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Uncensored Volume 11 Box Set (NTSC / Region 1)

The Phantom of the Opera

The Last House On The Left

Enter the Fat Dragon


Family Guy

10.03 Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Dec 24, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the DVD Version, the latter represented by the US DVD Set "Volume 11".

4 altered Scenes, three of them with censored soundtrack
Difference: 3 sec

The numbers are still confusing but at least one DVD set now contains an entire season instead of episodes from two seasons, as it used to be the case with previous DVD releases. As a result, "Volume 11" (US) / "Season 12" (UK) contains all the episode of Season 10. Compared to the TV Versions, the DVD Versions are uncensored and uncut.

Episode 3 ("Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q") has only a minimum amount of differences in time, thus the alterations are not that numerous. The Clown-Porno which Quagmire watches during his autoerotic choking stunt is slightly more explicit. Apart from that there are a few censored dialogs.
Alternate Scene

The clown porno looks a little different. In the DVD Version the man does not wear an undershirt and is shown a little longer while moaning. The woman is shown a Little earlier before the clown bukkake begins.
Since she waits a little longer we hear the guy say: "Yeah. Almost there, almost there."

DVD Version 3 seconds longer

TV VersionDVD Version

Der kurz darauf zu sehende Rest des Clown-Pornos (mehrere Clowns spritzen der Frau Wasser ins Gesicht) blieb aber unangetastet.

Censored Soundtrack

After the waiter left because Brenda didn't close her menu card, Lois swears slightly more "explicitly".

TV Version: "Damn it."
DVD Version: "Goddamn it."

Censored Soundtrack

Peter does not get beeped: "A bunch of us guys get together and just go kick his fucking ass?"

Censored Soundtrack

Quagmire does not get beeped: "Oh, come on, Jeff, I don't hate your fucking guts."