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8.09 Business Guy


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Sep 30, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version and the extended DVD Version (the latter is included in the UK Box "Season 10").

- 3 altered scenes, one of them includes an auditory censorship
- Difference: 46.8 sec

As most of the fans probably know, almost all of the newer episodes of Family Guy are released in an extended version for home cinemas for quite some time now. At the moment resp. during the creaton of these reports (september 2011) the 10th season starts airing on US television and the DVD releases so far covered the 8th season. The respective set "Volume 8" was released in june 2010 and for no clear reason there's still no publishing date for "Volume 9". While the UK boxes were mostly a few month behind (just for a comparison: the British "Season 9" which is identical to the American "Volume 8" set was released in november 2010 - 5 months later than in the USA), they this time suddanly are a little earlier with the DVD release: "Season 10" which includes the episodes 9-19 of the 8th season, the episode Partial Terms of Endearment (which in the USA can only be purchased on a separate DVD) and the episodes 1-3 of the 9th season was released a few months ago.

The first episode of the box 8x09 ("Business Guy") includes an f-word (which for the TV version was beeped) and 2 new scenes. The first new scene was probably a little too shocking for the TV version since it includes several mentions of rape - we can only assume what was going on because there's no audio commentary for this episode. The second new scene with the 2 "foreign guys" who are already known from earlier episodes was probably cut out to reduce the runtime of the episode.

Peter says: "This is great. Bet you could sail it all the way to Caribbean."
Then follows a flashback where an Afro-American with a Jamaican accent walks along the beach; "Hey, American women. When was the last time you were raped, murdered and stuffed in a lobster pot? Well, what you waiting for, hm? Come to the Virgin Dutch French Saint Port Croix Lucia Antilles. It's only a hop, skip and small plane ride that scares you something terrible. Hungry sharks, strong rape-y men... and them silverfish that you step on and scream. With money so colorful, you forget that it's worthless. So bring your big, white ass down here."
He sings and dances: "Come to the island where I live and you got a pretty good chance to make it home."

33.6 sec


After "I was blowing chinks like crazy" the Foreign Guys are standing around for 0,3 seconds in the TV version (not illustrated below).

In the DVD version one of them instead adds: "And when I finally returned to sleep the wasteman came right outside my window."
His buddy says: "Well, I'll tell you this: A little hair from the dog is just what the doctor ascribed."
The first one replies: "Ha, ha. I hear you, friend. Now let's sit on chairs next to each other and get dick dances."

13.2 sec


Quagmire swears without getting beeped: "That's like right in my fucking ear."

No difference in time.