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1.13 The Consummation


  • TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 13, 2014 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
One of the big new shows of the rather small US network The CW in the current TV season is Reign, a not that historically accurate series about Mary Stewart, Queen of Scotland, played by the wonderful Adelaide Kane. It is not exactly demanding entertainment, but the series is fun, and the ratings are quite decent, although they probably hoped for more, with The Vampire Diaries as lead-in. The persons responsible of the channel are nevertheless content with the series and have recently ordered a second season for Fall of 2014.

Apart from the usual drama, there is quite a number of sex scenes in the series, but they are not that revealing, which is not really surprising, because the networks have some strict rules in regards to sex and nudeness. But the rules for depiction of violence are obviously not as rigid; the show does not contain that many scenes with violence, but those few scenes are always really bloody. But the series also contains some censorship, which can be seen at the episode "The Consummation (S01E13). The channel has provided an uncensored director's cut on its homepage, which differs in two sex scenes in comparison to the TV version. These two scenes obviously were too explicit for a TV broadcast, so The CW had to make some cuts.

Although the cuts are not that spectacularly outstanding, it is nice to see that the channel put an uncut version online. Maybe this catches on and we get to see uncut episodes of other series more often in the future.

Compared is the censored TV broadcast with the uncensored Director's Cut, both by The CW.

The two versions contain 7 differences:
6 scenes with alternate footage
1 additional scene in the Director's Cut

The Director's Cut is 17.42 seconds longer than the TV version.

Note: longer black screens were not taken into account for the comparison.
3:48 minutes
The sex scene between Nostradamus and the courtesan is longer and more "explicit" in the director's cut.
13.76 sec. / 5.88 sec.

Director's CutTV Version

40:08 minutes / 39:44 minutes
The two versions contain different footage when Mary and Francis are consummating the marriage.
8.12 sec. / 5.96 sec.

Director's CutTV Version

40:19 minutes / 39:52 minutes
There is more alternative footage in this scene. The director's cut runs a little bit longer than the TV version.
20.56 sec. / 17.98 sec.

Director's CutTV Version

40:41 minutes
An additional shot of Mary and Francis.
4.40 sec.

40:46 minutes / 40:12 minutes
This shot of Lola differs.
2.04 sec. / 1.79 sec.

Director's CutTV Version

40:48 minutes / 40:14 minutes
The DC shows a bit more.
5.28 sec. / 2.42 sec.

Director's CutTV Version

40:55 minutes / 40:18 minutes
Francis and Mary kissing is shown in different shots.
2.24 sec. / 2.71 sec.

Director's CutTV Version