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original title: Tang ran ke


  • US Version
  • Italian VHS
Release: Jul 20, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut German DVD by M.I.B. (content equal to that of the US DVD by Ground Zero) and the uncut Italian VHS

- 14 cuts
- Length of the cuts: 587.1 sec. (= 9:47 min.)

At the beginning and at the end of this movie made in 1972 is shown a nameless and unimportant bad guy in a few short shots receiving a punch or going down. Here two of the very few frames in which his face is more or less visible.

This is obviously reason enough for some labels in the USA (and Germany, having the same cut version) to put a newer picture of Jackie Chan on the cover of their DVDs and to somehow integrate him into the story in an outrageous description of contents. Apart from the pictures above, some may even spot him briefly in the background from time to time...which doesn't make this fraud with the cover any better.
Fans of HK movies will nevertheless recognize a few prominent faces. The biggest name is probably Chen Sing, but Mars, Raymond Lui, Corey Yuen or Alan Tang play a more or less important role. Anyhow, this movie is just a little snack for people who consume everything in this genre - nothing special, mostly brawls with street-fight character in a completely incomprehensible story.
The latter may also be due to the fact that almost 10 minutes of plot were cut out of the known versions. The presumably uncut version can be found in Italy, but the VHS at hand is of course very rare nowadays. The concrete content of the dialogues can't be specified due to the lack of knowledge in Italian. At least, it can be guessed that some relations between the characters become clearer in the uncut version.

The running time information is in the order
German DVD / Italian VHS

The Italian VHS has longer opening credits right at the beginning.
(Not added to the amount/length of cuts).

Italian VHS 12.8 sec. longer

German DVDItalian VHS

00:39 / 00:52-01:34

Some dialogue is missing after the first shot. Cheng takes the other guy to the restaurant of his uncle and probably talks about him.

42.7 sec.

00:57 / 01:52-03:25

The wide shot is a bit longer; then a waiter takes the two men to a table. After some talking, the right-hand man of King Chan arrives and is shown walking skeptically through the room. The German version sets in with a side-view shot of him.

92.2 sec.

01:50 / 04:18-04:58

The shot's a little bit longer. The waiter comes (obviously after receiving an order from the right-hand man) with a grim face to the table of the two and presents the check. One of them complains that they haven't finished eating yet. After some discussion, Cheng takes out a piece of paper; the GV sets in again shortly afterwards.

40.2 sec.

05:26 / 08:34-09:03

The right-hand man is shown longer and then talks to two of his henchmen. The following shot of the fight also begins slightly earlier.

29.5 sec.

08:20 / 11:57-12:01

End and beginning of two shots are missing, nothing special.

4 sec.

26:10 / 29:51-30:34

Cheng talks longer with King Chan. The adopted daughter joins them and leaves again after a short while.
The following game of dice begins a bit earlier.

43 sec.

49:09 / 53:33-55:41

An additional scene after Cheng's death.
Cheng's friend talks to the father of Mars and apparently tells of the great opportunities he gets with King Chan. After Mars has angrily left the room, his father talks longer to Cheng's friend, probably about King Chan's business.

127.4 sec.

50:43 / 57:15-58:13

In accordance with a clearly visible film tear right in the middle of a shot, there's missing how Cheng's friend talks with the father of Mars and then leaves. Mars' father gazes after him sadly (he probably guesses his fate).
After that, the scene with King Chan's adopted daughter begins earlier; at first, she's shown in the bed room. When she leaves the room, a servant runs in panic into the room and hands her the newspaper, in which she learns about Cheng's death.

57.8 sec.

53:58 / 61:28-62:16

Actually, King Chan is shown in the same shot. He talks a bit about the alleged accident of Cheng and that the police are investigating. Finally, his right-hand man comes into the room with a piece of paper and says to King Chan's daughter that she just has to sign, it's a mere formality.

48.4 sec.

57:00 / 65:18-66:27

There's an additional scene in the house of Mars' father after the death of King Chan's daughter. The former consoles Cheng's friend, who hatefully vows revenge (?) and rushes out. Mars goes after him.

69.3 sec.

59:04 / 68:31-68:40

Cheng's friend asks the frightened girl where King Chan's hiding and then jumps over the hood.

8.9 sec.

59:28 / 69:04-69:17

The chauffeur (at least in a lost widescreen version also visible in this shot) points out to King Chan that the Mercedes is following them. King Chan answers something.

12.7 sec.

60:14 / 70:03-70:08

King Chan and his right-hand man get out of the car.
The GV sets in again when Cheng's friend tries to attack from behind.

5.2 sec.

60:39 / 70:33-70:39

The henchman finishes his roll and falls down; then there are missing some minor snippets of the fight of Cheng's friend.

5.8 sec.