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Project A


  • Regular Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: Aug 06, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Regular Version and the Japanese Version (both available on the Japanese Blu-ray by Twin / Paramount)

- 5 scenes with alternate footage
- Length: 62.7 sec (= 1:03 min)

As you know, there are some special Asian Extended Versions of older Jackie Cham movies. Especially "Wheels on Meals", "Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Star", "Heart of Dragon" and "Dragons Forever" are worth mentioning in this context because they all have something in common: only the Japanese Versions of these titles contain outtakes during the end credits which has become standard for later Jackie Chan movies.

The here compared genre classic contains exclusive outtakes in Japan as well. But contrary to the above mentioned titles, the regular version of "Project A" also contains outtakes - there are a few additional scenes in the Japanese Version though. As a result, the end credits are longer. Of course, that's not setting the world on fire. But many fans might appreciate the additional footage of Jackie Chan's legendary stunts. Furthermore, there is an alternate version of the movie theme with actual lyrics while the Regular Version sticks to the catchy "La-lalala...".

Most people will probably not be willing to pay for the high-priced Japanese Blu-ray which doesn't contain any English subtitles, as usual. Moreover, the restoration of the Japanese Version is based on the SD upscale of the Regular Version. At least, it is a good thing that this particular footage will be easily available in the future and not only on an ancient Laserdisc one can barely get his hands on.

Time index refers to
Regular Version Blu-ray / Japanese Version Blu-ray

Before the Golden Harvest logo, the Japanese Version also contains another logo. The following credits have a different color.

Japanese Version 9 sec longer

Regular VersionJapanese Version

102:48 / 102:57

Now, the end credits start. In the Japanese Version, the aspect ratio changes: the image is zoomed in. Except for that, the first scenes are 100% equal.

103:09 / 103:18-103:24

Jackie's first unsuccessful attempt to run up the wall.

6.3 sec

103:24 / 103:39-103:44

Two first takes of Jackie on the bike when he intends to leap over the ladder.

4.4 sec

103:31 / 103:51-104:25

Starting with Jackie helping an opponent to make a flip and grimacing while doing so, there are several absurd bloopers im a row. Sammo is allowed to screw around a bit as well.
Last but not least, a first shot of Jackie's leap over the bar chair. With the next attempt, the Regular Version is back in the game.

34.5 sec

103:52-103:53 / 104:46-104:56

In the Regular Version, Jackie is a few more frames on the ground before the rest of the crew approaches in a different shot (no screenshots).

The Japanese Version contains a further spectacular fall in slow motion.

Japanese Version 8.5 sec longer

While most the remaining credits were the same, the last one ("The End") differs.

In the Regular Version on the Japanese Blu-ray release, the final freeze frame is much longer which also explains the rather short lentgh difference of the two versions.

Regular Version (on the Japanese Blu-ray) 52.8 sec longer

Regular VersionJapanese Version