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  • Theatrical Version
  • Netflix Extended Version - Episode 2
Release: Apr 29, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Cruel_Hides - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version (represented on the Swiss Blu-ray) and the Extended Version as mini-series in 4 parts on Netflix US

- 28 Deviations, including 14x alternate footage
- Difference: 1151.8 sec (= 19:12 min) without deviations from logos / credits / retrospective scenes at the beginning of the episodes 2-4

Episode 1 (Last Stage to Red Rock): 46:02 min without credits / 50:23 min m. A.
-> 8 deviations with a difference of 150.4 sec (= 2:30 min) without logos / credits

Episode 2 (Minnie's Haberdashery): 47:20 min without credits / 51:41 min m. A.
-> 8 deviations with a difference of 645.6 sec (= 10:46 min) without logos / review / credits

Episode 3 (Domerque's Got a Secret): 49:26 min ohne Abspann / 53:45 min m. A.
-> 6 deviations with a difference of 97.6 sec (= 1:38 min) without logos / review / credits

Episode 4 (The Last Chapter): 52:29 min ohne Abspann / 56:45 min m. A.
-> 6 deviations with a difference of 258.2 sec (= 4:18 min) without logos / review / credits

The different versions of THE HATEFUL 8

In 2015, with The Hateful 8 Quentin Tarantino's eighth film was released. It was thought up a special treat for the screenings on the big screen, because the 70mm film shot was shown in selected cinemas as an extended Roadshow version. Like other movie classics from the 50s and 60s (for example, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World), this version contained an overture, an intermission in the middle of the film and a few longer / additional scenes.

Through interviews, we vaguely labeled the additional scenes, but unfortunately the Roadshow version was never evaluated on any home media. So we could only trust on observations of attentive moviegoers beside these official statements. Among the supposedly 6 minutes of pure additional material without the intermission / overture, there was clear to be e.g. a chicken pluck scene with Mexican Bob. In general, a few scenes are simply played out in more detail, with alternative material in use.

The big surprise was presented in march 2019, when Netflix US promised a extended cut in their monthly newsletter. So most of us speculated we got to see the Roadshow version. This extended version was released only on Netflix US on the 25th April 2019. First thing we can tell: Curiosly this is a further, even much longer version.

Instead of the Roadshow Version, the movie is split up in 4 episodes as mini-series, with a full length of about 210 minutes, while the actual additional material sums up to roughly 20 minutes. There are a few extended scenes from the Roadshow Version, but cinema visitors writing in e.g. the agreed about completely new scenes added here. In episodes 2-4 the credits, a review and the intro are shown, so the complete length is bloated to a much longer runtime - but still there are really quite a few new scenes, so let's dive deeper into our comparisons.

Extended Version as a 4-part mini-series on Netflix US // Episode 1

The mini-series-version uses the same titles, like the chapters from the original theatrical version. However, several chapters were grouped together per episode and the transitions are set differently. E.g. Episode 2 uses the title of Chapter 3, but only starts about 10 minutes after the corresponding fade. All in all, a slightly different overall structure, which of course already results from the design as a mini-series anyway.

First we can state that only plot / dialogue extensions were added, the violent scenes show no differences. At least in the first half, small gaps in logic or simply open storylines are resolved more clearly. O.B.'s motivation for transporting the corpses of Marquis is one example, it is now explained by two new conversations in which a deal is agreed.

The much longer dialogue with Sandy, who uses the N-word about Marquis several times has to be highlighted. So the blowjob story he is telling for revenge later on, naturally get more power. Otherwise one can certainly argue or conversely understand why various scenes were deleted for the theatrical version. Additional characters like Michael Madsen as Joe or Mexican Bob now get more screentime.

Episode 2 - Minnie's Haberdashery features more than 10 minutes of new material, so it is the most extended part. Michael Madsen's character is presented in more detailed scenes. Bruce Dern acting as Sandy is also more active, like his admirer Chris, represented by Walton Goggins, who describes much more about all present persons. At the end of the part Mexican Bob is fooled in detail by John.

Runtime information is according to the scheme: Theatrical Version Swiss Blu-ray / Episode 1 Netflix US Extended

Episode 2 - Minnie's Haberdashery

43:53 / 00:00-04:10

In Episode 2 the previous scene starting from Oswaldo's introduction is repeated after the Weinstein company logo. Then you get the long intro again and the insertion of the episode's title.
Not included in the differences duration.

249.9 sec (= 4:10 min)

49:12-49:19 / 09:29-09:53

In the Theatrical Version John replies in the same setting "Amen" and raises his mug. He drinks in a close up, while Joe is shown on the other end of the room.

Instead, in the Extended Version the camera view is switched to Joe while John asks: "How about that cowboy fella? What's he writing in that book?"
Oswaldo: "His diary, I suppose."
John: "What's his story?"
Oswaldo: "Don't know. He doesn't say much."
John: "What do you mean he doesn't say much? You rode up that whole mountain together, didn't you?"
Oswaldo: "And he didn't say much."
John: "What's his name?"
Oswaldo: "I don't know."
John: "He never said his name?"
Oswaldo: "I don't think so."

Extended Version 16.7 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Netflix Mini-Series

62:55 / 23:30-26:21

The Theatrical Version shows Sandy an insignificant half second longer. No images shown or counted as alternative material.

Instead, the Extended Version switches once again to a view of Chris who initiates the toast. A dialogue follows and Chris questions John about Joe. John introduces himself to Joe and asks for the brandy. Chris brings the brandy back to General Sandford and continues his toast.

Chris: "Where's home?"
Sandy: "Georgia. Yeah."
Chris: "Well, what say we have us a drink? To Chester Charles Smithers. A drink to your service to the South, sir. And a drink to the great state of Georgia."
Sandy: "Well, that's a drink I'd enjoy. From Erskine Mannix's boy to my boy."
Chris: "And that's a drink. I'd like to drink. Excuse me, General."
He walks over to John; "What's to drink, John Ruth?"
John: "Tequila and mescal. And brandy."
Chris: "Where's the brandy?"
John: "Over there."
Chris: "Who's he?"
John: "Another passenger."
Chris: "What's his name?"
John: "Joe Gage."
Chris: "What's he writing in that book?"
John: "His life story."
Chris walks toward him; "Joe Gage, is it?"
Joe: "It is."
Chris: "Pleased to meet you. I'm Chris Mannix, the new sheriff of Red Rock."
Joe: "You, too, Chris."
Chris: "Can me and my new friend have some of your brandy, Joe?"
Joe: "Help yourself, Chris."
Chris: "Thanks a bunch, Joe."
Joe: "You're welcome, Chris."
Chris walks back to Sandy; "General. This is a drink to Chester Charles Smithers! This is a drink to one man's commitment to a cause. And this is to the red in Georgia clay! Cheers. Mmm. Ah. General Sandy Smithers. It's a small damn world."
John: "I don't know about the world, but this goddamn mountain sure seems pretty fucking small."

Extended Version 170.6 sec (= 2:51 min) longer

62:57 / 26:22-26:24

After the door is opened, a small recut to Sandy follows.

2.1 sec

65:11-65:31 / 28:39-29:48

In the Theatrical Version Marquis walks forward, thereupon Sandy and Chris make nasty remarks about him.

Marquis: "O.B."
Chris: "Do you know that nigger, sir?"
Sandy: "I don't know that nigger. But I know he's a nigger, and that's all I need to know."
The legs are shown a little bit sooner.

In the Extended Version Marquis talks in more detail with O.B. while the N-word dialogue is missing for the moment.

Marquis: "O.B., got a proposition for you."
O.B.: "Well... what do you propose?"
Marquis: "You asked for $250 the first time, right?"
O.B.: "Yeah."
Marquis: "Well, how about $350?"
O.B.: "Well, how about it?"
Marquis: "Help me take them fellas down off the roof, stash them in snow. When the snow melts, tie them back on."
O.B.: "The same deal? About the booze and them ladies in Red Rock?
Marquis: "Mm-hmm."
O.B.: "You got yourself a deal, smoke.
Oswaldo gets up and O.B. introduces him; "Oh, Major Warren, this is, uh..."
Oswaldo takes his card: "Oswaldo Mobray, Major. At your service."
Marquis: "Oh-ho. You're the executioner in these parts."
Oswaldo: "Yeah, precisely."
Marquis: "Well, fella over at the bar brought you a customer."
Oswaldo: "So it would appear."
Marquis returns the card: "Yeah, well, my three felons, they won't be needing your services."
Oswaldo: "All right."

Extended Version 48.9 sec longer

65:38-65:40 / 29:54-30:06

In the Theatrical Version the hat is put on a little bit longer, while Chris starts saying: "Well, that nigger..." offscreen.

Instead, in the Extended Version the same part of the dialogue from the Theatrical Version has been included.
Chris: "Do you know that nigger, sir?"
Sandy: "I don't know that nigger. But I know he's a nigger, and that's all I need to know."
When Chris starts saying "Well, that nigger...", you can see the half view of Sandy.

Extended Version 9.6 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Netflix Mini-Series

68:48-68:50 / 33:14-36:19

The Theatrical Version fades out to black.

The Extended Version shows more of whats happens in the room while Daisy pees calmly standing next to John. After this, he critizises Bob in detail for his wrong method of plucking a chicken. At last Chris and Sandy are chatting and O.B. walks through the room sooner.

John: "Are you done yet?"
He discovers the half finished chicken and bitches to Bob; "The hell is this?"
Bob: "It's a chicken."
John: "No, it's not. It's a half-plucked chicken. A half-plucked chicken is bad luck, and we don't need bad luck in a blizzard. Now, what's it doing here?"
Bob: "I was plucking it when your stage arrived."
John: "Stopped to take care of the passengers, huh?"
Bob: "Yeah."
John: "Well, you're not taking care of passengers now."
Bob: "I thought better to deal with the stew."
John: "Pluck the chicken."
Bob follows the task reluctantly.
Chris describes: "Oh, that's Major Marquis, the nigger that burnt down Wellenbeck prison camp. Killed 47 rebs and 37 Yankees. Now, his own side drummed his black ass out of the cavalry with a yellow stripe down his back. And the Confederacy, General, if you will remember, put a reward on that nigger's head. $30,000! And then it dropped down to eight. Last days of the war, it was five. Now, a lot of fellas went looking to collect that reward, and a lot of niggers got their head chopped off. But nobody ever did get them the right nigger head."
Sandy: "That nigger is the nigger with the $5,000 reward on his head?!"
Chris: "Well, there ain't no reward no more. But during the war, yeah. That's that nigger."
In the meanwhile O.B. enters the room and slams the door; "That damn door is a dirty whore."
John: "I just made some more coffee. Grab some cups and get some in ya."

Extended Version 182.7 sec (= 3:03 min) longer

76:05-76:06 / 43:35-43:56

The Theatrical Version shows John an insignificant moment longer. No images shown or counted as alternatively material.

Instead, the Extended Version John makes more promises and an announcement: "When we get to Red Rock, I'll replace the weapons you lost. That's the best I can do. When he leaves, you and you nail the door behind him. Get to it!"

Extended Version 20.7 sec longer

76:16 / 44:06-47:20

After the exterior view of the cabin an outside view is added. Following the added instructions, the door is boarded up from inside. John continues attacking Joe and commands him laying down on the bed. Bob is asked to put his rifle on the table, which still hangs on the wall. More weapons are collected and destroyed, threatening the present persons in case they are hiding even further weapons.

John: "You, back to the bar. You, back to the bed. You were doing good the way you were, lying down. So, lie down!"
Joe follows this command and lays down on the bed.
John: "Okay, Mr. Mex, where's your guns?"
Bob: "I don't have a gun."
John: "What's that?"
A rifle on the wall is shown.
Bob: "Oh, well... there is that."
John: "Take it off the wall and put it on that table. Open your coat. Wide open. Sit your ass down on that bench."
John removes the cartridges from the weapon and smashes it on the wall.
John: "So...any more guns I don't know about? Now, later on, I'm gonna remember asking this question and I'm gonna remember your answer, so one more time. Any more guns I don't know about?"
Bob raises his hand: "I just want to make an announcement."
John: "What announcement?"
Bob: "Stew is on."

194.3 sec (= 3:14 min)

76:16 / 47:20-51:41

Additional final credits for Episode 2.
Not included in the average duration mentioned above.

261 sec (= 4:21 min)