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original title: Chiu Kap Gai Waak


  • US Version
  • Original Version
Release: Dec 28, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut US Version (US DVD by Buena Vista) and the uncut Original Version (French DVD by Metropolitan)

- 43 cuts, 5 recuts, 3x alternate order of events
- Length difference: 499 sec (= 8:19 min)

Michelle Yeoh became known to an international audience mainly through her appearance as a Bond-Girl in Tomorrow Never Dies. In Hong Kong she was already active in the mid 80's in the brilliant Ultra Force and other movies of this kind. At the beginning of the 90s she stood next to Jackie Chan as a policewoman in Police Story 3: Supercop in front of the camera and the present Supercop 2 is a spin-off of it. Her role is the focus here and on the hunt for a gang of crooks Jackie also stops by in a short guest appearance (undercover in disguise as a woman).

Supercop already was equipped with a new score after Jackie's US breakthrough for the American market and shortened by 8 minutes, exactly the same was done at the spin-off. In Supercop 2 also about 8 minutes are missing, mainly tightening cuts. So some scenes were changed a bit and shortened in this way. A few longer scenes also got it and the one or other shootout is also a bit shorter. Especially noticeable is the missing peak of violence at the finale.

It should not be a surprise that the US DVD is not recommendable. Uncut DVDs in widescreen are also available, for instance in the UK or France. Unfortunately, the quality of those is rather mediocre.

Time index refers to
US Version (US DVD in NTSC) / Original Version (French DVD in PAL)
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Alternate logos of Dimension respectively Metropolitan prior to the identically equal Golden Harvest logo.
Afterwards again briefly deviating insertions - which fly pseudo-cool into the picture in the US version. Same game during the short interruptions of the introductory scene.

US Version 4.5 sec longer

US VersionOriginal Version

Essentially unnecessary to mention because there is a red thread through the whole following film: Already the musical background of this first action scene was completely new in the US version and somewhat "more modern".

13:41 / 13:00-13:13

Alan and Amy go to the balcony and he explains the camera to her. Amy unintentionally zooms in on the car from which the baddies get out and the music becomes (at least in the original) a little threatening.

12.8 sec

16:39 / 16:04-16:11

Amy still tells Uncle Bill to blow out the candles. He likes to follow the instructions.

6.7 sec

Alternate / Recut
17:08-17:12 / 16:39-16:40

In the US version, it is preferred here how Bill and co above become aware of the gunshots. Again a view of firing policemen fell under the table.

US version 2.4 sec longer

US versionoriginal version

17:19-17:21 / 16:47-16:48

Before the car starts driving, it is brought forward again: Bill says they should check. This time only a few insignificant frames fell under the table at the beginning of the next setting.

US version 1 sec longer

17:38-17:40 / 17:04

In the U.S. preferred how people go on the balcony.

+ 1.7 sec

17:42 / 17:06-17:10

Now also in the OF, how the people become aware of the shots.
Another shot outside was spared at the US.

3,5 sec

17:44 / 17:11-17:18

And now in one piece, Bill calls for a check and people run out onto the balcony. However, it turns out that the middle part of the scene at the US has been tightened (only this is illustrated).

7 sec

17:54 / 17:28-17:33

Martin again from the front and you can see Alan running away. Bill says that Martin should give him cover.

4.8 sec

18:09 / 17:47-17:51

David shoots Martin and Alan again, they take cover.

4.1 sec

18:16 / 17:58-18:00

Martin tells Alan that the shooter must be sitting pretty high.

1.6 sec

18:50 / 18:32-18:36

Amy puts the camera on it and a guy takes cover.

4.4 sec

20:50 / 20:31-20:45

Martin continues asking unsuccessfully for Jessica (Michelle Yeoh - called Ah Hua in German synchronisation). In between she wonders if he is blind.

14.5 sec

21:03 / 20:58-21:00

Martin approaches Jessica in a further shot.

2.4 sec

21:15 / 21:12-21:26

Jessica asks if Martin hadn't been given a description of her. He prints a bit around and when the other woman he greeted first embraces an older man, Jessica still thinks that this wouldn't be so flattering.
They go outside, where Alan swing over a railing.
14,6 sec

21:22 / 21:33-21:55

Martin notices that a police officer is writing him a ticket. His complaint (after all, he is also a policeman) is not heard and Jessica smiles and praises the correct work of the local colleagues.

21.3 sec

23:58 / 24:23-24:32

David (name from the US synchronisation, in the German synchronisation he is called Ah Fong) first asks his colleague George if everything would be on time and then announces that the deal will be settled in two days.

8.4 sec

38:37-38:38 / 38:34

A slightly longer original error on the FR-DVD during a prominent spot respectively a fight scene by Jessica.

+ 0.6 sec

40:51 / 40:42-42:08

It's completely missing how one of Alan's gangsters is interrogated. Alan tries it in a more gentle way than his colleagues and offers witness protection to the thug after a cigarette. He takes advantage, flicks the cigarette into Alan's face and gives him a punch. Alan gets angry and beats the guy up a bit.

Then you see the gangsters in front of the TV. George recognizes Jessica again and wants to tell David about it, he chokes him off right away respectively doesn't want to hear it in front of the other gangsters. One of them then expresses furiously that the cop on TV had killed his colleague.

85,7 sec (= 1:26 min)

41:37 / 42:51-44:36

After the rest of the discussion of the thugs there is still something missing between Martin and Jessica. Martin is hoping for a goodnight kiss, but she refuses.

Then David and George meet their business partner Roger, who also has a wild baddie sitting in his underpants and is slightly aggressive towards them. Nevertheless, David immediately addresses Roger's seemingly planned "big thing". Roger replies that he had been planning this for years and doesn't want to let it get screwed up. David points out that they have fulfilled their part of the agreement and therefore want to be involved in the big thing 50:50 / not be fobbed off with his alms. He should contact them, at least they would know what he was going to do. David and George go away.

104.2 sec (= 1:44 min)

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