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  • Theatrical Version
  • Netflix Extended Version - Episode 4
Release: May 02, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Cruel_Hides - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version (represented on the Swiss Blu-ray) and the Extended Version as mini-series in 4 parts on Netflix US

- 28 Deviations, including 14x alternate footage
- Difference: 1151.8 sec (= 19:12 min) without deviations from logos / credits / retrospective scenes at the beginning of the episodes 2-4

Episode 1 (Last Stage to Red Rock): 46:02 min without credits / 50:23 min m. A.
-> 8 deviations with a difference of 150.4 sec (= 2:30 min) without logos / credits

Episode 2 (Minnie's Haberdashery): 47:20 min without credits / 51:41 min m. A.
-> 8 deviations with a difference of 645.6 sec (= 10:46 min) without logos / review / credits

Episode 3 (Domerque's Got a Secret): 49:26 min without credits / 53:45 min m. A.
-> 6 deviations with a difference of 97.6 sec (= 1:38 min) without logos / review / credits

Episode 4 (The Last Chapter): 52:29 min without credits / 56:45 min m. A.
-> 6 deviations with a difference of 258.2 sec (= 4:18 min) without logos / review / credits

The different versions of THE HATEFUL 8

In 2015, with The Hateful 8 Quentin Tarantino's eighth film was released. It was thought up a special treat for the screenings on the big screen, because the 70mm film shot was shown in selected cinemas as an extended Roadshow version. Like other movie classics from the 50s and 60s (for example, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World), this version contained an overture, an intermission in the middle of the film and a few longer / additional scenes.

Through interviews, we vaguely labeled the additional scenes, but unfortunately the Roadshow version was never evaluated on any home media. So we could only trust on observations of attentive moviegoers beside these official statements. Among the supposedly 6 minutes of pure additional material without the intermission / overture, there was clear to be e.g. a chicken pluck scene with Mexican Bob. In general, a few scenes are simply played out in more detail, with alternative material in use.

The big surprise was presented in march 2019, when Netflix US promised a extended cut in their monthly newsletter. So most of us speculated we got to see the Roadshow version. This extended version was released only on Netflix US on the 25th April 2019. First thing we can tell: Curiosly this is a further, even much longer version.

Instead of the Roadshow Version, the movie is split up in 4 episodes as mini-series, with a full length of about 210 minutes, while the actual additional material sums up to roughly 20 minutes. There are a few extended scenes from the Roadshow Version, but cinema visitors writing in e.g. the agreed about completely new scenes added here. In episodes 2-4 the credits, a review and the intro are shown, so the complete length is bloated to a much longer runtime - but still there are really quite a few new scenes, so let's dive deeper into our comparisons.

Extended Version as a 4-part mini-series on Netflix US // Episode 1

The mini-series-version uses the same titles, like the chapters from the original theatrical version. However, several chapters were grouped together per episode and the transitions are set differently. E.g. Episode 2 uses the title of Chapter 3, but only starts about 10 minutes after the corresponding fade. All in all, a slightly different overall structure, which of course already results from the design as a mini-series anyway.

First we can state that only plot / dialogue extensions were added, the violent scenes show no differences. At least in the first half, small gaps in logic or simply open storylines are resolved more clearly. O.B.'s motivation for transporting the corpses of Marquis is one example, it is now explained by two new conversations in which a deal is agreed.

The much longer dialogue with Sandy, who uses the N-word about Marquis several times has to be highlighted. So the blowjob story he is telling for revenge later on, naturally get more power. Otherwise one can certainly argue or conversely understand why various scenes were deleted for the theatrical version. Additional characters like Michael Madsen as Joe or Mexican Bob now get more screentime.

There are especially two longer scenes which have to be noted in Episode 4 - The Last Chapter. First, John keeps the guys busy for a longer time. The situation in this scene seems pretty tense, as can e.g. be seen by Joe aiming with his weapon. Second, at the end Chris and Oswaldo also fight each other with words a bit longer. All in all the previous episodes had some more remarkable extensions but still also episode 4 rounds off some of the characters nicely.

Runtime information is according to the scheme: Theatrical Version Swiss Blu-ray / Episode 1 Netflix US Extended

Episode 4 - Minnie's Haberdashery

119:49 / 00:00-04:15

Episode 4 repeats a part of the shootout after the Weinstein logo, followed by the long intro.
Not included in the differences duration.

255 sec (= 4:15 min)

119:49-119:59 / 04:15-04:30

The first change right after this intro: The chapter has a different name than the episode.
The black image is shown a little bit longer in the Extended Version and the shot of the following scene in the snow start insignificantly sooner.

Extended Version 5.1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Netflix Mini-Series

138:09 / 22:41-22:52

Jody an insignificant moment longer and Joe replies: "I say the first 45 seconds he's in the room is a good time."
Jody: "If you got a shot, Grouch, take it. But be right. Or my sister is dead."

11.2 sec

138:12 / 22:55-22:56

Jody is shown in an additional short shot, so he can say "Remember, old man" onscreen, which is just heard in the Theatrical Version over the previous scene.

1.5 sec

140:12-140:27 / 24:56-28:24

The Theatrical Version shows the next chapter insertion. While "(The) Last Chapter" got re-used for the title of the Netflix episode, the subtitle is an exclusive of the Theatrical Version.

The Extended Version shows this previous shot with John coming in a bit longer, then many discussions inside. John boards up the door as well, bitches about Bob's coffee and John sits with a drawn gun at the table. But the situation stays calm after all.

Grouch: "Shut that door, there's a goddamn blizzard out there!"
Oswaldo: "Close the door!"
Grouch: "You got to nail it shut."
Oswaldo: "You have to nail it shut."
Joe: "The hammer and nails are by the door."
Oswaldo: "Nails by the door!"
John: "Give me a hammer."
Oswaldo: "You need two pieces of wood!"
Joe: "One ain't good enough!"
Oswaldo: "Two pieces of wood!"
Joe: "The fucking thing is busted!"
Oswaldo: "Not just one piece of wood!"
John: "Give me another piece of wood."
Daisy: "Yeah, all right."
John: "I need a nail."
Daisy: "Here."
John: "Jesus. That door's a son of a gun. Who's the idiot who broke that? That Mexican fella?"
Oswaldo: "Good heavens. A woman? Out in this white hell? You must be frozen solid, poor thing."
John: "Looks like Minnie's got her a full house. When did you fellas arrive?"
Oswaldo: "About 40 minutes ago."
John: "That cowboy fella in the corner, that's your driver?"
Oswaldo: "Oh, no, he's a passenger. The driver lit out. Said he was going to spend the blizzard shacked up with a friend."
John: "Lucky devil."
He takes a sip from the coffee but spits it out immediately; "Christ, that's awful! Christ Almighty. What'd that Mexican fella do? Soak his old socks in the pot?"
Oswaldo: "Yes, I think we all felt the same way, but we're a little too polite to say something."
Daisy: "He don't have that problem.
John: "Where's the well water?"
Oswaldo: "Over there."
John: "So... all three of you fellas headed to Red Rock when a..."
Joe is aiming; "Come to papa."
John: "...blizzard stopped ya, huh?"
Oswaldo: "Yes. All three of us were on that stagecoach out there."
John fills the coffee pot and asks: "Coffee beans?"
Oswaldo: "Over there."
John: "Get your hand out of there."
Oswaldo gives Daisy a hand sign and Joe winks her too.
Daisy: "New sheriff of Red Rock's traveling with us."
John: "Sheriff of Red Rock. That'll be the day. He's a goddamn sheriff, I'm a monkey's uncle."
Daisy: "Good. You can share bananas with your nigger friend in the stable."
Oswaldo: "So... the new sheriff of Red Rock is traveling with you?"
Joe: "Looks like we're gonna have to do this the hard way."
John: "No, he's lying. He ain't sheriff of nothin'. He's a Southern renegade. He's just talkin' hisself out of freezin' to death, is all. What the fuck I tell you about talkin', huh? I'll bust you in the mouth right in front of these people. I don't give a fuck!"
Joe: "Just you wait, you fuck."
Oswaldo: "You never gave your name, sir."
John: "John Ruth."
Oswaldo: "You a lawman?"
John: "I'm taking her to the law."
Oswaldo: "So you're a bounty hunter."
John: "That's right, buster."
It fades to a black image.

Extended Version 192.7 sec (= 3:13 min) longer

144:51-144:56 / 32:48-32:53

Marquis and Chris are shown in a nearer shot in the Theatrical Version. In the Extended Version the shot of both starts sooner and more far away.

No time difference

Theatrical VersionExtended Netflix Mini-Series

146:02 / 34:00-34:48

Joe is talking to Chris a bit longer and suggests a deal, which is rejected at ths time. Daisy interferes, and the already shown shot from Marquis and Chris from the Theatrical Version is used here too.

Joe: "Point is, you ain't a part of this drama, Chris. We are. Warren is. Ruth was. But you ain't. So, Chris, let's make a deal."
Chris laughs: "You gon' make a deal with me! I just shot Oswaldo."
Daisy: "Yeah. But he shot you, too. And he shot you first. And that was before you knew the situation. Now you know the situation. Look, this only works if we're all reasonable."
Oswaldo: "Hey, Pete! Tell him "No hard feelings. No worries, mate."
Marquis grimaces with pain.

47.8 sec