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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Oct 09, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Partially Recut
05:38 / 06:09-11:57

Extended shot of Bones crossing the street. Off-screen, the following scene with Billy and Franky in the kitchen starts during resp. he knocks att the door and is let in. This is one of the moments from the opening in the Theatrical Version which is often the case durig the following new block of scenes.

Subsequently, more footage of them playing hide and seek (Franky also asks about monsters). When Jimmy finds his mother's note on his windshield, the Extended Version is longer as well.
The scene during which Bones lets Franky "drive" the car follows. This goes deep into the night resp. they are playing longer. Also, there are several intercuts of the girl next door Rat.

After some of the black light stuff already known from the Theatrical Version resp. during in the off, there is a longer additional conversation between Billy and Bones. He mentions Mr. Skip's leaving and she tries to calm down by explaining there still were enough another people such as Rat next door. Bones has his doubts he was interesting for girls in the first place resp. Bhe asks Billy what she would think if he came to the night club she was working at. Billy explains he would not make it inside in the first place and he asks if she had ever been touched there by anyone. Billy says no respö she says it was not possible.

Furthermore, the conversation in the cab takes place now (please see 28:08-29:08 / 36:56-37:32 in the Theatrical Version). In the Theatrical Version, it takes place before Billy's first show at the night club. The first starts sooner here plus Billy explains her goal was GiGi's. Also, the scenes gets interrupted by further shots of Bones and Franky at home (monsters are in issue again plus Bones reads a bedtime story to Franky). Billy getting out of the cab at the end of the montage is exclusively in the Extended Version, too.

347.5 sec in total (= 5:48 min)

09:17 / 15:36-15:54

A first shot of Bones, then another confusing announcement including Billy posing (plus a montage about the burning house): "Look at my muscles!"

18.2 sec

15:02 / 21:39-22:11

During the identical exterior shot of Bones, the audio track differs. In the Extended Version, Billy is already talking to Franky resp. he wants to know if he had seen her shoe. Then an additional shot at the huse. Franky puts on Billy's chain, she gives him a warning and leaves.

Outside, one gets to see on-screen what started off-screen during the previous shot of Bones walking by: Billy asks him where he had been that day.

31.7 sec

15:23-15:27 / 22:32-22:40

In the Theatrical Version, the shot of Bones is slightly longer. Then an alternate shot of Billy leaving.
Only the Extended Version then shows Bones for a brief moment.

Extended Version 4.2 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

15:33 / 22:46-22:48

The shot of the cab driver opening the door is longer.

2.5 sec

19:16 / 26:32-26:44

Billy complains more explicitly that Bones believed she did everything wrong all the time.
She mentions he had not liked her old job either and he did not even know about the new one. Bones then asks in surprise if she had quit and she confirms it.

12.5 sec

22:59 / 30:28-30:48

Before the exterior shot with Bones, the Extended Version contains a long shot of Billy in the bathtub: she slowly dives under.

20.2 sec

25:30 / 33:19-34:19

The scene at Rat's apartment starts earlier. A rat is crawling around on her, then Franky comes in and she talks to him for a second. She also introduces the rat to him.

Then a first scene with Billy on her way back from the club. She tells the cabby not to get any ideas because she had specifically asked for him - many other cabbies just were not as trustworthy as he was.

60 sec

28:08-29:08 / 36:56-37:32

Before Billy gets to the club sleeping, there is an alternate scene in the cab.

Now the Theatrical Version shows the conversation from the end of the block of scenes in the Extended Version. At the end, there is an additional shot of her falling asleep though.

The Extended Version only contains several fuzzy looks from Billy's point of view (window / cabby), problably to imply she is falling asleep at the very moment. The cabby also tells her to sleep and he was going to wake her at the point of destination.

Theatrical Version 24.6 sec longer

89:29-90:50 / 97:53-99:14

Only the Theatrical Version contains credits during the last shots of the burning house.

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

Before one can only see sparks, there is a little black screen in the Extended Version. Then the credits begin and the sparks are dancing longer in the background.

Extended Version 99.3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version