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Sega CD Version
Region: Worldwide

Japanese Version

Release: Jul 02, 2012 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Gladion
Snatcher is an Action-Adventure game made by Konami. Hero Gillian Seed is working for a police organization named JUNKERS (Japanese Undercover Neuro-Cinetic Elimination Rangers). He is investigating the Snatcher-cases. Snatchers are Terminator-like robots, who eliminate people and take their places afterwards. Snatcher was the second game written and directed by Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid).
The game is mainly played from the first-person-perspective. The player has the following commands to use: "Look", "Investigate", "Talk", "Ask", and "Move" (there are additional options appearing, too, though), furthermore you have to purchase key items or gain important information from other people.

Only violence- and nudity-censoring have been considered in this article. The Japanese version has often longer dialogue, more slapstick comedy and some background graphics have been altered.
The Japanese Version (MSX2-, NEC PC- and CD-Romantic) are identical regarding the censorship and with the exception of one scene (see article: torso) can be considered uncensored. This one scene is only contained in the Sega CD-version. Only the Sega CD-version has been translated into English and released outside of Japan. Furthermore, there is a fan-translation for MSX2. However, the Sega CD versio is censored somewhere else, meaning that there is no complete uncensored version of this game.


-1988 Snatcher MSX-2 - Diskette
Censored: Torso

-1988 Snatcher NEC PC-88 - Diskette
Censored: Torso

-1992 Snatcher CD-ROMantic NEC PC Engine Super CD-ROM
Censored: Torso

-1996 Snatcher SEGA Saturn
Censored: Nudity, violence

-1996 Snatcher SONY PlayStation
Censored: Nudity, violence

-1994 Snatcher SEGA Mega CD/Sega CD
Censored: Nudity, violence

-1994 Snatcher SEGA Mega CD/Sega CD
Censored: Nudity, violence

The US-Sega CD-version has been compared to the JAP NEC PC Engine Super CD-ROM-version.
Only the Sega CD-version shows Gibson's body entirely. This has been altered in all Japanese versions.

Japenese Version:Sega CD Version:

Lisa's breast is shown in the JP-version. The international Sega CD version has been altered.

Sega CD Version:Japanese Version:

Katrina's shower scene has been alleviated by having Gillian covering the view in the international Sega CD version.

Sega CD Version:Japanese Version:

Alice is a slaughtered Doberman. Its opened wound has an animated effect in the NEC-JP-version, this is not visible on a screenshot, though.