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original title: Shuang tong


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 01, 2008 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
The mystery-thriller "Double Vision" is a Taiwanese production featuring the American actor David Morse ("The Rock", "12 Monkeys") and Tony Leung Ka Fai, who is already well known in Asia, in the leading parts.
Enough reason to release the movie in US-theatres. However for the upcoming release in Western theatres the movie was too hard, so a special R-Rated version was made for the American market.
Both versions can be found on the HK-DVD. Until now only the r-rated version has been released in the USA an the most western countrys.

The movie is definitely worth being checked out!

Comparison between the US R-Rated Theatrical version and the uncut Unrated version both present on the HK-DVD.

Running times refer to the R-Rated version.
Oddly enough, right at the beginning a longer plot-scene is missing in the R-Rated version. Possibly this scene has been cut because illegitimate police violence is not very popular in the USA.

At the beginning of the movie we see the police captain singing karaoke. In the R-Rated version he suddenly enters a washroom. - The following is missing:

A man walks to the singing captain. He shows him a report and says that the two arrested men have raped the local judge's daughter. The captain passes away the microphone and goes upstairs with his colleagues. Walking upstairs he looks at the police report with several pictures of the abused woman. He opens the door of the room in which the two culprits sit in and does not hesitate to hit one of them off his chair with full force. Then he jumps at him, presses a notebook in his face and pummels him. The scared accomplice watches the whole thing. When the captain is being dragged off the man by his colleagues we see the man's bloody face. - The captain kicks him once more with full force and tells his colleagues to bring him away and claim that he committed suicide.
Now he turns to the other culprit. He steps very close to him till the man sits down in his chair scared. The captain says that they probably did not know who they raped and that the next time they better should negotiate a price with her. He leaves the room and removes his blood splattered shirt in the hallway. He enters the washroom without a shirt on. -

The scene in the washroom is also in the R-Rated version but it has been edited slightly differently. - But more about that in the following cut.
104 sec.

Washroom scene
The main difference is that for the R-Rated version all hints to the beating of the culprit have been removed. In some parts the scene has been edited extremely differently which makes it impossible to list every small change.

Scene description:
At first in the R-Rated version we see the leading actor (Huang Huo) brushing his teeth. - We hear somebody entering the room from the off.
Pictures (R-Rated):

In the Unrated we see him brushing his teeth from another perspective. Behind him we see the door and the captain entering the room.
Pictures (Unrated):

Length of the scene:
R-Rated version: 8,5 Sec.
Unrated version: 6,5 Sec

Right after the last cut there is another one in the R-Rated version. The captain has entered the washroom to put his hand under water because he obviously hurt himself when beating up the rapist. - Since the beating scene is missing this scene had to be removed, too...
2,5 Sec.

And again slightly different footage, the reason still remains the same: links to the cut out scene of the beating with the police captain are supposed to be removed.

Cut description:
The police captain takes his shirt off his shoulder to wash out the blood of the rapist he has beaten up. In the Unrated version this is followed by an insert of the shirt under the water tap.
Picture (Unrated version):

In the R-Rated version we only see the captain rubbing it in the off.

The alternative footage in the R-Rated version is longer, anyhow:
Length of the scene in the Unrated version: 6 Sec.
Length of the scene in the R-Rated version: 13 Sec.

In the R-Rated version the washroom scene ends earlier, right after Huang Huo has spit out the toothpaste. In the Unrated version the following happens after that:

The captain still tries to rub the blood out of his shirt. The shirt can be seen under the water tab, again, and the captain says from the off: "Won't that go out at all?". Huang Huo takes the shirt out of his hand and starts working on the blood splatters with his toothbrush. The captain looks at him puzzled.
22 Sec.

Investigating the priest's murder
Closeup of the bowels which are taken out of the plastic bowl by the forensic doctor.
1,5 Sec.

After the arrival of FBI-agent Kevin Richter (David Morse)
Why this plot scene is missing remains absolutely unexplained.

Context: Huang Huo has the assignment to pick up the FBI-agent from the airport and to be his translator during the investigation. After he has picked him up he just drops him in the rain in front of a hotel. - After that we cut away and a long plot scene is missing in the R-Rated version.

Scene description:
The next day. Richter has gone to the police station and a police man leads him to Huang Huo's office. He enters the room carefully and takes a look around. Huang Huo is lying on the couch sleeping, his hand is bandaged because last night he banged in his car's window. There are still disinfectant and dressing material on his desk.
Richter grabs an envelope and takes a look at it. Suddenly the alarm clock rings and Huang Huo wakes up appalled. Ready for battle he immediately clenches his fists but Richter yells immediately "Ho, Ho ho, allright, allright" and so on, then Huang Huo realizes who is standing in front of him and calms down.
At last we cut to them walking along the hallway towards the briefing where the R-Rated version sets in again.
87 Sec.

Human sacrifice in the temple
The R-Rated version is noticeably more harmless at this point. - We only see the stitch in the victim's back and the knife being moved slightly upwards.

The following is missing:
A shot of the man with a picture in his hand. He is breathing heavily. Now, another close up of the back. - The monk cuts a big, gasping wound in it using a dagger. In the off the man's moaning gets louder and louder. The monk pulls the dagger out of the back and puts his entire hand in the wound.
7 Sec.

The massacre in the temple
Here, basically everything is missing in the R-Rated version, in parts alternative, harmless footage has been used.

When one of the police men wants to make the two cult members step back one of them pulls out a sword that was hidden in his sleeve.

Cut description:
The man hits off the police man's head with a sword. A noticeably more harmless following shot was used in the R-Rated version.

The blade goes through the neck and leaves a clean, unexplicit cut. - Blood cannot be seen.
Picture (R-Rated):

The knive hits the head off which flies off the torso in slow motion. A gush of blood floating down from the separated head is clearly visible.
Pictures (Unrated):

Length of the scene in the R-Rated version: 1 Sec.
Length of the scene in the Unrated version: 2 Sec.

The man with the separated leg falls backwards grabbing the stump. Meanwhile his separated leg falls to the side.
An insert of the man lying on the ground holding his blood splattering leg follows.
2,5 Sec.

Different footage:
In the Unrated version we see the three women attacking a police man. One of them bites him in the neck. - This scene is completely missing in the R-Rated version.
1,5 Sec. in the R-Rated version

In the R-Rated version, however, we see a bit more of the fight of another police man with a woman and a man. The man comes from the back and tears the police man away from the woman. He shakes the police man's arm with the gun in the hand and then points it at him. 2 shots. - The small part of this scene is missing in the Unrated version, but only this part!
3 Sec. in the Unrated version

The man pulling the trigger is completely missing in the R-Rated version. - He shoots the police man a bullet through the neck with the police man's own weapon which the police man is still holding in his own hand. Blood splatters against the wall behind him and against the woman's face who is holding him. The woman keeps standing there a little dizzy.
2 Sec.

When the woman gets shot in the head by a police man the gush of blood is missing in the R-Rated version.
No time difference
R-Rated version on the left, Unrated version on the right.

Sound censorship:
When the police man gets his arms cut off both the cutting sound and a "muddy" effect got deleted from the soundtrack in the R-Rated version.
No time difference

Still in the same shot in which the woman with the head shot flies out of the frame (last but one cut) the police man gets cut off both forearms. - The shot was shortened in the R-Rated version:
In the Unrated version we longer see the cut off arms falling to the ground in slow motion until they almost left the frame.
The beginning of the following shot was also shortened: The police man who got his arms cut off kisses the dust, we clearly see his two arm stumps.
The R-Rated begins later, here we also see the stumps but the clear shot at the beginning is missing.
altogether 1,5 Sec.

Sound censorship:
When the police man, who just got his hands cut off, gets stabbed the cutting sound has been deleted from the soundtrack.
No time difference

The now dead police man sinks to the floor in the Unrated version. We clearly notice the arm stumps. - This scene is completely missing in the R-Rated version.
3 Sec.

Sound censorship:
A police man tries to escape through a door. But one of the cult members gets in his way with a sword. - A clean cut of the blade can be heard and the police man kisses the dust. The cult member stabs him again in the off and we hear a cutting sound, again. At least in the Unrated version! - In the R-Rated version, however, the second sound of the sword was deleted.
No time difference

Sound censorship:
The cult's leader uses his sword to kill a police man who is lying on the ground. The sound effect to this was delayed and shortened. - In that way the scene seems to be asynchronous in the R-Rated version.
No time difference

Sound censorship:
A cult member drills his sword into a police man's abdomen (that cannot be seen because the camera is behind him). - In the R-Rated version the stitching sound was deleted even though it is very quiet, anyway. However, the sound effect when he puts the sword out is still on the soundtrack.
No time difference

On top of it all: The whole ending of the massacre was completely cut out of the R-Rated version and because of that you do not even know who actually survives.

Context: The camera pans down the inner window wall of the skyscraper until the built temple appears in the frame. We shortly see the "battle ground" under the temple's roof, then the R-Rated versions cuts directly to a group of police men entering the hall where the blood bath has happened.

The following is missing:
The camera keeps panning down longer. We see the hall. Dozens of corpses and injured people are lying on the floor.
The police captain and another police man are seriously injured and splattered with blood and have carried themselves in front of the temple's gate and face the two cult members who were the first ones to pull out their swords and by that started the massacre.
The two police men are gasping in agony the fanatics, however, are visibly calm. When one of them raises his sword to attack the standing police man shoots at him. Gory bullet wounds can be seen while the man keeps running towards him. However, when he is falling before he dies he manages to cut off a piece of the police man's head which flies away in slow motion.

Now, only the police captain and the man who is obviously the leader of the cult are left. The captain wants to shoot him but his weapon is empty. However, the cult's leader does not attack him but drops his sword, sits down and starts meditating.
52 Sec.

The R-Rated version contains the following scene which, oddly enough, is completely missing in the Unrated version.
After the police backing has entered the hall (way too late) they find a horrific scene. The Unrated version only hints at that by the terrified eyes of the police men.

Scene description:
The R-Rated version, however, visualizes this horrific scene, once again. The camera tracks along the reams of dead and injured people of the massacre. At last we see the police men standing in the field of corpses looking to all sides horrified.
51 Sec. in the Unrated version

The end
The ending is slightly different and longer in the R-Rated version. When the camera zooms to the crying face of Huang Huo the R-Rated version fades away. The stone with the the reams of Chinese characters carved into it appears in the frame. A computer animated symbol marks specified characters on the stone which are pieced together. Then the ending credits begin.

The Unrated version fades directly to the ending credits.
ca. 36 Sec.