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Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

1.01 Turtle Tracks

original title: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


  • UK-Version
  • US-Version
Release: Mar 01, 2011 - Author: hudemx - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Running-time of the US-episode (complete): 22.50 minutes
Running-time of the episode (uncut without opening- and closing credits): 21.15 minutes
Running-time of the episode (censored without opening and closing credits): 19.51 minutes

Comparison between the German TV-version and the uncensored US-version from Lionsgate (DVD).
The German version of the complete Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles series is based on the already censored UK-version. For the most part only scenes showing Michelangelo use his nunchucks were edited or removed. Furthermore, dialogues were edited to turn the word ninja into hero. However, sometimes complete scenes are missing due to the use of that infamous word! In addition to that, sound effects were added in fighting scenes to make them sound funnier and less scary.

23 additional cuts = 77.911 sec

The Intro

In the German/UK version the intro has been completely re-edited to omit scenes with Michelangeloís nunchucks .

00:06.298 to 00:12.971
In the German/UK version the logo Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles is shown earlier and freezes when Michelangelo enters the picture.
TV-version:Uncut version:

00:20.103 to 00:23.065
Instead of showing the complete Turtles team, different scenes from the series are shown. Moreover, Michelangeloís nunchucks are missing from the overview of the Turtles weapons.
TV version:Uncut version:

00:26.109 to 00:27.152
Since Michelangelo is spinning around his nunchucks, this scene has been replaced with one of Shredder.
TV-version:Uncut version:

00:31.156 to 00:33.659
The same in this scene; however, this time scenes of an alien spaceship were used, itís the Technodrom and Krang is also shown.
TV-version:Uncut version:

00:54.555 to 01:00.352
At the end of the intro the shots with the four Turtles preparing to fight have been replaced with one that shows the logo earlier.
TV-version:Uncut version:

Comparison of the Episode

The scene in which the professor talks about their method of breaking-in is shorter. In the German/UK version he picks up a rope from the ground and lets his right hand sink down to the floor. In the US-version he also lifts his arm again .
0.667 sek.

April's short statement about the burglaries of the night has also been shortened. A shot in which she uses the word ninja was removed.
1.334 sec.

A scene in which Leonardo and Michelangelo walk toward the gangsters was removed here, because Michelangelo is showing off his nunchuck skills.
2.544 sec.

In the German version this sequence was shortened in order to get rid of the fade-out. After the zoom-in on the four Turtles, the German/UK version immediately cuts to their headquarters. In the US version the four Turtles are shown longer, followed by a zoom-in on one of them.
After the fade-out, the German version continues.
8.299 sec.

This time Raphaelís sais were cut out.
1.544 sec.

Splinter introduces all four Turtles, one after another. However, the introduction to Michelangelo was shortened to a freeze-frame of his face and the next scene was cut out completely, since Michelangelo again spins around his nunchucks. The blurry cross-fading that follows has also been cut out.
TV-version:Uncut version:

Removed Scenes
4.421 sek.

Only here does the German version continue.

April's statement about the burglars are also missing, since it includes the word ninja.
April : The thiefs were Ninjas pale!
Michelangelo : Yeah...But were they Turtles?
April : It doesn't matter!
6.715 sec.

The word ninja on the matchbox also had to be retouched.
TV-version:Uncut version:

April and the Turtles reach their destination but the pan shot along the street was removed because again the word ninja is used. Moreover, part of the dialogue was changed.
US-version - Donatello: I can't put my finger on it, but there's something suspicious about this neighbourhood!
6.298 sec.

April and the Turtles enter the Ninja Pizza and are welcomed by a clerk:
Welcome to Ninja Pizza...Home of the nice slize!
After that he rams a knife into his desk.
7.066 sec.

In the German version the beginning of the scene in which the pizza baker throws the pizza dough into the air is missing.
1.185 sec.

After the baker has caught the dough some shots are missing. April expresses her distrust for the ninja bakers.
6.141 sec.

Right after April has found the hideout of the gangsters, she contacts the police, but suddenly a hand grabs her. In the US-version this scene continues and shows how April is kidnapped by the foot-soldiers. Furthermore a fade-out was removed here.
8.050 sec.

The scene with the shuriken that is thrown at Leonardo and Raphael is also missing.
1.418 sec.

The scene in which the Turtles take out their weapons is longer in the US-version. Again the nunchucks had to be removed.
1.626 sec.

After Leonardo has cut open one of the foot-soldiers, the Turtles realize that their opponents are only robots. In the German version, the scene where Donatello tells the others this is missing. Also how Michelangelo throws away his clothes and with jumps high into the air (with nunchucks in both hands) to knock out a couple of foot-soldiers at once is not in the German version anymore.
8.508 sec.

Again a scene in which a shuriken is thrown at Leonardo had to be removed. Leonardo wants to hide behind a wall, but the shuriken changes direction and follows Leonardo from the other side. However, in the very last moment he manages to split the shuriken in half with his sword.
8.258 sec.

Michelangelo appears and once again spins around his nunchucks.
3.837 sec.