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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Oct 09, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version on the US Blu-ray by Warner and the Extended Version as DVD Screener

- 20 differences
- Difference: 610 sec (= 10:10 min) (excluding the logos at the beginning)


Ryan Gosling's debut as director about the tribulations of a single mother due to economy crisis and US housing crisis polarized. Or more precisely, due to high expectations thanks to his leads in the pictures of director Nicolas Winding Refn ("Drive" and "Only God Forgives") and the rather unconventional "The Place Beyond The Pines", there was a lot of criticism. It can't be denied that Gosling was influenced by both these movies and especially by David Lynch even though his film does not have the quality of the mentioned films. Nonetheless, that is exactly what makes it so interesting because his rather surreal film is (also because of DoP Benoît Debie who was also DoP of Enter the Void and "Spring Breakers") looks magnificent and due to its structure, there is a lot of room for interpretation and also potential for further productions. The film has the potential to become a cult film, no doubt.

In the US, the Blu-ray was released in May 2015. In Germany, the release date is 10/08/2015. But contrary to the US which only contains the Theatrical Version, the German Blu-ray is the only release worldwide with another cut of the film. Originally called "Director's Cut", it is now called "Extended Version". According to Tiberius Film, the so-called "Extended Version" is the cut Ryan Gosling showed in Cannes 2014 and for the US release, further alterations were made. In other words, both versions are a "Director's Cut" (if you will).

Please note: the Extended Version is only available in a few stores. Any other German Blu-ray only contains the Theatrical Versio as well.

The comparison has been made with a DVD Screen we received from the label beforehand so that the comparison could be made before the German Blu-ray has been officially released.

The New Version

The difference of 10 minutes comes into being only during the first third of the picture. From that point on, the only other difference is the ending - the alternate, longer end credits to be exact. Which is implied by that: there is more room for a proper film introduction and its characters in the Extended Version.

Even the opening including the credits has been extensively altered. One now gets to see further scenes with the youngest child Franky. On the other hand, other scenes are withheld but one gets to see them later, longer and with the original dialogs that are accompanied by an instrumental track in the Theatrical Version. It is obvious that the opening was altered in the Theatrical Version so that it gets to the point faster. At the same time, it is quite interesting that this takes a little more time in the Extended Version because the lack of sympathy for the characters was one of the most critized issues. The Extended Version provides a remedy but a more profound portayal is still prohibited.

Other than that, there are several little additional scenes during the further course of events. As a result, further nuances are added to the characters. Christina Hendricks in the bathtub or a comment about her changing jobs are rather quite additions but they do not reinvent the wheel.

All in all, the Extended Version is a nice little variation but it is also a fact that none of the versions is actually better or preferable. If one likes the Theatrical Version, one might as well take a look at the Extended Version in order to plunge a little deeper into the curious Detroit parallel universe. When watching the film for the very first time, the Theatrical Version will do the trick though.

Time index refers to
Theatrical Version (US Blu-ray) / Extended Version (Screener in NTSC)
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The US Blu-ray with the Theatrical Version contains a Warner logo at the beginning while the Extended Version contains a Sierra Affinity logo.

US Blu-ray (Theatrical Version)Screener (Extended Version)

01:29-01:42 / 01:22-01:35

Right after the title, an alternate take with the Christina Hendricks credits follows in either of the versions.

In the Theatrical Version, Franky is running across meadow. Then Billy lifts him up. It matches Hendrick's first appearance.
In the Extended Version, Franky is crossing the street. A car has just driven by.

Extended Version 0.1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

01:45 / 01:38-01:48

Additional shot of Franky Walking around.

10.1 sec

01:51-02:03 / 01:54-02:05

In the Theatrical Version, Franky comes home and sits on a chair.
The Extended Version shows him outside.

Theatrical Version 1.7 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

02:09 / 02:11-02:16

Extended shot of frolicking Franky.

5.4 sec

02:15-02:28 / 02:22-02:36

Only the Theatrical Version contains a shot of Bones and Franky playing hide and seek. Then an alternate shot of Franky during the next credits. After that, another shot of Franky outside - only in the Extended Version.

Extended Version 0.3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

02:37-02:56 / 02:45-03:06

In the Theatrical Version, Bones finds a note from Billy on his winshield. Billy looks out of the window contemplatively.
In the Extended Version, Franky keeps running around unburdened. Billy is looking for him a bit panicked.

Extended Version 2.2 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

03:05-03:23 / 03:15

Additional shot of Franky and Bones in the Theatrical Version: The latter is jogging on the spot next to the car while Franky is behind the wheel. That makes it look like he was actually driving the car.

+ 18.2 sec

03:32-04:05 / 03:24-03:51

Entirely different order of events until the second producer credit.

The Theatrical Version contains several black light shots, then Franky and Bones in the child's room.
In the Extended Version, Billy keeps looking for Franky plus interuts of the interior of ruinous buildings. Her finding him is the shot from the Theatrical Version with the credit of Christina Hendricks.

Theatrical Version 5.8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

04:11 / 03:57-04:02

In the Extended Version, two shots of fire are longer at the end/beginning.

4.8 sec

04:27 / 04:18-04:58

Additional scene after the last credit: two girls are chatting and Bones appears. He mooches a smoke. At the end, the girls mention Mr. Skip was moving out which introduces the following scene with Mr. Skip explaining his motivation to leave - also in the Theatrical Version.

40.8 sec

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