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Release: Sep 13, 2014 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
A lot has happened since 2003, when the first Wrong Turn was released theatrically. In 2014, the 6th part has its release and there's no real end in sight for the franchise. The 5th part Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines directly follows the events of Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings and changes its location to a small town that was haunted by cannibals in the 18th century. But today, there's still room for some maneaters and even for "Pinhead" Doug Bradley who's character is blood-related to the three degenerated cannibals. Together, they start to hunt down anyone who comes their way. And even though the violence is still gnarly and explicit, the 5th part dials back the gore level in comparison to the gruesome 3rd and 4th installments. But that doesn't hinder the producing studio to put out 2 versions of the film as it is a tradition of the series. Apart from the Unrated, there's also an MPAA-approved "R" version (for strong bloody horror violence, sexuality, language and drug content). The nature of the changes is typical for the US. Nudity (read: nipples) and some of the more extreme gore moments had to be removed. Fortunately, it's not so easy to find the "R" version and the predominant release will remain to be the Unrated Cut.

Comparison between the R-Rated and the Unrated Version (both by 20th Century Fox).

10 differences, consisting of
6 cuts
4 scenes with alternate footage

The Unrated runs 43.76 seconds longer than the R-Rated.
Alternate material
0:00:56: The movie didn't even hit the 1-minute mark and we see sex already. The UR shows more of the loving couple and more of Cruz. Her nipples, to be exact because the R-Rated doesn't show them at all.
The R-Rated runs 0.76 sec. longer


Alternate material
R-Rated: 0:01:19: Slightly longer sex in the R-Rated after Cruz told Billy that she loves him.
The R-Rated runs 0.6 sec. longer

Alternate material
0:01:37: Sure. The R-Rated continues to avoid Cruz' breasts. The UR doesn't.
The R-Rated runs 0.2 sec. longer


Alternate material
0:01:45: Here it's especially clear. UR: naked, R-Rated: "clothed".
No time difference


0:33:58: A simple cut in the R-Rated as Three Finger feeds Cruz her own intestines. She doesn't seem to like that very much.
22.36 sec.

1:02:27: A frontal shot as Billy's head gets "processed" in the chipper misses as well as a short view from inside the vehicle.
2.6 sec.

1:02:55: When Teddy's death becomes full-blown splatter, the R-Rated cuts away.
13.4 sec.

1:18:27: Close-up of the blood-gushing stomach wound.
1.76 sec.

1:18:31: Sheriff Angela tries desperately to put the guts of her husband back to where they were.
4.4 sec.

1:18:38: Once more we see her failing attempts at putting everything back in. Just a little longer in the UR.
0.8 sec.

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