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New Gladiators

original title: Guerrieri dell'anno 2072, I


  • US DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Nov 16, 2016 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut US DVD by Troma (Unrated) and the uncut Italian DVD.

The differences:

8 cuts = 3 minutes and 6 seconds.
1 recut = no difference.

After "Rollerball" (1975) but before "The Running Man" (1987), the Italian flick "I Guerrieri dell'anno 2072" aka "New Gladiators" was made in 1983 and there are similarities to both "Rollerball" and "The Running Man" because "New Gladiators" is also about a society contaminated by the media and the highliight of the day is a live show at prime time in which so-called gladiators beat the hell out of each other at the Colosseum. The hero of the show is a guy called Drake who has retreated from the game. Because ratings are getting lower by the minute, the show producers do not like it at all so they have Drake's wife killed and Drake returns. He now has to fight the new champion of the show but it does not go as planned.

Which sounds interesting at first glance is actually a trash flick that can't keep up with "Rollerball" or "The Running Man". Director Lucio Fulci created a rather mediocre movie here. Maybe it is just because the genre was not his thing or maybe making such a movie after classics such as "Zombie" (aka "Zombie 2: The Dead Are Among Us" aka "Zombie Flesh Eaters"), "City of the Living Dead", "The Beyond" or "The New York Ripper" simply was a bad idea.

Getting an uncut DVD is quite a task. All I can say is that the Italian DVD is uncut. Problem is said DVD only contains Italian audio and Italian subtitles. The US DVD is cut and lacks more than 3 minutes of plot scenes.
0 Min
Different logos.
no difference


0 Min
The title is different as well. US DVD: The New Gladiators / Italian DVD: I Guerrieri dell'anno 2079
no difference

0 Min
Jump-cut: Drake longer on the screen on the building.
1.5 sec

0 Min
The US Version contains a longer tracking shot of futuristic Rome.
33 sec

1 Min
The Uncut Version contains an additional shot of Drake on the bike.
6.5 sec

2 Min
Another missing shot of Drake and a biker who goes hurtling towards him.
3 sec

3 Min
In the Uncut Version, the camera zooms out from the monitor that shows a close-up of Drake and pans to the inside of the command center. Cortez looks at Drake on the monitor. A host says there was no doubt that the year 2072 was Drake's year. She also announces that Drake was going to marry his partner Susan in the following week and that the ceremony was going to be broadcasted on TV. Cortez gives Sarah a serious look and says with anger that sponsors were going to cancel their involvement and ratings were about to go down the drain because nobody really cared about that wedding which was announced as event of the year for some reason.
32 sec

5 Min
Sarah and Cortez are walking up to the monitor when she tells him to take a look. The monitor shows a video of Drake and his wife. A host congratulates them and informs the audience that they were about to witness the event of the century in a few days. Back to Cortez who is upset and orders to turn off the video. Sybill comes running from the background and says to Cortez that the ratings went 68% up and all that because of such nonsense. Cortez explains it was him who put Drake on a bike in the first place but he was now aware of the audience really want.
57.5 sec

8 Min
Now the tracking shot of futuristic Rome in the Uncut Version.
33 sec

47 Min
Drake's prison break on the monitor one more time plus the others on the rooftop being surrounded by several guards. A host presents Drake's attempt to break out of prison as an upcoming TV event.
17 sec

62 Min
One gets to see the arena from a further distance. The two hostile groups of players are facing each other. The countdown has already begun.
23 sec

67 Min
The camera pans from the monitor, on which one just got to see an exploding bike with its driver on it, to Cortez who looks kind of satisfied. The camera zooms in on him. A speaker explains that this is a fight to the death and that it was about time for a break.
9 sec

68 Min
In the Uncut Version, Cortez wants access to the computer but he is denied access which makes him pretty upset. The message that his employee Sybill has been found dead is being delivered to him.
38 sec