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Emmanuelle '77 (The Streetwalker)

original title: La marge


  • French Theatrical Cut
  • Director's Cut
Release: Feb 29, 2024 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

The French theatrical version was compared with the Director's Cut (both available on the German Blu-ray by Plaion Pictures).

Entrepreneur Sigimond Pons lives happily with his wife Sergine and their young son Eli on a stately estate in Paris. One day, Sigimond's uncle Antonin visits and asks him to travel to Paris to do some advertising there. Antonin gives him the hint to look for the prostitute Diana in the red-light district of Paris. Sigimond eventually finds her and is immediately fascinated by her. He is drawn into a whirlwind of erotic lust and passion from which he cannot free himself with his own strength...

A magnificent erotic drama by Walerian Borowczyk. Emanuela 77 (German title) has a calm pace and focuses more on moods and situations than on the wafer-thin plot. He skillfully takes a look at the depraved Paris where Diana becomes an obsession for Sigimond. The erotic scenes are very sensual and stylishly staged, accompanied by an excellent soundtrack. One of Sylvia Kristel's best films, who stars as Diana.

In Germany, the film was released in theaters on March 1, 1977, but it never appeared on VHS or DVD. This shortcoming has been addressed by Plaion Pictures since February 29, 2024, with a mediabook that contains three different versions of the film:

  • The French theatrical version (main feature on the first Blu-ray)
  • The Director's Cut (main feature on the second Blu-ray)
  • The German theatrical version (in the bonus material of the second Blu-ray)

This comparison compares the French theatrical version with the Director's Cut. The Director's Cut runs almost six minutes longer than the French theatrical version. Both versions contain scenes missing in the other version, as well as alternative versions of Sigimond washing himself in the bathroom and of the scene where Sigimond and Diana play with the egg. The Director's Cut also shows additional scenes in which Sigimond's chambermaid is fascinated by him and unsuccessfully tries to seduce him. The additional scenes of the Director's Cut nicely round off the film. Some of the additional scenes of the Director's Cut come from the German theatrical version and are slightly lower in quality. Presumably, they had access to a 35mm scan here. At one point, they even seem to have resorted to a VHS.

In the scenes towards the end when Sigimond is driving in the car, only the French audio is heard, as these scenes were never present in the German version of the film. Optional German subtitles are provided for these scenes.

Overall, a very nice release of the film that leaves little to be desired. The mediabook can be purchased on e.g. Amazon or directly from the Plaion Shop.


French theatrical version: 86:11 min.
Director's Cut: 91:53 min.


After the woman says that he never comes quickly, a cut to her and the pimp follows in the theatrical version. The pimp says that things are about to start.

In the Director's Cut, the woman is inspected once more by the pimp before he says that things are about to start and pushes her towards the door.

Theatrical Version: 4 sec.
DC: 25 sec.


The theatrical version shows Sigimond at the sink. He looks into the room and then washes his face. This is followed by a short cut to Sergine and Eli. Then we see Sigimond earlier at the sink.

The Director's Cut shows another shot of Sigimond at the sink. As he washes his face, Diana comes into the room. Then the cut to Sergine and Eli in bed follows.

Theatrical Version: 18 sec.
DC: 19 sec.


After Sigimond drives into the underground parking garage, the director's cut shows the maid in Sigimond's bathroom. She opens her top and pulls out her breasts. When she hears Sigimond come into the room, she quickly packs her breasts up again. She comes to Sigimond and picks up the vacuum cleaner. She bends down so low that Sigimond can see that she is not wearing any panties. As the maid leaves, she keeps looking at Sigimond.

DC: 1:11 min


After the scuffle between the prostitutes over the soap, the theatrical version shows a shot in which Sigimond stands at the door and looks furtively at the prostitutes in the bar.

Theatrical Version: 13 secs.


The theatrical version shows another shot of Sigimond and Diana walking down the corridor. The old lady shows them to their room. Sigimond puts a tip in her hand.

Theatrical Version: 12 secs.


After Diana asks if they should eat the eggs, the theatrical version and the DC differ.

The theatrical version shows the old woman going into the bathroom. Sigimond rolls the boiled eggs over Diana's naked body. He takes an egg and circles Diana's breasts with it. Diana cracks one of the eggs on her elbow. Sigimond empties the shell onto a plate. The old woman watches Sigimond and Diana. She stands up. Diana bites into one of the eggs.

The Director's Cut first shows the old woman getting up. This is followed by alternative scenes in which Sigimond rolls the eggs over Diana's body. Diana cracks one of the eggs. Sigimond empties the shell onto a plate. Diana lets the peeled egg roll over her body. Sigimond helps her to place the egg on her body. Diana eats the egg. Before she has finished eating, Sigimond climbs on top of Diana. They have sex. Sigimond wants Diana to kiss him, but she doesn't want to. The old lady goes into the bathroom. A new record is put on in a jukebox.

[img-0052. jpg]

Theatrical Version: 1:33 min
DC: 3:56 min.


Before the old woman is seen in the hallway, the theatrical version shows her going into the bathroom and turning off the taps on the bathtub and sink. Then she leaves again.

Theatrical Version: 25 sec.


After the sex scene between Sigimond and Diana, the Director's Cut shows Sigimond waking up in bed the next day. The chambermaid brings him breakfast in bed, but Sigimond turns to the side and continues to sleep.

DC: 34 sec


The theatrical version continues to show the bag spinning in the toilet.

Theatrical Version: 3 secs.


The Director's Cut continues to show the pimp sitting down. He says to Diana that she's going to be pimping forever. He holds out his hand and pulls her onto the bed. The pimp begins to kiss her and wants Diana to confirm that he is still the best person to do her. Diana finally agrees.

DC: 1:00 min


Diana can be seen running into the room earlier in the Director's Cut.

DC: 2 sec.


The Director's Cut shows one of the men staring at Diana at the end. She puts on lipstick. Suddenly a man appears and asks what Diana wants. When she says that she wants 500 francs, he says that he can get two or three women for the money. Diana pushes the man away and says that he is still far too young anyway and has no experience. The other man comes to Diana and puts the money on the table. Diana tells him to follow her into the apartment.

DC: 1:02 min.