy and puts the poster away. Then he comments that the redevelopments of the house would have to be done by a building company admitted by the city.

8.6 sec