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Octagon, The


  • BBFC 18
  • Uncut
Release: Jul 22, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the old cut UK DVD by M.i.A. (BBFC 18) and the uncut German Blu-ray (FSK 16).

- 8 cuts
- Difference: 42.7 sec

Back in the day, it was common procedure to cut scenes that contain usage of ninja weapon. The Octagon from 1980 is no exception. In order to get the BBFC 18 rating, cuts were required.

This cut BBFC 18 version is available on the old UK DVD by M.i.A. for which the label apparently digitized a VHS. However, an uncut Blu-ray and DVD was released in 2012. Since the "good old times" are over, the BBFC rated the uncut version BBFC 15 which makes it easy to seperate the cut from the uncut version.

Time index refers to
BBFC 18 DVD in PAL / German Blu-ray
The logo at the beginning is missing. Not considered in the length difference calculation.

16 sec

17:58 / 19:04-19:24

After Scott gets in the car realizes that the keys are missing, another training session has been completely removed. A ninja with nunchucks joins them and the master orders a fighter to get ready to fight.

18.8 sec

34:26 / 36:36-36:37

Close-up of a throwing star in the French guy's neck.

0.8 sec

48:55 / 51:45-51:47

Tough to say whether this is intentional censorship or just a jump-cut. Either way, a comment of Doggo is missing: "No need to run it into the ground."

2 sec

49:00 / 51:53-51:57

The shot of Scott walking away is a bit longer and the following one of Doggo begins a little earlier.

3.8 sec

79:00 / 83:17-83:18

Missing footage probably due to an error when changing the reels: Scott slightly earlier on the tree before he jumps down.

1.4 sec

89:42 / 94:29-94:30

Scott slightly longer: He throws something and gets hit in the chest by a throwing star.

1.1 sec

90:45 / 95:35-95:42

Scott raises his hand, pulls the throwing star out of his chest and tosses it on the ground.

6.2 sec

96:13 / 101:24-101:33

When the end credits begin, the old UK DVD contains a rough jump-cut resp. a part of the rolling credits are missing.

8.6 sec