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4.18 Islanded in a Stream of Stars


  • TV-Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jan 12, 2012 - Author: Buster - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB - more from this series
The sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica started in the US in 2003. Unlike the 1978 original series, the target group for the new version is a mature audience, as the plot is more complex.

Of course, the main plotline remained the same: Human life has its origin on planet Kobol with its 13 tribes. 12 of these moved to found their own colonies on other planets.

After the genocide of the human race - arranged by the Cylons - a convoy of survivors heads off. Lead by Battlestar Galactica they're trying to find the legendary 13th colony: Earth.

There are Blu-Ray and DVD sets including the 6 extended episodes for quite some time now; these sets were both released in the USA and the UK.

Even though the extended scenes rarely (if at all) contain any dialogue there still are some very interesting differences.

Running time
TV Version: 43:21 min NTSC (not including credits)
Extended Version: 62:36 min NTSC (not including credits)

Difference: 19 minutes and 15 seconds in 21 shots.
Ellen Tigh talks about Hera’s abduction in Admiral Adama’s quarter. Lee Adama, Kara Thrace and Saul Tigh listen to her. Ellen believes that Cavil wants to bring Hera into the Cylon homeworld to study her for possible Cylon reproduction.
A small part of the discussion is missing.
Ellen is convinced it is not too late to save Hera yet.
24 sec.

A shot of Lee and Ellen is missing shortly after the conversation.

4 sec.

Tory Foster is shown shortly.

2 sec.

A pan across all the attendands at the end oft he conversation is missing.
Athena steps into the screen earlier.

16 sec.

Number Eight has been brought into the infirmary. Tigh learns from Layne Ishay that she suffers from internal injuries and has to be brought into surgery immediately.

19 sec.

Adama is angry about a medic who is not capable of properly assessing Laura Roslin’s condition.

8 sec.

Adama inspects the damage onboard the Galactica.

11 sec.

Dr. Gaius Baltar is holding a speech over intercom. He says that he believes God is talking to every single one of them personally. Here, he perceives Number Six’ apparition for the first time.

46 sec.

After Baltar has said goodbye to his audience, he calls his assistant Paulla. Together, they peruse the schedule for the rest of the day. Aside from an inspection of a medical faculty, a meeting with Colonel Tigh and a funeral, Paulla thinks it was urgent to discuss a relocation of their headquarters off the Galactica. There were even offers from several other ships. Baltar remains skeptical and Number Six congratulates him for his decision.

1 min. and 39 sec.

The conversation between Baltar and Caprica Six is missing the part of him begging her to give them another chance.

35 sec.

When Tigh is asked by Dr. Cottle in the infirmary to look after dying Number Eight, a short shot was dropped. She asks him if she should call him Colonel. Tigh shakes his head and says she can call him Saul. She then reaches her hand for him.

26 sec.

Galen Tyrol, who doesn’t appear in the TV-version, reveals that he had a hand in Boomer’s escape. Athena lets him know that, even though she can understand his ignorance and guilt, she can never forgive him.

1 min. und 40 sec.

Tigh is looking for something to drink.

30 sec.

Kara's visit at Sam Anders’ starts earlier. She is desperate and kisses him. Shortly after, the ship is being shaken by several malfunctions.
47 sec.

The part of Kara leaving the room is missing as Tigh Anders (who is made responsible fort he malfunctions on the ship) has the plug pulled out.

10 sec.

Adama and Laura Roslin are joking about the past in the infirmary.

1 Min. und 38 sec.

Helo and Kara are having a drink in Joe’s Bar. While Kara gets more and more drunk, Helo tries to discuss the term “Harbinger” with her. Since he can’t take her nagging and moaning about his helplessness to save his daughter Hera any more, Helo leaves the bar, annoyed.

3 Min. und 14 sec.

After she was introduced by Baltar, Kara leaves the mass.

27 sec.

Adama visits unconscious Rosslin in the infirmary. He looks around a little at that.

1 min. und 16 sec.

Kara steps into her quarters.

18 sec.

The whole Galactica is busy. Adama and Tigh are observing the event.

1 min. und 29 sec.

The episode’s highlight was rearranged. The TV-version ends with the scene in which Adama and Tigh talk about leaving the Galactica. The Extended version instead shows Kara reconnecting Anders with the ship to get a tip about the music she keeps hearing.

No time difference

TV-VersionExtended Version