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  • Danish Version
  • Italian Version
Release: Aug 17, 2010 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
The Spanish version, which was also available for this report, sets the sad record of censorship for this movie (maybe even censorship in general).

It is only 1:51 min long! :-(

But it won't be mentioned any further here.

The Italian version and the Danish version both miss several scenes.
According to my (pretty reliable) sources there also exists an uncut version which was released in Australia.

Danish Version: 2:00:48 (without) / 2:03:35 (with credits)

Italian Version: 2:01:37 (without) 2:04:29 (with credits)

The marching men and women can be seen a little longer in the Italian version.
5 sec

There's a missing zoom to a woman's butt.
4 sec

There's a missing shot of Wallenberg, who is obviously uncomfortable with the ado around him.
Additionally, a short sex scene was cut out.
7 sec

The women's capabilities to become an agent are being testet:
When Marta is raped in her cell, the man who launches himself on her can be seen a little longer.
2 sec

Susan is forced to have sex with a man who has no legs. The scene where she stands above him and then turns arount was cut out.
You can see the man's genital area.
4 sec

A missing shot of a homosexual and the camera panning top down.
2 sec

A dancer powders her private parts. Then the camera pans bottom up to her face.
4 sec

A dancer gets her butt powdered; you can see her pubic area.
4 sec

The scene of the domina linking on a tied up woman's breast is missing.
7 sec

A woman is rubbing a huge dildo and then approaches a man who's cowering on the floor.
9 sec

She puts the dildo in front of the man who apparently seems to have a fetish for being dominated.
6 sec

When she walks the man like a dog, you don't see him licking her boots and then falling to the ground. The camera then zooms to the dildo.
4 sec

A missing monologue of a man in front of the "Obergruppenführer". (Unfortunately, I can't write it down since I can't speak Italian)
5 sec

Margerita (wearing straps) bends over Wallenberg's wife and kisses her neck.
15 sec

Miss Wallenberg puts one of her legs on Margerita's lap, then follows a cut to Margerita.
Miss Wallenberg pulls down her shirt; you can see her breasts.
Again, a cut to Margerita. Then Miss Wallenberg pulls her shirt back up.
16 sec

Margerita and Miss Wallenberg kiss and pet each other a little longer on the sofa.
9 sec

After Margerita killed the man and Kitty called Wallenberg's bureau, she soothes Kitty a little longer. Then the camera zooms to the dead man under the shower.
7 sec

There's a missing camera pan across Kitty's guests.
Then there's a close up shot of a female butt (again you can see the private parts).
6 sec

Here you can see scenes that were shot differently.
A man walks across Kitty's parlor. Then, a topless woman does the same.
No difference in time.

Again, two different scenes:
When Kitty is on the phone, the movie cuts to Margerita. In the Italian version, the camera pans from Margerita to a clock on the wall.
In the Danish version, you see Kitty, who turns away from Margerita and looks all around the room while phoning.
No difference in time.

At Wallenberg's house:
Margerita stands around leaning on the sink a little longer. Then the camera zooms to her face.
3 sec

Wallenberg exercises his arms a little longer before the SS men enter.
2 sec

Wallenberg is standing around naked a little longer, obviously puzzled.
3 sec

3 sec