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Innocent Blood


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 23, 2010 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Censored US DVD (R-Rated Version) and the Uncensored German VHS (Unrated Version).

7 differences with a total running time of 27.5 seconds:

3 cuts = 28 seconds
2 scenes with alternate footage = 1.5 seconds
1 alternate scene = no difference
1 extended scene in the R-Rated Version = +2 seconds

In the US, only the R-Rated Version has been released so far. In Germany, the Uncensored Unrated Version was released on VHS immediately. Later, an Exlusive Extended Edition with 3 additional plot scenes was released on DVD in Germany. This version is based on the Unrated Version, as a result of that it's uncut as well and the longest version available worldwide.

Please check the other comparison to see the differences between the Unrated Version and the German Extended Version.
0 Min
The movie title is different: R-Rated Version (US DVD): Innocent Blood / Unrated Version (German VHS): Bloody Marie.
No difference

31 Min
Marie rips out a peace of Sallie's neck. After spitting out the flesh, she bites him again. The R-Rated Version contains an alternate, more harmless shot of Sallie being bitten.
R-Rated: +1 sec
Unrated: 2 sec


85 Min
Extended sex scene between Marie and Joe in the Unrated Version. Marie is being shot in profile, Joe from the front.
12 sec

85 Min
Again an extended scene of them, shot in profile.
4 sec

91 Min
Additional shots of half-naked strippers dancing in front of Sallie in the Unrated Version. He seems to like it.
12 sec

94 Min
Only in the R-Rated Version Sallie gets up from the armchair.
+2 sec

99 Min
Different footage of the vampire being shot in the head by Joe in each version.
No difference


105 Min
Shot of Joe in the R-Rated Version, shot of Sallie burning in the Unrated Version instead.
R-Rated: +1,5 sec
Unrated: 2 sec