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Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Apr 22, 2014 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
The comedy Dodgeball was made in 2004 and was shown in cinemas with the PG-13 rating (for rude and sexual humor, and language). Basically, that classification fits quite well since it doesn't really go too deep into the vulgar department and lets a hyperventilating Ben Stiller touch on some frisky subjects just slightly enough to get away with the mass-appealing rating. In the end, we get a rather average comedy that fits perfectly for a slow sunday afternoon without actually threatening the best movies in the sport parody genre. Apparently though, it seems to have enough fans that 10 years later a sequel is being worked on.

On US home video, the theatrical version was accompanied by an Unrated Cut that includes some more vulgar words but doesn't really add that much raunchiness to the overall film. Is it a groundbreaking necessity? Most likely not. Still, since it is available on the Blu-ray, why not grab it if you like the film anyway? That's right.

Comparison between the Theatrical Version (PG-13) (on US DVD by 20th Century Fox) and the Unrated Cut (on US Blu-ray by 20th Century Fox).

10 differences, consisting of
5 scenes with alternate material
4 extended scenes
1 scene with audio censorship

The Unrated Cut runs 38 seconds longer than the Theatrical Version.
Extended Scene
0:06:26: Before executing the dance act, Martha tells Justin with a naughty grin: "I'm not wearing any panties."
3.4 sec.

Alternate Material
UR: 0:22:49: While little Jimmy asks harmlessly in the theatrical version what ADAA stands for, we see him coughing up smoke from the opium pipe that he tried out shortly before. He then also asks about the ADAA.
The theatrical version runs 1.32 sec. longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Extended Scene
0:24:32: In the UR, the younger Patches says another sentence before saluting to the viewers of the video: "This is Patches O'Houlihan, saying take care of your balls and they'll take care of you.". In the PG-13 version, he only says "This is Patches O'Houlihan." and then already salutes.
4.28 sec.

Extended Scene
0:35:25: After entering the gym, Patches underlines his arrival with a variation of the famous Apocalypse Now line and lets the team know that he doesn't think too highly of their masculinity: "Hmm, I love the smell of queef in the morning."
6.88 sec.

Alternate Material
0:35:33: When Patches yells at the guys ("Line up, ladies!"), the UR has another shot of them standing all over the place while the PG-13 shows Patches a little earlier.
The UR runs 0.68 sec. longer

Alternate Material
0:38:47: Justin is still pretty bad at dodging balls and Patches comments on that in his own fashion. In the UR, it's a little more vulgar:

PG-13: "You're about as useful as a poopie-flavored lollipop."
UR: "Holy hell, son, you're about as useful as a cock-flavored lollipop."
The theatrical version runs 0.08 sec. longer

Audio Censorship
0:47:05: When the announcement in the locker room tells the players that they have to be vaccinated for syphillis, shingles, etc. and that dyslexics aren't allowed on the court, it can be heard loud and clear in the UR. In the theatrical version, however, it is considerably reduced in volume and drowned out by other noises in the locker room (such as chatter, etc.).
No time difference

Alternate Material
0:52:41: Patches uses a different word for the alleged lesbian Kate. When Art wants to object that, he repeats that used word in the UR. Not so in the PG-13 version.

Patches: "Those men and that lesbo in there believe in you."
Art: "Kate's not...she..."

Patches: "Those men and that muff diver in there believe in you."
Art: "Kate's not a muff diver, she..."
The UR runs 0.76 sec. longer

Alternate Material
0:54:22: When Patches describes how the team's style of play looks from the outside, he's a little more direct in the UR.

PG-13: "It's like watching a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob out there."
UR: "It's like watching a bunch of retards trying to fuck a doorknob out there."
The UR runs 2.4 sec. longer

Extended Scene
1:09:31: Only the UR shows Justin storming back to Amber, grabbing and kissing her in the best movie fashion before heading back to the final game. She stays with her cheering squad and a big grin on her face. It seems weird that this is missing in the theatrical version since we see Justin and a pregnant Amber later on in the TV advertising for Average Joe's anyway. That would make somewhat more sense if we had actually seen how Justin scored her beforehand.
21 sec.