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Shaolin vs. Ninja

original title: Shao Lin Yu Ren Zhe


  • US DVD / Japanese VHS
  • German Extended Version
Release: Nov 08, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut Japanese VHS by Gaga Communications (identical to the US DVDs by Rarescope and Video Asia) and the German extended version on the Blu-ray mediabook by Mr. Banker Films

- 9 cuts
- Runtime difference: 132.1 sec (= 2:12 min)

A few additional master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the report.

Ninja vs. Shaolin is another Taiwan brawler in which Alexander Lou dishes out some serious action. Unlike other genre titles, the film apparently came out uncut in Germany - but so far only in horrible zoomed-to-full-screen versions. Previously, one could find a 2.20:1 version on VHS in Japan, which was then also used on the US DVDs. But with the following comparison, we document that the film was somewhat shortened here.

Since August 20, 2021, the German Blu-ray premiere is available in a mediabook. For this purpose, a German 35mm theatrical reel was re-scanned in the original aspect ratio, so that the film is available in the best possible quality. Around the reel changes, there were a few brief missing moments, for which footage from the Japanese VHS was supplemented. A brief moment of extra violence was only available on an old German DVD, this was added as well.

What follows is a depiction of the moments missing on the Japanese VHS, which in turn was also used for the US DVDs from Rarescope / BCI as well as Video Asia. Remarkably, only in the first quarter of an hour you can find a lot of trims in training sequences. On top of that, there was an additional censorship cut in the finale. Of course, the uncut extended version is clearly to be preferred.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: Japanese VHS in NTSC / 35mm theatrical version in 23,976fps

00:00 / 00:00-00:59

Various first shots from the monastery. JP starts with the drumming.

55 sec

A few seconds later, the film title on a red background was replaced and can be seen insignificantly longer on the 35mm.

Japanese VHSGerman 35mm

03:55 / 04:55-04:58

Before the close-up of the foot on the rope, you can see the dragon jumping.

3.3 sec

04:39 / 05:39-05:45

Again the dragon on the rope: the man in front takes out throwing stars and throws them down. A monk fends them off.

5.9 sec

05:37 / 06:47-06:54

The black head ninja stands in front of his people and a first short exchange with his subordinates follows.

7.2 sec

05:46 / 07:03-07:17

The black head ninja stands in front of his people and a first short exchange with his subordinates follows.

14 sec

07:37 / 09:07-09:20

More training with the stick.

12.1 sec

07:54 / 09:37-09:57

Another monk with bamboo shield presents his skills.

19.7 sec

75:47 / 77:50-77:57

After the jump with sword in hand, the 35mm, German VHS and JP-VHS go right on with how the other people come into the room.

Only in the German extended version you first see how the sword lands bloodily in the head. A fountain of blood shoots through the area for a while (unfortunately mostly outside the zoomed full frame). The guy slumps and the killer wipes off his sword. Then toward the end of the shot, he suddenly looks toward the door.

6.7 sec

81:27 / 83:25-83:30

The two walk away in another shot. It zooms in to the guy in the background, who is now thrusting his sword into his stomach. There is some blood splattering.

4.4 sec

The frozen last film frame on the 35mm is insignificantly longer. After that, another end fade-in.

Japanese VHSGerman 35mm