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Cannibal Man, The

original title: La semana del asesino


  • International Version
  • Spanish Extended Version
Release: Jul 08, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the International Version (Austrian DVD by XT Video) and the Spanish Extended Version (Spanish Blu-ray by Mercury Films).

Butcher Marcos spends his uneventful life either at the slaughterhouse or at some bar around the corner. When he and his girfriend Paula are driving home in a cab one night, Marcos and the driver start arguing and argument leads to Marcos taking out the cabbie. In order to cover it up, Marcos sees himself forced to kill Paula as well. As the week progresses, more and more people are about to dig up the truth so that Marcos sees himself forced to commit further murders...

On DVD, The Cannibal Man has been released uncut - e.g. in the US. The very first Blu-ray of The Cannibal Man was released in Germany in 2014. The picture quality is perfect, even further footage is available as bonus - according to the Spanish distributor, there is no audio track available for these scenes though. The second Blu-ray of the movie was released by Mercury Films in Spain. Interestingly enough, some of the cut scenes are back in the movie - Spanish audio included! One can choose between Spanish and English audio whereas the English Version "only" contains the cut scenes with Spanish audio and optional English subtitles. The US Blu-ray by Code Red contains the very same version - except the cut scenes here are in English with English subtitles. As for the picture of the Spanish and US Blu-ray: Well, it simply can't keep up with the German Blu-ray release (screenshot comparison).

But which of the scenes made it back in the movie? Well, for starters, the movie gets back its weekly structure because the days pop up on the screen. One gets to know that the mother of Marcos had a terrible accident for which he was compensated financially on the one hand and he also got that job at the machine. This is being revealed in an additional conversation with his boss and also when he talks to one of his co-workers later on. Other than that, the additional fotage is rather unspectacular. The conversation between Marcos and Ambrosio, right before he storms into his apartment, is somewhat longer and so is one scene with Marcos in the crowd resp. taking the subway to get home. The opening scene with Marcos eating his sandwich in the slaughterhouse has been recut for the Spanish Extended Version.

Speaking of which: Is the Spanish Extended Version an upgrade to the International Version? Qualitywise, the German Blu-ray should be first choice. However, only the Spanish and US Blu-ray contain some of the cut scenes as part of the movie. Since the US Blu-ray lacks Spanish audio and is also both more expensive and harder to get, the Spanish Blu-ray should be first choice if the priority is getting the longest version available.


International Version (German DVD): 93:55 min
Spanish Extended Version (Spanish Blu-ray): 107:18 min (107:37 min incl. end credits music)

The International Version begins with a few bloody scenes at the slaughterhouse where Marcos works. In his break, Marcos eats a sandwich.

Also in the Spanish Extended Version later on.

International Version: 60.52 sec


Pan shot from the street to Bar Rosa.

Spanish Extended Version: 11.88 sec


Lunes appears on the screen.

Spanish Extended Version: 1.46 sec


Now the scenes at the slaughterhouse in the Spanish Extended Version.

Spanish Extended Version: 63.04 sec


Marcos puts away the barrow and goes to the office.

The boss at the factory is on the phone so that Marcos has time to stare at the secretary's legs. When the boss has hung up, he deals with Marcos. He gives him the speech that Marcos was part of the company as well and then lets him know that the new machines were there and handling these machines required some perception Marcos had which qualified him to work at said machine which was supposed to become his new boss now. Last but not least, the boss points out how Marcos had died and got well compensated for it.

Spanish Extended Version: 184.17 sec


Martes popsup on the screen.

Marcos talks to his co-worker who tells Marcos he had been there when his mother had the horrible accident. He talks about how she literally went up in flames, that her screams were misinterpreted as sirens by the workers and that the smell of burned flesh was still there after weeks. They get to te machine and he explains to Marcos that he needed to keep refilling the machine with meat and the machine would do the rest.

Spanish Extended Version: 126.29 sec


Jueves appears on the screen.

Spanish Extended Version: 1.88 sec


The conversation between Marcos and Don Ambrosio by the frontdoor is longer. Marcos says Carmen was probably having fun. Don Ambrosio refuses to get ditched by Marcos and Marcos insists on knowing the whereabouts of his brother and Don Ambrosio's daughter. Ambrosio assumes them to be inside the house. When he steps inside, the versions are back in sync.

Spanish Extended Version: 48.29 sec


Alternate footage of Marcos spraying in his apartment.

The International Version shows the family painting.

The Spanish Extended Version on the other hand shows a statue of the Virgin Mary instead.

International Version: 2.72 sec
Spanish Extended Version: 2.71 sec


Two workers are talking. One of them says what Marcos was doing at the machine was pretty weird and he probably stole company tools. The other worker says he would take a look at it on his round. The International Version is back in te game when he approaches the bag.

Spanish Extended Version: 55.96 sec


The guy says the bag was empty. The other says explains they should keep an eye on him anyway because some odd meat mixture had been found in the machine at the lab.

Spanish Extended Version: 23.17 sec


Domingo appears on the screen.

Spanish Extended Version: 1.67 sec


After telling the innkeeper she was headed to church for confession, the shot of the girl walking across the street is longer.

Spanish Extended Version: 9.58 sec


More street life, then Marcos in the subway - surrounded by a huge crowd.

Spanish Extended Version: 57.08 sec


The house longer, then "Fin" appears. The End.

Spanish Extended Version: 9.62 sec