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The Female Executioner

original title: L'excutrice


  • Theatrical Cut
  • Extended Version
Release: Sep 10, 2022 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

The German DVD (theatrical version) was compared with the US Blu-ray (long version).


The Female Executioner

Martine is a tough Parisian cop who cleans up the porn milieu. When she arrests underworld boss Madame Wenders, she sets off a spiral of violence. Martine's sister Joëlle is kidnapped to extort the release of Wenders. During the handover, Martine's partner Valmont and Joëlle are killed. From then on, Martine has only one goal: revenge.

The Female Executioner was an attempt to market the erotic actress Brigitte Lahaie as an action star, which was only partially successful. Directed by Michel Caputo, who specializes mainly in porn. Les planqués du régiment, shot three years earlier, was his only other foray into mainstream cinema. Note also the irony of porn star Brigitte Lahaie as a fighter against pornography. The Female Executioner struggles with a weak script and various logic errors. The plot is too generic and the characters are too simplistic, and it feels a bit off that the Chinese mafia comes into play as well. The transformation of Martine from a policewoman to an avenging angel seems implausible and the prisoner exchange in which Wenders is simply released and one hopes that Joëlle will also be released is harebrained. The action scenes with classics like the empty cardboard boxes into which a motorcycle drives sometimes lack pizzazz. All cheese? Not quite. Brigitte Lahaie does her best as a cop and the rainy, gloomy scenes of Paris create the appropriate mood for the film.

Extended version on US Blu-ray

Despite Brigitte Lahaie in the lead role, releases of the film are scarce. In France, the film was released on DVD without subtitles. In Germany, a DVD was released by MeToo Trade / Cargo Records. Qualitatively, both releases are mixed.

On August 30, 2022 (earlier in direct sales), The Female Executioner was released by Severin on Blu-ray in the US. The film is restored and offers excellent picture quality. In addition, the Blu-ray features a previously unreleased long version of the film in which both of Martine's sex scenes have been extended. In addition, there are more scenes in which she watches the porn shoot towards the end. Without question a pleasant surprise and definitely the version you should grab.

The other short extensions can probably be attributed to film tears in the DVD.

Running Times:

German DVD: 86:46 min.
US Blu-ray: 94:46 min.


The BD begins with the notice that this is a previously unseen long version of the film, released at the request of the director. This is followed by the Groupe M6 logo.

BD: 21 Sek.


Martine and the man are seen having sex for a longer time. Martine changes to the cowgirl position.

BD: 2:01 Min.


Martine drinks her coffee longer. After that you see the inspector earlier.

BD: 2 Sek.


The sex scene of Martine and Valmont starts earlier. Both are naked on the bed. Valmont kisses the body of Martine. They have sexual intercourse in the doggy position.

BD: 1:24 Min.


Jolle is seen longer as she walks out of the room.

BD: 1 Sek.


Mrs. Wenders can be seen earlier running down the street.

BD: 1 Sek.


Martine watches the performers during the porn shoot.

The regular version only starts when one of the actresses looks at Martine.

BD: 25 Sek.


The road can be seen longer. After that, the two men are poured earlier.

BD: 1 Sek.