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Remember the Time

artist: Michael Jackson


  • Music Version
  • Uncut Version
Release: Jan 06, 2013 - Author: MikePG-13 - Translator: Tony Montana
The music video "Remember the Time" is from 1992. This video had stars like Eddie Murphy as Pharaoh, Magic Johnson as servant and the more or less famous model Iman as the Queen.

When it premiered and a short while afterwards, the Uncut Version aired. But later on, presumably for time reasons, a so-called Music Version without the introducing story went on air.

BTW The video was directed by John Singleton who also directed movies like "Boyz N the Hood", "Higher Learning", "Shaft" or "2 Fast 2 Furious" machte.

Der title "Remember the Time" has never been shown, no matter which version (cut or uncut) went on air on some music station.
4 sec

Running time Uncut Version: approx. 09:06 min
Running time Music Version: approx. 05:35 min
Difference: approx. 03:31 min
Some CG animations: shot of a sand glass, the sphinx with the pyramids, Cleopatra. The sand gets mixed up.
18 sec

Shot of an Egyptian temple with cats and a lion baby.
15 sec

The camera tracks upwards to the Queen, who looks pretty bored. She looks at the Pharaoh (Eddie Murphy). He's just about to drink some wine. She tells him she was bored and she'd love some entertainment. The Pharaoh takes another sip and claps in his hands twice. A drum roll follows. The servant (Magic Johnson) hits the gong and announces "Stick Man".
63 sec

The Stick Man appears and performs with his sticks. But the Queen is not very amused which is why he gets fed to the lions. (After he was taken away, the roaring lions are audible.) Magic grabs his head and announces the next one: fire-eater "Brasily Piro".
31 sec

He performs and puts out the burning sticks with his mouth. But the Queen doesn't like that either and signalizes his beheading with her hand. He's being taken away by the guard. Magic reaches for his neck and says "Thats's cold."
19 sec

And the next performer who gives it a shot. First, the camera follows his feet. Then Eddie Murphy wants to know what he wanted to perform.
10 sec

The camera tracks to the covered face. The guy reaches in a bag and sprinkles black sand on the ground that forms to a circle by itself. The unknown person makes a few steps forward to the circle and the stranger deflates. The people and the royal couple look startled. Now sth. transforms from the golden deformed sth. It transforms to Michael Jackson.
40 sec

Now, with MJ being present, the music begins. And this is also where the Music Version begins.

The end of the video lacks the following: after the music stopped, some shots of the empty temple and Michael.
11 sec

The Music Version restarts with Eddie Murphy showing up.