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original title: Xin bao chou


  • Chinese DVD
  • Taiwanese DVD
Release: Apr 04, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut Chinese DVD from Guangzhou Beauty Culture Communication Co. Ltd and the uncut Taiwanese DVD from Scholar Films.
- 25 cuts
- Cut duration: 260.5 sec (= 4:21 min)
Revanchist was made in 1993 and is unfortunately a comparatively unknown title from the last years of the glorious time of Hong Kong cinema. In any case, there are no big stars to be seen and the triad story doesn't offer too much in terms of content. If you don't like wirework and actors jumping around like crazy, you might have some problems with the movie. But on the action front, the inclined genre friend is well served and the film gets surprisingly rough, especially in the violent showdown.
By the way, the film carries the Cat.III rating on the Hong Kong VCD. This HK-VCD is also one of the few known releases of the film, probably uncut and of course not really recommendable due to the quality of the format alone. Better (though certainly not "good" by today's quality standards) is the Taiwanese DVD. As a separate comparison showed, it is 1:1 identical to the HK VCD. So there is no Taiwanese alternative version to discover here, as with so many other Hong Kong classics.
Again though, the Chinese DVD is not recommended, because it is censored by almost 5 minutes. It lacks quite a few violent scenes as well as any moments with nudity. Instead, there are even some more harmless takes to be seen as a substitute. Hands off anyway, especially since the picture quality here is clearly worse than on the Taiwanese DVD as well.
Running time information is according to the scheme
Chinese DVD in PAL speed / Taiwanese DVD in NTSC
Note: The screenshots of the Taiwanese DVD have been cropped to the visible area of ~ 1.66:1. The DVD is letterboxed in 4:3.

The Taiwan DVD still has a logo to start with.

+ 20.6 sec

The credits also deviate.

Chinese DVDTaiwanese DVD

02:19 / 02:46-03:01

The shot in the hallway is a few insignificant frames longer, then it starts earlier in the room. The prostitute gets a slap in the face from the brothel owner and he critically addresses that she couldn't turn away a customer after all. The man apologizes to the john Mr. David and offers another lady. Mr. David insults him and shortly afterwards the China DVD starts.

14.2 sec

07:28 / 08:24-08:33

Ah Fay raises his hand longer and then stabs in it. In close-up he looks still determined and somewhat suppresses the pain.

8.7 sec

08:40 / 09:47-09:55

In an additional shot from the side, Ah Fay pulls the tip out again.

6.9 sec

09:13 / 10:29-10:30

Master error: The train can be seen a little earlier.

1.2 sec

11:06 / 12:28-12:31

Ah Fay pulls the knife out again and the general goes down.

2.6 sec

16:54 / 18:33-18:34

Reel change: The close-up of the ring in Ah Fay's hand starts a moment earlier.

0.9 sec

22:41 / 24:37-24:39

Fong still lands on the heel and looks at his leg wound.

2 sec

27:52 / 30:04-31:05

Miss Shu flirts with her husband a bit longer and then quite quickly it switches to a sex scene of her with Dick.
The beginning of the following shot is still missing: The CN only starts when Miss Soong covers her nipple with her hand.

59 sec

28:42 / 31:57-32:46

Dick throws Miss Shu on the bed again and kisses her body. Again some wilder sexual intercourse follows.

46.2 sec

32:58 / 37:12-37:31

Dick still pushes down the wife of Boss Soong, immediately opens his pants and rapes her briefly.

18 sec

44:51 / 49:55-49:58

Reel change: At the beginning of Ah Fay's funeral, we descend from a little higher up.

3.1 sec

52:07 / 57:32-57:36

After Flora gets up, she tells Dick to look for his partner.

3.3 sec

52:10 / 57:39-58:00

Further dialogue between the two, with Dick making it clear that he sees Flora as his partner and will soon rape (or "ride") her.

20.3 sec

A minute later (around the next reel change), there are small master errors first on the Taiwanese DVD and then on the Chinese DVD. It evens out and is not worth mentioning.

59:13 / 65:22-65:29

After zooming in on Dick's disappointed "ex-girlfriend" (Miss Shu from the sex scene at the beginning), there is a bit more dialogue with Flora again. Dick points out to his threat again.

7.1 sec

61:52 / 68:14-68:19

Miss Shu complains in more detail. The reason for the cut is obviously that Dick changes his clothes in the meantime and therefore briefly presents his bare butt at this moment.

5 sec

62:15 / 68:43-69:08

Dick still reminds Miss Shu that she also gave herself to him.

23.6 sec

62:34-62:37 / 69:28-69:31

Interestingly, when Miss Shu rips off her dress a bit, there is an alternate take. In the Chinese DVD, she remains covered around the top.

No runtime difference

Chinese DVDTaiwanese DVD

Until 62:51 / 69:46, this pattern continues through several cuts to her. When she falls into her husband's arms, we see identical footage again after a cut to Dick.

Chinese DVDTaiwanese DVD

70:43 / 77:59-78:02

Master Shu still commits suicide by ramming the sword through his stomach. In several cuts one sees the bloody tip coming out.

3.2 sec

71:00 / 78:20-78:23

Master Shu staggers longer across the balcony, spitting blood.

3.2 sec

72:36 / 80:03-80:05

The guy who has just been killed by Fong still has some blood coming out of his mouth and he collapses to the side. Cut to Dick.

2.4 sec

77:41 / 85:23-85:30

A few more shots of the slow-motion fight, with both of them taking bloody sword blows.

6.1 sec

78:53 / 86:45-86:48

Fong actually bends down in another shot and hits Dick in the stomach with the sword. Lots of blood spurts.

2.9 sec

79:29 / 87:26-87:31

Fong is still spitting blood at the end of the shot. This is followed by a close-up of the blood-covered sword in his body. Afterwards, Dick turns the sword back and forth earlier.

4.9 sec

79:30 / 87:31-87:32

After a brief moment of the shot was also seen in the CN, the gush of blood is missing in the final frames.

0.5 sec

79:34 / 87:37-87:38

Fong lies on the ground a little longer.

1.6 sec

80:07 / 88:13-88:27

Dick is riddled with bullets and takes further steps forward until he finally collapses. In between, there are always cuts to the shooting Flora in her wedding dress.

13.,6 sec

Finally, a small picture comparison. According to identical subtitles and similar picture quality, the VCD probably comes from the same source, but of course looks much worse with the low resolution.

Hongkong VCDTaiwanese DVD

Here is the same picture from the Chinese DVD.