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The People Under the Stairs




John Wick: Chapter 4

The Covenant

Police Story

original title: Ging Caat Gu Si


  • US Version / Export Version
  • Original Version / Hong Kong Theatrical Version
Release: Dec 24, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
Fortune Star logo at the very beginning.
Not considered as length difference.

36.4 sec

Subsequent to the identically equal Golden Harvest logo, only the Hong Kong theatrical version contains a Golden Way logo as well.
Not considered as length difference.

16.7 sec

The following opening credits only in English vs. with Chinese characters. The US version is longer here - compensation for the previous alteration if you will.
Not considered as length difference.

US Version 16.3 sec longer

US VersionHong Kong Theatrical Version

01:25 / 02:01-02:07

At the briefing you can see the bad guy Ko talking on the phone, then his bodyguard is introduced.
The following shot, in which Li continues to point at the gangsters standing in front of the screen, was also robbed of its beginning.

6.2 sec

01:30 / 02:13-02:23

Ko makes a phone call and then gets out of the car after a comment in Selina's direction. Blaster jumps at Max in the first shot.

9.9 sec

Right at the first chaos during the preparation in the village the other score is very conspicuous. Every connoisseur of the German version probably still has the fast-paced melody in his head, but in the original the musical background only becomes more noticeable later in the shootings.

06:54 / 07:47-07:58

At the beginning of the film a policeman named Frank jumps out of his cover and shoots his mirror image including the mirror.

10.8 sec

06:59 / 08:03-08:46

During the battle he meets Kevin, who notices his trembling hand and calms him down. Another cop is hit and Kevin pulls him out of the danger zone.

43.2 sec

07:03 / 08:50-09:31

Kevin's helping the injured man. Frank shoots his whole magazine nervously, whereupon he gets a new weapon from Kevin and the instruction to help his colleague.
The next shot starts a little earlier. The US version starts when Kevin is already standing in front of the poster.

41 sec

07:33 / 10:01-10:19

Inconspicuous incision, between the shot of Kevin running away and the one when he turns to Ko standing in the other direction.
Frank shoots an thug and then pisses his pants in agitation.

17.7 sec

17:22-17:24 / 20:08-20:58

Bill and Li are seen a little longer at the press conference at the end, then a scene is missing in which Kevin is styled for a TV show and is supposed to pose in his motorcycle cop clothes.
However, Kevin doesn't get along with the director's instructions at all and reacts to her constantly new instructions in the end only with an exaggerated grimace. But it doesn't help, he has to arrest a supposed gangster with a tortured expression on his face and pose with a life jacket on a small boat.

The US version only showed the individual shots from the cameras (for the sake of clarity this was summarized here), so that the impression is created that Bill and Li are being photographed.

Hong Kong Theatrical Version 47.9 sec longer

28:25 / 31:59-32:11

After Kevin's colleague Mars took Selina to the ground by jump, you can see her lying on the ground longer exhausted in the Hong Kong theatrical version.
Meanwhile Mars has got up and pulls up the mask again, so that he can see something out of the eye slits again. Then he lies down on the ground again and continues to scare Selina with the knife.

12.3 sec

28:29 / 32:15-32:20

After jumping on a table, he bumps his head against a lamp. Mars turns angrily to Selina again and you can see her in the corner for a moment.

5 sec

29:40 / 33:31-33:37

Kevin "dances" a bit longer with his colleague, who is now unconscious.

6.4 sec

29:59 / 33:57-34:07

Again. Kevin keeps Mars on his feet by biting his way into his mask.

9.8 sec

Additional Scene US Version
42:48-42:50 / 46:56

The curious additional moment of the US version / export version: When Kevin just closed the door again (in the HK theatrical version a few frames longer), you can only see here in close-up how Selina turns on the tape recorder under her jacket.

US Version 2 sec longer

US VersionHong Kong Theatrical Version