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James Bond 007: No Time to Die

original title: No Time to Die


  • ITV (UK)
  • Uncut
Release: Mar 17, 2023 - Author: TonyJaa - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut ITV (UK) broadcast from 01.01.2023 (20:00) and the uncut FSK 12 Blu-ray.

With a total of 21 cuts (+ black frame/beginning logo/credits), 80.44 seconds (= 01:20 min.) are missing.

The running time information has been taken from the uncut Blu-Ray, the indicated cut length per cut and in total, however, reflected in PAL

00:15 Min.
The BD additionally has a "Universal" logo. Accordingly, this is a master-related deviation, as the ITV broadcast proceeds with the Gun Barrel.
ITV: +4.00 sec
FSK 12 Blu-ray: 13.52 sec
Differenz: 9.52 sec

02:45 Min.
Little Madeleine is frightened in additional shot by Safin's sudden appearance at the window.
0.92 sec

03:30 Min.
Safin continues to walk towards the glass door, so that his outline becomes more visible. He then slowly opens the sliding door again.
10.12 sec

04:03 Min.
The uncut version shows still shows how Madeleine's mother is hit by the gunfire. Safin turns around and looks up.
8.52 sec

04:31 Min.
Safin walks around Madeleine's room a little longer with heavy steps. She can be seen in her hiding place under the bed, then Safin turns around again. ITV is back in when the Tamagotchi beeps on the bed.
10.56 sec

04:46 Min.
Madeleine cringes a bit sooner in her hiding place after the beep.
3.72 sec

05:12 Min.
Before Madeleine pulls the supposedly shot Safin outside, she walks a few steps towards the sofa and looks down at her dead mother. She wipes the tears from her eyes. How she pulls Safin down the steps towards the front door then starts a little sooner.
12.72 sec

05:37 Min.
Within a top-down shot, Safin comes to life and takes a deep breath. In addition, Madeleine again afterwards.
4.84 sec

05:44 Min.
Still within the next shot it is cut again how Safin sits up longer in the uncut version. Madeleine gets up a little earlier too.
3.08 sec

06:41 Min.
Madeleine can be seen in an additional shot under the ice, then again the hesitant Safin.
6.48 sec

06:50 Min.
Safin fires on the ice surface a bit sooner.
0.60 sec

16:16 Min.
Primo gives James a head butt and a punch. James, however, immediately follows up with a punch to the face and is able to fend off the following one.
4.36 sec

51:19 Min.
Paloma is seen once again and says: "Coņo."
1.08 sec

51:39 Min.
The camera moves down even further and you see the dying Spectre member on the ground.
1.88 sec

51:46 Min.
Another two Spectre members die the arms of their bodyguards.
4.00 sec

51:56 Min.
Here, the beginning of the shot has been shortened to include a dying, female Spectre member.
0.84 sec

52:02 Min.
Likewise, a dying male Spectre member can be seen earlier shortly after.
0.80 sec

53:47 Min.
Paloma can be seen a little longer at the end. She utters another incomprehensible comment.
0.72 sec

54:27 Min.
James headbutts the baddie in front of him.
0.76 sec

59:52 Min.
The ashtray breaks on James' arm for a few frames longer.
0.32 sec

59:55 Min.
James slams Ash head first against the edge of the table.
1.08 sec

01:18:54 Min.
M: "Ohh, for fuck's sake."
3.04 sec

02:37:15 Min.
ITV does show the credits, but played much faster.
ITV: 182.00 sec
FSK 12 Blu-ray: 361.76 sec
Difference: 179.76 sec