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Thriller - A Cruel Picture

original title: Thriller - en grym film


  • They Call Her One Eye
  • Original version
Release: Jun 29, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut US version They Call Her One Eye and the uncut Blu-ray with the Original Version (both included in the Limited Edition Blu-ray/4K Blu-ray set by Vinegar Syndrome).

- 89 changed scenes, including 8 bits of additional material in the US cut and 13 re-cuts
- Difference: 1091.2 sec (= 18:11 min)

Vinegar Syndrome US Cut They Call Her One Eye Blu-ray: 90:03 Min. (88:58 Min. without end credits)
Vinegar Syndrome Uncut Original Version 4K-Blu-ray/Blu-ray: 108:14 Min. (106:40 Min. without end credits)


THRILLER: The cult film with Christina Lindberg as 4K UHD premiere

We have already written in detail about the 1974 Swedish-directed exploitation classic Thriller - A Cruel Picture in the report on the American "Vengeance Edition". Clearly it was a major source of inspiration for Tarantino's Kill Bill and it's a clear recommendation for any fan of sleazy 70s cinema.

The US 4K Blu-ray release from renowned home video label Vinegar Syndrome is finally available since early June 2022. As usual, the release is initially only available in the in-house label shop. Usually this is followed by a broader stock on Amazon and other retailers in the following months. Surprisingly, the new version of Vinegar Syndrome also contains one more scene than the Synapse DVD/Blu-ray.

The limited first edition available to us, however, is already sold out: Only here the robust slipcase also carries a second 4K Blu-ray / Blu-ray-Amaray (also with its own slipcase). This one contains the US version of the film. It is cut by 18 minutes and thus considerably shorter than the "Vengeance Edition" mentioned at the beginning, which was a new recut done by Synapse Films. Due to various re-cut scenes, an additional soundtrack and other changes the US version is interesting as well. But mmore about this will follow in a separate report.


The US version They Call Her One Eye and its almost 100 cuts

First, of course, it must be mentioned that They Call Her One Eye has been censored of any hardcore scenes. There is still some nudity to be seen here, but those who were bothered by the separately shot porn moments can still take a look at the version for that reason alone. Unfortunately, some very brief moments with the real Lindberg were lost in between, but that's even less than on the Vengeance Edition DVD. Overall the complete plot element with her prostitution activity is still perfectly comprehensible, even without the exploitative interspersed shots of penetration and sperm.

It is also noticeable that very many trimming cuts were made. Several shots in the original version simply run much longer than one is used to in other films. On the one hand, this is clearly a recognizable feature of the film, but for many this sometimes rather slow style will certainly be hard getting used to, especially with regard to the marketing as a scandal film. So this can be seen as a questionable intrusion into the artistic intention, but some viewers will surely also welcome that the film comes across much more conventional and, above all, entertainingly fast-paced here.

As a subcategory of this, one can still individually point out that slow-motion shots were partially sped up or completely replaced. Of course, this is especially noticeable in the warehouse fight towards the end, which in the original celebrates relatively unspectacular shots several times in over a minute long slow motion. Still, conversely, not all slow-motion moments were deleted, it was simply reduced to a more "bearable" level.

There are also some exclusive moments and re-cuts to be discovered. Interestingly some additional material could be used here, which is not to be found in the original version. The re-cuts, in turn, are often accompanied by trimming cuts. In addition, a more conventional dramaturgy has mostly been recreated here as well, while the original version sometimes comes across a bit jumpy. This brings us to another aspect that naturally can't be presented well in the report: The soundtrack was also extensively tinkered with and more score was added to build tension.

All in all, interested parties are advised to prefer the original version, as expected. But the US version is much more interesting and not just "heavily censored" as it sounds at first glance. Both the hardcore material and the eternally drawn-out shots are hard to digest for some viewers, and here you get an alternative that is easier to enjoy in this respect.


Runtimes are arranged according to
US Cut Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray / Original Version Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray

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00:00 / 00:00-01:21

The introductory long shot of a car driving along to the original credits is completely missing.

81.5 sec

01:53-02:23 / 03:15-03:58

The US version fades out here and briefly shows a black screen. Over the following landscape shots, the US opening credits appear. Finally, Frigga is allowed to walk longer to the barn and opens the door at the back. How she turns around can be seen again in the US version. In addition, you can hear score in the US version, while the original version remains quiet.

As you can see on the last comparison picture, the US version uses the same image source from here on. In the previous shots with credits, the color scheme was still slightly different and thus probably installed from another source.

Original version 16 sec longer

US cutOriginal version

03:53 / 05:28-05:39

After "If it would have been up to me, I would have hanged him" (English dub), the dialogue of the two women continues a bit offscreen about why the woman would not have spoken. This part of the US version (at least that of Vinegar Syndrome) was completely superimposed on the following shot of Frigga with the bunny, which is included again.

However, the beginning of that very shot is still missing from a visual point of view.

11.3 sec

04:09 / 05:55-05:57

At the end/beginning of two shots, a few steps by Frigga were tightened.

1.3 sec

04:37 / 06:24-06:33

The camera still pans away from the man and back to him. Then you see Frigga walking away with him earlier.

9 sec

Alternativ / Re-cut
04:41-04:47 / 06:37-06:38

The US version has an additional shot of the stopping bus here, which, strangely enough, actually occurs much later in the original version (see below, at 33:49 / 40:27-40:39).

Instead, in the original version, the follow-up shot of her begins a moment earlier. The US version doesn't start until she's running.

US cut 4.8 sec longer

US cutOriginal version

07:14 / 09:05-09:53

In the restaurant, Tony and Frigga are led to the table in a first shot. The waiter hands out the menu and Tony orders something. Frigga looks down, intimidated.

47.9 sec

07:58 / 10:37-10:46

The waiter does his work a little earlier in close-up.

8.5 sec

09:19 / 12:07-12:09

Frigga and Tony enter the apartment a moment earlier.

1.9 sec

12:41 / 15:30-15:32

Frigga lies unconscious on the sofa for a moment longer.

1.7 sec

15:39-15:40 / 18:30-18:32

When Tony takes the envelope out of his pocket, the US version briefly shows Frigga on the sofa. This is obviously exactly the previously cut moment that was recycled for the scene transition.

Actually, the Doc is still snapping at this point and Tony says to him: "Yeah, don't get excited."

Original version 1.5 sec longer

US cutOriginal version

15:52-15:54 / 18:44-18:57

While the US version fades to black earlier here, the OV shows Tony a bit longer. Then three tear-off calendar pages signal that she sleeps through three days in a row.

Original version 10.4 sec longer

17:16 / 20:19-20:30

When Frigga is given the heroin injection, the calendar page fades back in. Three days pass.

10.4 sec

17:57 / 21:11-21:21

Tony adds onscreen "But we won't have that problem, right?"
In the US version, however, this and the following sentence were superimposed on the following shot of Frigga waking up.

10.6 sec

18:22 / 21:46-21:51

After Frigga runs out of the house, the door is seen much longer.

Note: The US version generally has a threatening score during this escape scene, while the original version remains quiet.

5.3 sec

18:59 / 22:28-22:51

The side shot of Frigga is a moment longer. Then she crawls through the leaves much earlier.

22.2 sec

19:20 / 23:12-23:15

Tony locks the car for a moment longer.

2.9 sec

19:30 / 23:25-23:28

In the Original Version, it fades out a bit later and again you see a calendar page.

2.7 sec

20:21 / 24:18-24:21

When Frigga reads the letter, she still looks up at the end of the shot.

2.5 sec

21:44 / 25:44-25:45

Insignificant trim before Frigga is led to her new room.

1.5 sec

21:54 / 25:55-26:00

When switching to the close-up of Tony, there was also some tightening and his comment was shifted a bit on the soundtrack in the process.

5 sec

22:09 / 26:16-26:31

After Frigga is left alone in the room, she first looks around again anxiously.

15.1 sec

23:07 / 27:29-27:30

Tony approaches a little early with the scalpel.

1.7 sec

Additional scene in the US cut / Alternativ
23:20-23:23 / 27:43-27:45

In the Original Version the shot runs through in one and here you can see the puncture of the scalpel into the eye. Some liquid splashes away to the side, which is certainly the most explicit moment of the shot.

The US cut instead changes to another cut to Tony, when the scalpel has just arrived at the eye. This is followed by an exclusive moment with the scalpel in the eye. Here you don't see the liquid (anymore) so clearly and also how the tip comes out again. This is interesting in that the spot was completely removed in the old Vengeance Edition. As you can see now with the US version, it was also not uncut at that time, but censored much more "gently".

US cut 1.4 sec longer

US cutOriginal version

Alternativ / Re-cut
23:36 / 27:58

When Tony mentions "One Eye," the US version shows a brief zoom in on Frigga. The original version stays with Tony throughout.

No runtime difference

US cutOriginal version

24:07 / 28:29-28:49

A first tracking shot on Tony. Then the original version also shows the zoom on Frigga.

(Note: This is followed in both versions by the next, longer shot of Frigga, to which she addresses Tony from offstage.)

19.6 sec

24:42 / 29:24-29:26

Tony can be seen a little earlier.

2.3 sec

24:50 / 29:34-29:36

Interesting: In the middle of the shot, part of the shot of Tony was edited in short before Frigga reaches out to him.

2.3 sec

Alternativ / Re-cut
30:41-30:43 / 35:27-35:59

After a few minutes without any changes at all, Frigga's first sexual encounter was then cut more extensively. The scene begins in the original version with the john looking at her a little. Then he throws her on the bed and caresses her.

In the US cut a close-up of Frigga is preferred for this and then a small part of the shot with the suitor on top of her is shown foreshortened.

Original version 29.9 sec longer

US cutOriginal version

30:53 / 36:09-37:21

Close-ups of penetration as well as the suffering Frigga. The suitor still turns her around and takes her from behind. This is also backed up with hardcore close-ups.

71.4 sec (= 1:11 min)

31:51 / 38:18-38:20

After Frigga has gone out, you can see the door insignificantly longer.

2 sec

33:29 / 39:58-40:04

The mother talks a little longer: "( return to us again.) Darling, please, darling. (Please come home to us.)"

6.1 sec

33:32 / 40:07-40:11

At the beginning of the follow-up shot, she first pronounces Frigga's name.

2.8 sec

33:49 / 40:27-40:39

The original version now shows the shot of the stopping bus here, which was brought forward to the beginning of the film for the US version. It is also a bit longer.

11.3 sec

45:42-45:48 / 52:32

Another brief encounter of Frigga with the john is brought forward here in abbreviated form (between shots of Frigga practicing karate and the car in the field).

+ 5.7 sec

Alternativ / Re-cut
46:45-46:47 / 53:29-53:38

To illustrate the encounter with the next john, the US version briefly shows the guy taking photos of Frigga. This was brought forward from 49:08 / 56:31-56:38. The original version offers hardcore material instead.

Original version 6.8 sec longer

US cutOriginal version

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