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47 Ronin


  • International Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: May 31, 2014 - Author: MajoraZZ - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Version (International Version) and the Japanese Version.

Who now expects witness some new, suspenseful and action packed footage of this quite well-made movie will be disappointed. The only differences are a few alternate shots and some insignificantly longer scenes (just a few seconds) here and there. At the end of the day, one might as well get the International Version. Contentwise, they are exactly the same.

Please note: At first, loads of alternate footage was expected because the dialogs were shot both in Japanese and later in English but those aren't here. And due to the running time of the Japanese Blu-ray listed in several Asia shops, one might assume that the Japanese Version is approximately 9 minutes longer. Unfortunately, the result wasn't according to expectations.

As already mentioned, the new footage is limited to small, insignificant differences and the Japanese Version is only 2 minutes longer. Considering all the anouncements, the result is completely disappointing.

A few more details about the differences:
Occasionally, movies that are somehow connected to Asia or Japan have their own version for the Asian / Japanese market that differs from the International Version (e.g. Killl Bill or Johnny Mnemonic). Often, the differences have a cultural background.
But whether or not the differences in 47 Ronin have a cultural background, is for anyone to decide on their own. The alternate camera shots are hard to define because they barely make a difference. It is different with the alternate footage though! This is about the stereotypical morality quite common in Asian movies: it is about and respect and pride. Except for the last two extended scenes, each of them contains more dialog and it is always about someone either having lost his pride or having respect for someone though he is the enemy. Especially the third extended scene hits the nail on the head: in the International Version, the daughter simply keeps quiet while she one more time expresses her father's glory in the Japanese Version.

8 differences:
- 3x alternate footage
- 5x additional footage in the Japanese Version
= 2 minutes and 34 seconds

The running time refers to the Japanese Version.
Alternate Footage
Alternate shot.
no difference

Japanese VersionInternational Version

Additional Footage in the Japanese Version
The woman goes after the lan. She says she did everything she could for him. The lord now talks about her failure and points out that his assistants made her family as powerful as they were and that it was her legacy.

Woman: "My Lord, I did everything in my power..."
Lord: "You failed me. Look. My ancestors gave their lives to put the Shoguns's family in power, and this was their reward. Asano's ancestors gave orders from the camp stools, and they were given Ako. Now, he is honored with the Shogun's visit, while I am commanded to attend."
Woman: "In three days, all eyes will be on Ako. If my Lord desires, Asano's hour of triumph shall be his downfall."
Lord: "How?"
Woman: "Every man has his weakness. Asano has a daughter. The one thing he would die for. "
Japanese Version 83 sec longer

Alternate Footage
The footage differs.
no difference

Japanese VersionInternational Version

Additional Footage in the Japanese Version
More footage.
Japanese Version 12 sec longer

Additional Footage in the Japanese Version
The dialog is slightly longer.

Man: "Lady Asano. I don't know why your father tried to take my life, but i grieve for him, and honor him. If you can forgive me, I would give that life to serve you as a husband, and the people of Ako as their regent."
Asano: "Your Highness..."
Japanese Version 20.5 sec longer

Alternate Footage
In the International Version, the woman keeps quiet. In the Japanese Version, she also says a few things about her father.
Asano: "Your Highness, tradition demands a periode of mourning for my father."
Mann: "You are granted one year from mourning. But you will remain a guest of Lord Kira's until you are married."
Japanese Version 6.5 sec longer

Japanese VersionInternational Version

Additional Footage in the Japanese Version
Insignificant shot of a man approaching another another one. He would like to know what happened but the man approached keeps quiet and leaves.
Japanese Version 15.5 sec longer

Additional Footage in the Japanese Version
There is a slow tracking shot to Keanu. Then a shot of him and another one of the man keeping the list.
Japanese Version 16.5 sec longer