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Dog Day aka Canicule

Universal Horror Collection: Volume 3

Django Strikes Again

original title: Django 2 - il grande ritorno


  • German DVD
Release: Apr 27, 2010 - Author: Preacher - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Unfortenately the US + UK releases of Django Strikes Again on Tape are cut. The prolog, with a running time of approx. 5 min, at the beginning is missing.
The US DVD (released by Anchor Bay) is uncut.
A cowboy arrives in town, an old man wakes up and grabs his gun. He looks through the window and the arriving cowboy can also be recognized as an old man.
These two are fighting a duel but they don't shoot at each other. Instead they shoot on a wind vane.
Then they go into a bar to talk about former times and former heroes, but they can't remember the name of the man with the machine gun.
When the river steamer with the slave traders is arriving, they leave the bar to stand their grounds but the river steamer starts shooting at them immediately.
One dies at once and the other one remembers that the man's name was Django before he dies as well.
334 sec