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  • Channel 4 (UK)
  • Theatrical Cut
Release: Dec 15, 2023 - Author: TonyJaa - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the censored Channel 4 afternoon broadcast from 10.06.2023 (17:25) and the uncut FSK 12 Blu-ray.

With a total of 18 differences (+ opening logos/credits), 46.48 seconds are missing.

The running times have been taken from the uncut Blu-ray, but the specified cut length per cut and in total is shown in PAL.

00:00 min
The opening logos differ in both versions. Due to the master, Channel 4 shows a "20th Century Fox" logo, the BD has a "Paramount" logo.
Channel 4 running time: +28.12 sec.
Running time BD: 28.16 sec.
Difference: 0.04 sec.

03:18 mins
Lewis: "You are so full of shit, boss."
Brock turns to him, grins briefly and then turns back towards the porthole. Channel 4 repeats a shot of Lewis from shortly before.
Running time Channel 4: +1.72 sec.
Running time BD: 3.48 sec.
Difference: 1.76 sec.

Channel 4 versionFSK 12

09:33 min
Brock's attitude kicks in a little earlier.
Brock: "Shit."
4.32 sec.

01:23:09 min
Lewis walks past Brock.
Lewis: " his fucking hand. Excuse me...his hand and he's ordering more speed."
Channel 4 shows the shot of the older Rose from shortly before.
Running time Channel 4: +1.60 sec.
Running time BD: 2.88 sec.
Difference: 1.28 sec.

Channel 4 versionFSK 12

01:26:00 min
Naked Rose sits down on the couch and leans back.
2.92 sec.

01:26:06 min
Following Jack's instructions, Rose positions herself on the couch again.
Rose: "Tell me when it looks right. Keep that."
Jack: "Put your arm back the way it was."
6.52 sec.

01:26:18 min
Naked Rose on the couch again. She puts her hand up to her forehead, followed by a reaction shot of Jack.
Jack: "Right. Now, head down."
5.60 sec.

01:27:34 min
While Jack paints her, Rose briefly interrupts him in a close-up.
Rose: "I believe you are blushing, Mr. Big Artiste."
Channel 4 uses a shot of Jack from shortly before and overlays Rose's statement.
Running time Channel 4: +1.72 sec.
Running time BD: 1.76 sec.
Difference: 0.04 sec.

Channel 4 versionFSK 12

01:31:30 mins
As she rides down in the elevator with Jack, Rose gives Lovejoy the middle finger. She and Jack laugh briefly.
Rose waves: "Bye."
2.84 sec.

01:32:06 min
For some unknown reason, the beginning of the shot of Rose and Jack rushing down the corridor to escape Lovejoy is missing.
0.48 sec.

01:38:14 min
Sailor adds: " bastards."
0.96 sec.

01:45:32 min
Jack replies: "This is horseshit!"
Reaction shot Rose.
3.44 sec.

01:59:05 min
Jack discovers the water seeping in under the threshold, turns back to the front and tries to free himself.
Jack: "Holy shit. Oh shit."
7.64 sec.

02:06:24 min
Jack and Rose descend into the water for longer.
Jack: "Oh shit, this is cold. Oh, shit. Shit! Shit!"
4.36 sec.

02:15:11 min
Lovejoy can be seen longer at the end of the shot and is still out of the picture.
Lovejoy: "Shit."
1.16 sec.

02:26:31 min
Tommy speaks a little longer to Murdoch in the close-up.
Tommy adds: limey bastard."
1.12 sec.

02:26:35 min.
Tommy again, here a little earlier.
Tommy: "Bastard!"
0.72 sec.

02:27:18 min
Murdoch puts his pistol to his temple...
0.64 sec.

02:27:20 min
...and shoots himself in the head. Channel 4 only starts within the long shot when Murdoch falls off the ship.
0.68 sec.

03:07:15 mins
The credits play faster on Channel 4.
Running time Channel 4: +216.12 sec.
Running time BD: 374.04 sec.
Difference: 157.92 sec.