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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 12, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The Lovebirds

While driving to a diner party, Leilani and Jibran realize that their relationship is at an end. A suddenly appearing bicyclist lands on the hood of the car and when a fake police officer forces his way behind the wheel and kills the bicyclist, Leilani and Jibran's lives are turned upside down. They flee the scene and try to figure out on their own why the cyclist was killed. Can they solve the mystery and does their relationship have a chance after all?

Director Michael Showalter already shot the terrific The Big Sick with lead actor Kumail Nanjiani. The Lovebirds is again a relationship drama however mixed with a murder mystery that falls a bit short of its expectations. The couple in the separation phase, who then has to pull themselves together to solve a murder and in the process get into various bizarre situations sounds like an amusing concept, but the sometimes hysterically exaggerated play of the actors increasingly undermines the serious tones. Nevertheless, various crazy ideas provide the one or other chuckle, so that especially fans of US comedies should get their money's worth.

Unrated version released on Blu-ray

The film was not released in theaters, but premiered on Netflix on May 22, 2020. On the US Blu-ray, in addition to the streaming version, which is called the theatrical version, there is an Unrated Extended Cut. This version runs about 8 minutes longer. Included are mainly new plot scenes in which especially the aspect that Jibran and Leilani feel pursued by the police is underlined. During the orgy of the Sacrarium members, the Unrated version shows slightly more revealing footage in three instances.


R-Rated: 86:21 min.
Unrated: 94:36 min.

Comparison between the R-rated theatrical version and the unrated version.


In the theatrical version, Leilani takes a bite of her bacon and then lets Jibran taste it.

In the Unrated, Leilani takes a picture of her breakfast. She explains herself by saying that she has to offer something to her 630 followers. Jibran says that there will be 631 soon. They both laugh.

R-Rated: 5.08 sec.
Unrated: 15.33 sec.


The R-rated shows another shot of Leilani and Jibran walking through the park.

In the Unrated there is a scene here where Leilani takes a bite of her bacon and lets Jibran taste it.

R-Rated: 2.20 secs.
Unrated: 5.08 sec.


Right after the title fade in, you can see Jibran and Leilani switching between radio stations in the car.

Unrated: 7.70 secs.


The theatrical version continues to show Leilani as Jibran talks about Keith's lame jokes.

The Unrated cuts to Jibran instead. Dialogue is the same.

R-rated: 2.00 secs.
Unrated: 2.00 sec.


Jibran notes how Keith always brings himself into the conversation.

Unrated: 5.62 secs.


In the theatrical version, Jibran says he won't be able to show his documentary tomorrow because the animations are being rendered.

The Unrated shows an alternate shot of this, then the dialogue continues. Leilani remarks how embarrassing this is and none of her friends have seen his documentary yet. Jibran thinks it doesn't matter what her friends think of it. Leilani says that Jibran doesn't even have any friends. Jibran brings up Leilani's job in advertising and the argument continues. After a while, Leilani apologizes. Jibran assumes that this is a lie, as they will soon arrive at the party. The two argue again and apologize to the other in an ironically exaggerated way.

R-Rated: 2.58 sec.
Unrated: 103.08 sec (1:43 min)


The theatrical version cuts briefly to Jibran after the man is run over.

In the Unrated, he asks the fake cop if they cut him off.

Rated: 1.04 sec.
Unrated: 2.25 sec.


The theatrical version shows Leilani after the man is run over one more time.

In the Unrated, she asks the fake cop to stop.

Rated: 1.16 sec.
Unrated: 1.54 sec.


While the passerby calls, Jibran says that he is a decent documentary filmmaker and Leilani works in a prestigious advertising agency. Leilani lists the awards her agency has won and Jibran says they are good people.

Unrated: 17.16 sec.


The passerby is saying that she likes Leilani's shoes as she runs off.

Unrated: 3:16 secs.


In the theatrical version, the two passersby are seen for a longer time. The man takes a picture of the accident victim.

In the Unrated, the man takes an Instagram video of the accident victim.

Rated: 1.66 sec.
Unrated: 9.87 sec.


The theatrical version cuts to Jibran saying they should turn themselves in to the police. This scene has a filmmaking error because in some shots there are two other people sitting in the background compared to the rest of the shots.

In the Unrated, Leilani suggests that they call her brother Devon, as he has good connections with lawyers. Jibran questions this, as Devon has claimed to know Klay Thompson and it was just a meet and greet. Jibran suggests turning himself in to the police.

R-Rated: 1.62 sec.
Unrated: 31.70 sec.


In the theatrical version, Leilani tells Bobby on the phone that they will bring wine.

In the Unrated, Bobby said that Evonne acts weird when she drinks tequila. Leilani says that they will bring wine.

R-Rated: 1.66 sec.
Unrated: 4.62 sec.


Bobby says in the R-rated that Leilani is acting strangely.

In the Unrated, Bobby also says that they are acting weird. Reya wonders if Leilani and Jibran are engaged.

R-Rated: 2.33 secs.
Unrated: 5.79 sec.


In the theatrical version, Leilani puts the phone down, then a cut to Jibran.

In the Unrated, Leilani says that Bobby wants them to bring a bottle of wine. Jibran jokes that they can bring a bottle of Pinot on the way to jail.

R-Rated: 4.70 sec.
Unrated: 6.54 sec.


Leilani is seen longer in the Unrated as she puts her hands over her head.

Unrated: 1.08 secs.


In the theatrical version, Leilani is horrified that Jibran dropped her phone in the milkshake. Jibran asks for the bill.

In the Unrated, the waitress says she will bring the bill and leaves. Jibran asks what that was about, but Leilani tells her to be quiet because two policemen have come into the restaurant. Jibran waves at the policemen and Leilani asks what that was about, thinking this is suspicious. Jibran puts the money on the table and the two try to leave as inconspicuously as possible. One of the policemen gets up and calls after them that they forgot their phone. They both say that it's their phone and Leilani says to the policeman that they share a phone.

R-Rated: 4.16 sec.
Unrated: 96.08 sec. (1:36 min.)


In the theatrical version, Jibran and Leilani run away from the house in two shots.

In the Unrated, Brett takes up the chase but he trips and falls. Then Jibran and Leilani run away from the house. Leilani's shoe gets stuck on the lawn. After that, the two run down a street. Two security men in a car chase the two as they illegally enter Penworth Estates. The two crawl under the entrance barrier. The security says that the two are lucky because their jurisdiction ends here. In several attempts, they turn the car around.

In the next shot, Jibran and Leilani are seen earlier.

R-Rated: 11.41 sec.
Unrated: 84.41 sec. (1:24 min.)


After Jibran and Leilani arrive at the party, Leilani and Jibran say in the theatrical version that the snacks look very good.

The Unrated shows a different shot of Leilani and Jibran praising the snacks. Jibran asks what these are and Reya says they are red peppers from the supermarket. The two continue to rave about the snacks.

R-Rated: 10.95 sec.
Unrated: 19.41 sec.


Keith notes in the Unrated that Leilani and Jibran are almost five hours late.

Unrated: 1.91 sec.


In the theatrical version, Jibran is seen longer as he says that this is an evil accusation.

R-Rated: 0.50 secs.


The Unrated cuts to Reya asking if Leilani and Jibran have anything to talk about.

Unrated: 2.50 secs.


In the theatrical version, Leilani and Jibran continue to be seen as Leilani said they had something to talk about.

The Unrated cuts to Reya briefly.

Rated: 1.12 sec.
Unrated: 1.12 sec.


Jibran is seen longer in the theatrical version as he says they are now boxing.

The Unrated cuts briefly to Reya saying they are engaged.

Rated: 0.41 sec.
Unrated: 0.75 sec.


The theatrical version shows Leilani and Jibran earlier as they sit down.

In the Unrated, there is silence after Reya says they got engaged. Reya apologizes. Leilani says it's a logical conclusion that makes a lot more sense. Keith asks about boxing and Jibran says that is her passion now.

R-Rated: 0.33 sec.
Unrated: 22.66 sec.


In the theatrical version, Keith asks if Jibran is okay. He says everything is okay. The next shot starts a little earlier.

The Unrated shows Reya and Leilani in the kitchen. Reya asks if she needs a drink. Leilani says they don't have much time, but then she does take the drink. Evonne shows up and asks about the wine. Leilani says they forgot about it because of all the boxing. Evonne takes another bottle and leaves.

R-Rated: 3.33 sec.
Unrated: 34.17 sec.


The theatrical version shows Reya saying that Jibran has now started boxing.

In the Unrated, Reya comes back to the engagement. Then Leilani is seen earlier

R-Rated: 2.04 secs.
Unrated: 3.12 sec.


In the theatrical version, you can see the people on stage a little longer.

The Unrated shows people undressing to make love.

R-Rated: 1.37 sec.
Unrated: 5.37 sec.


The theatrical version shows a shot of the people having sex.

The Unrated features a more revealing shot.

Rated: 2.54 sec.
Unrated: 3.79 sec.


Unrated shows a shot of people having sex.

Unrated: 1.95 sec.


The theatrical version cuts to Jibran and Leilani earlier as Leilani says they are done for.

In the Unrated, the two are seen longer instead.

R-Rated: 0.66 sec.
Unrated: 0.66 sec.


The theatrical version cuts to Leilani saying she has something to say to Jibran.

In the Unrated, Jibran says that he will never see Radiohead live. Leilani replies that she will never see the ocean again. Jibran says that he hates the beach. Leilani says that she hates the sand. The two talk about what makes a stand. Jibran says that he will not have children, which is something he has always wanted. He never told Leilani about it because she says she doesn't like children. He says that his relationship with Leilani was worth sacrificing this dream.

R-Rated: 3.33 sec.
Unrated: 62.50 min (1:02 min)