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Police Story

original title: Ging Caat Gu Si


  • US Version / Export Version
  • Original Version / Hong Kong Theatrical Version
Release: Dec 24, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
45:14 / 49:20-50:05

Kevin's colleague comments on the case and says that the trial was missing. The lawyer of the other side doubts his credibility, because Mars has said that he recognized more than a dozen gangsters in front of him.

44.5 sec

46:00 / 50:51-51:16

Before Kevin is called, there is another cop who cannot clearly identify the accused or who stupidly admits that he only oriented himself to clothes and body shape.

25 sec

46:31 / 51:46-52:19

Bill whispers something to his own lawyer, then Kevin makes an exact statement, he also mentions Kos's attempt at bribery. You can see the happy faces of Bill, Li and May as well as the angry Ko and his consulting lawyers.

32.2 sec

46:46 / 52:34-52:37

The lawyer speaks a little longer and Kevin also denies the statement.

The recording of Kevin, however, was inserted in the US version shortly thereafter Bill's cameraview.

3.7 sec

46:48-46:50 / 52:39-52:52

In addition to the recording of Jackie, which is only shown here in the US version, some questioning is also lost. The lawyer doubts Kevin's statement about the time.

Hong Kong Theatrical Version 11.1 sec longer

A little less than two minutes later, the German version has another particularly long cut in Kevin's survey of around 4 minutes. In the US version, however, the rest of the scene is completely included.

53:58 / 60:01-61:12

Ko's watching a TV show where Kevin talks about his work. His assistants bring newspapers with Kevin on the front page.

71.7 sec (= 1:12 min)

56:58 / 64:12-64:23

Ko turns off the TV and says: "You want fame? Well, you're gonna get it!"

10.7 sec

57:45 / 65:10-65:28

Kevin puts noodles in a pot, then his colleague has to go to the toilet and asks Kevin to step in for him.

17.4 sec

58:05 / 65:47-65:57

Before Kevin imposes the 3-day deadline on the informant, he puts another caller off.

9.8 sec

58:17 / 66:09-70:39

While Kevin is talking to the informant, his girlfriend calls him on another phone. He makes up for his first bad words, which he thought were meant for another caller, by keeping the handset away from him several times and changing his voice until Inspector Chan himself is on the phone.
Kevin wants to dedicate himself to his food during the conversation, but the other phones suddenly all ring and Kevin manages to serve all callers at the same time.
He also confuses the worries of the people and the corresponding listeners bit by bit, for example he asks the woman with the stolen cattle by whom she was raped.
In addition, he places the handsets on the wrong forks, so that the false conversations are ended too early.

Then he puts all the listeners next to the forks so that he can eat his noodles undisturbed. After a few bites, however, he realizes that he has eaten the erasers that were at the ends of the pencils that he converted into chopsticks, which leads to stomach pain.
To make matters worse, a forgotten telephone rings from the next room and Kevin rolls himself to it with the chair - but thanks to the door frame he lands on the floor. The call, which was accepted with difficulty, was only a test call...

269.4 sec (= 4:30 min) in total

69:11 / 81:33-82:18

Before Kevin sets off with Li as his hostage, some angry dialogue is still missing.
Kevin first pushes Li to the ground and then gets upset about the police officers' lack of protection. When the others try to calm him down, he grabs Li again.

45.2 sec

Finally, there are English vs. original credits. By the way, the US/Export version also shows the distant sequence with the phones.

US VersionHong Kong Theatrical Version