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Nightmare On Elm Street: The Dream Child, A


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 30, 2008 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: SpecialEd - external link: IMDB
15 cuts of about 32 seconds in the R-Rated Version
1 cut of 1,5 seconds in the Unrated Version.

Prior to its theatrical start in the USA many details in two scenes were removed in order to receive the profitable R-Rating for “Nightmare On Elm Street 5”. Especially Dan´s Death on the motor cycle was censored in almost every shot..

Unfortunately this heavily cut R-Rated Version was also released later for purchase.
So far all US-Tapes and all US-DVDs (from the box as well as the separate DVDs) are cut.
Fortunately the label “Image Entertainment” released the Unrated Version on LaserDisc in the USA. Meanwhile this LD has become very rare.
The old BBFC 18 UK-Tape also contained the Unrated Version and therefore all the cut scenes from the R-Rated-Version. Unfortunately the new edition of the BBFC 18 UK-DVD does not contain the Unrated Version anymore. Probably because of mastering reasons the low priced DVD now only contains the R-Rated Version.

The Unrated-LaserDisc as well as the German FSK 18- and the UK-Tape regrettably only offer a zoomed full frame picture ratio.
The UK- and the US-DVD offer the movie scanned in the original 1:1,85 picture ratio.

This is a comparison between the US-R-Rated Version on DVD from the “A Nightmare On Elm Street”-Box (identical with the single DVD) and the US-LaserDisc with the unrated Version by Image Entertainment.
Motorcycle Death

It is missing how the cables start to drill themselves into Dan´s hand. – The second shot from a closer distance, right after the first shot, is completely removed.

2,5 Sec

The R-Rated Version is missing a shot of a sharp tube puncturing Dan´s leg.
1 Sec

A second sharp tube, approaching one of Dan´s legs, is being shown longer. (The beginning of the shot was shortened.)
1,5 Sec

The penetration of the second tube was also considerably shortened. The tube´s point penetrates much deeper and the sound of some liquid getting pumped into the leg is audible. 1,5 Sec

A second close-up, which shows that the cable penetrates Dan´s leg much deeper, is completely removed. The following shot, which shows a cable sticking in Dan´s heavily injured back, was also slightly shortened in the beginning of the take.

3,5 Sec

A close-up of Dan´s face, contorted with pain, in which several tubes are sticking, was also completely removed.
2 Sec

The shot of his heavily injured leg was also slightly cut.
1 Sec

The shot of Dan screaming was also slightly cut.
0,5 - 1 Sec


The shot of the bursting hand and two penetrating cables is still shown – the following shot, which shows Dan´s facial skin detaching itself, was also shortened in the beginning of the take. In the Unrated Version the scene starts with the facial skin ripping apart and then the scalp (it all happens very quickly). The R-Rated Version only starts with the ripping scalp.
1 Sec

The end of the shot, when the skin detaches from the skull, was also removed: the scalp detaches and flies backward – at the same time the angle of the shot changes from a side-on to a frontal view.
When the scalp has detached, we miss a close-up of another fluttering piece of meat - too vague and big to see precisely what it is in the picture …

2,5 Sec


The R-Rated Version also has an unimportant editing mistake: when Freddy appears at the dinner and says “Madam, if I may” to Greta's mother, he is, in the Unrated Version, still standing at a spot with his trolley with the meal (shot of the trolley with the silver protective cover and Freddy standing on the right hand side). – In the R-Rated Version he is already pushing the trolley when the shot shows him (absolutely unimportant).
1 Sec

Freddy slices the doll´s belly with his claws. She starts to bleed and one can hear a beating heart. In the R-Rated Version a shot of Greta´s mother is inserted; saying: “Nothing but the best for Greta.” This scene also appears in the Unrated Version but briefly later (afterwards Freddy put the last bite into Greta´s mouth). Also a shot of Greta, shaking her head disgusted and unwillingly, was added. The scene also appears in the Unrated but slightly shorter (she shakes her head only once instead of one and a half times).
3.5 Sec

Before Freddy rams the second bite into her mouth, we miss a shot showing him with the piece of meat on the spoon.
3 Sec

Freddy pulls the spoon from Gretas mouth and throws the tray from her chair. Now a big hole in Gretas belly is visible. In a close-up and with full force, Freddy rams his spoon in her belly, turns it a few times and pulls it back. Then Freddy is shown from the front, holding the spoon, commenting rather maliciously. His comment (“You are what you eat!”) also appears in the R-Rated-Version, but seconds later.
6 Sec

The Unrated Version misses a tiny scene, too: after Freddy made his remark „You are what you eat“, two laughing party guests are shown, waving vegetable spiked on their spoons. 1,5 Sec

To avoid showing the hole in Gretas belly, the beginning of the shot, when Freddy takes her in his arms, was removed: he rips the iron restraints, binding her to the chair, backwards – the hole appears but she holds her hands in front of it. Then, when Freddy holds her in his arms, the display detail was slightly enlarged, it seems, so that the lower part of the picture is not visible and, thus the hole cannot be seen.
1,5 Sec