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  • Theatrical Version
  • Japanese TV Version
Release: Feb 04, 2010 - Author: Slayer - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version (TV) and the longer Japanese TV cut(JTV), which only contains more dialogue and a different ending.

TV: 1:21:18
JTV: 1:26:54

Time difference: 5:36
Cuts: 7
The mayor is going down the corridor with his counselor and is raging about the fact that the murders have to happen just before the election. He asks his counselor to pick a small and secretive group to catch the killer. It also should remain unknown that the killer is possibly a cop.
29 sec.

The mayor is furious about the press article (Maniac cop murders three people). His counselor asks if he should get McCrae. He denies ironically and says that he won't accept his offer to disclose the case. They now talk about the mayor's official statement: He sees no connection between the murders and the police. He has ordered an experienced group of psychologists to check the case. Concerning McCrae he adds that he would demote or promote him depending on his success. He eventually says that he would fire him six to eight months later.
47 sec.

The mayor is giving a speech on TV. During the speech the camera zooms to him. He is glad to be able to announce that the killer has been caught. "The police officer Jack W. Forrest Junior is being charged with the murders of his wife and three other officers. In contrast to the allegions of the press we do believe that Jack W. Forrest Junior isn't disturbed but completely sane and accountable."
31 sec.

The policeman Clancy comes to the mayor's office. He is (ironically) glad to be able to meet the mayor and asks why he deserves that honor. The mayor asks what Detective McCrae talked with him about that day. When he is asked how he knows about it the mayor just answers "Oh, we watch him." Clancy says, that they talked about Cordell. The mayor just answers that Cordell is dead and buried. Clancy says, that the mayor had Cordell comfortably removed by setting him out against a powerful mafia boss. When the mayor threatens Clancy he simply answers that he is retiring the next week and isn't afraid of him. He is then asked to leave. Before he exits the room he says that it was nice to have met the mayor.
71 sec.

The mayor is talking with his counselor in the restroom about the murdered. He says that Cordell had sent him a message that he was out to get him. His couselor responds that Cordell is dead. The mayor has his doubts and says that Cordell's last look told him that he knew he was responsible for his death. His counselor looks sceptical.
31 sec.

When the counselor comes into the mayor's office to tell him that the press is waiting, he finds him lying scared on the couch. He tries to talk him into talking to the press because it would be a slap in the face of the whole NYPD. The mayor then jumps up and says that this is exactly what Cordell wants, to have him show up in publicity where he can kill him. The counselor tries to calm him down by saying that the maniac has never killed in broad daylight and the mayor was safer in the conference room than in his office. The mayor doesn't care. He wants to stay in his office and doubled security. The counselor finishes by saying that, in case there really was a ghost killing people, this also wouldn't help.
51 sec.

Alternative ending.
The TV ends with Cordell's hand reaching out of the water. The JTV, however, continues. We can see the mayor sitting in his office. He is hanging up on the telephone and tells his counselor that Cordell had called. His counselor answers that the voice could have been that of a copycat. This was the only reasonable explanation and what he should tell the press if he wanted to be reelected. The mayor sends him out of the office and pours himself a drink (Whisky?) Wenn he unbuttons his vest the camera pans to a curtain under which shoes can be seen. The curtain opens, Cordell goes left and out of the off we can hear a beat and loud screaming.
76 sec.