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Relic, The


  • US TV (CBS)
  • Uncut
Release: Jan 24, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Night at the museum

Anthropologist Dr. John Whitney, who is currently on a research trip through South America, sends two boxes of exhibits to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Six weeks later, the ship on which the boxes are stored arrives at the harbor, but there is no trace of the crew. In a chamber in the cargo hold, policeman Vincent D'Agosta finds only a few body parts. The crates are brought to the museum and opened there by evolutionary biologist Dr. Margo Green. They contain the fragments of an idol statue and lots of leaves with strange structures attached to them. When a guard is brutally murdered in the night by cutting off his head and removing parts of his brain, this brings Vincent back into the picture. He suspects that there is a connection between the body parts on the ship and the murder in the museum. The opening ceremony of a new exhibition, in which donations are also collected, takes place despite security concerns. A conceivably bad idea, as it turns out, because a monster is lurking in the catacombs below the museum, which has it's sights set on the party guests.

Based on the novel Relic - Museum of Fear by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Peter Hyams made an entertaining monster movie called The Relic about a brain-slurping South American monster that is roughing up a nightly party in a museum. Thanks to good actors, great effects in which Stan Winston was involved and a high tension curve, the film is a recommendable B-movie with an A-movie budget.

CBS version heavily shortened, but with alternative scenes

The film was shown on CBS on US television in early November 2000. The two information boards at the beginning of the film already indicate that it was shortened by plot in order to be able to fit it into a two-hour broadcasting time including commercial breaks. On the other hand, it was cut in the violent scenes.

In fact, the film has been shortened very much in plot. Various scenes were shortened more or less and whole storylines were cut out of the film. So the complete episode is missing, in which the two school skipping children spend the night in the museum at the beginning and are frightened by the monster there. The longest cut is the scene in which Margo, after she has finished work, walks through the new exhibition and is then startled by noises. Her nerves calm down again when she meets the cleaning lady. Furthermore, almost every violent scene was removed from the film. The special thing about the CBS broadcast is that it contains alternative footage that cannot be found in any other version. The version does not contain any new scenes, rather the alternative scenes have weakened the violence scenes. Therefore, the new scenes are only moderately interesting. Since they are somewhat lost in the multitude of cuts, here is a short summary of the exclusive scenes of the CBS version:


  • When Hollingsworth and Vincent find the body parts on the ship, there are two alternative scenes.

  • When the body of the killed night watchman is examined, an alternative scene is shown again.

  • When the coroner examines the body of the night watchman, alternative footage is found there.

  • The CBS version briefly cuts to a man as blood drips from the ceiling during the exhibition.

  • An alternative shot of Margo is shown as Vincent reports his beating of the robber.

That was it. The CBS version might be of interest to hardcore fans of the film, but otherwise you should stick with the standard uncut theatrical version.

Picture comparison:


German TV (Tele 5):

The US TV broadcast on NBC on November 5, 2000 was compared to the theatrical version (German TV channel Tele 5).

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The opening credits are slightly different.

No time difference.


The TV version shows a shot from above as Hollingsworth and Vincent open the hatch.

In the Theatrical Version you see instead the body parts swimming in the water in close-up.

TV: 4 sec.
Theatrical Version: 3 sec.


After the frightened Vincent can be seen, another cut on the body parts follows in the Theatrical Version.

Theatrical Version: 1 sec.


The TV version shows Vincent looking around.

In Theatrical Version, Vincent says "Oh shit!", followed by another cut to the body parts. More short cuts on Hollingsworth, Vincent and the body parts.

TV: 3 sec.
Theatrical Version: 9 sec.


In the TV version, the scene in which the two school skippers decide to go to the museum because there are mummies there, is missing.

Theatrical Version: 23 sec.


In the TV version, the scene in which the two children walk through the closed museum is missing.

Theatrical Version: 22 sec.


The night watchman enjoys his joint longer on the toilet.

Theatrical Version: 8 sec.


The night watchman's shoes can be seen. Then he takes another hit from the joint.

Theatrical Version: 10 sec.


There is no cut to the joint on the floor after the night watchman was pulled away.

Theatrical Version: 9 sec.


After Margo's colleagues have left, the Theatrical Version shows the two children in the museum again. They are thinking about how to get out, when one of them discovers a staircase.

Theatrical Version: 32 sec.


One of the boys runs down the stairs in the museum. He calls for his friend Josh, who suddenly scares him from behind. The two of them run on when they suddenly hear sounds from above.

Theatrical Version: 54 sec.


Greg asks Margo if he is such an asshole in her eyes.

Theatrical Version: 2 sec.


Vincent enters the aisle where the two children are already sitting with their parents. He tells a policewoman to bring them to the station to take their statements.

Theatrical Version: 10 sec.


A short cut is missing on the corpse of the night watchman, which is photographed.

Theatrical Version: 2 sec.


After Vincent said that this was terrible, the TV version shows a shot of Vincent and Hollingsworth putting on their shoe covers. The coroner says that only a shark attack can tear you apart like that.

The Theatrical Version shows two cuts on the body parts instead, and one cut each on Vincent and the coroner.

Theatrical Version: 10 sec.


One of the coroners says that there is still a joint on the floor. Vincent thinks that this is only a trivial offence for him, the decapitation would be worse. He says that the blood on the walls should be examined before he leaves the room.

Theatrical Version: 22 sec.


Vincent asks Cuthbert if they have any idea who might be responsible for the murder. Cuthbert says she has no idea.

Theatrical Version: 11 sec.


The coroner goes on to say that she has already had seven decapitations this week.

Theatrical Version: 5 sec.


In the shot in which the cloth is removed from the corpse, the TV version was zoomed into the image.

No time difference.


When the coroner lists the injuries, the TV version cuts on her colleague. In between, there is a cut on Vincent.

In the Theatrical Version, one sees the corpse instead again and again.

Theatrical Version: 17 sec.


The TV version shows the coroner explaining how the skull injuries occurred.

In the Theatrical Version, the shot is longer, followed by a more detailed view.

TV: 8 sec.
Theatrical Version: 9 sec.


In the TV version, the image was zoomed in so that the brain is not visible.

No time difference.


Again the zoom was applied.

No time difference.


Again a zoom into the image.

No time difference.


One more zoom.

No time difference.


One more zoom.

No time difference.


And again.

No time difference.
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