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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Oct 18, 2016 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Melissa McCarthy’s career really took off with her supporting role in Bridesmaids and continued with several films that featured her as the main star. Most of those movies were profitable for the production studios, even though they were rarely big box office hits. Her first real flop was the 2016 version of Ghostbusters but that was more of an ensemble effort. Before that, The Boss had a rather unnoticeable presence in US cinemas but managed to make a profit. With a budget of just $29 million, it managed to generate $64 million in the US alone. In terms of quality, the comedy is in the middle segment at best, wasting the skilled Peter Dinklage in just a few scenes as an uninspired variation of Verne Troyer’s “Mini-Me”. Even in the serious Game of Thrones, the actor has proven to be more than capable of handling humor.

Apart from the “R“-rated theatrical version, the Blu-ray also contains an Extended Cut that has over six additional minutes of footage. Said footage isn’t stuff that’s too risky for cinemas. McCarthy’s films seem to have a special appeal for extensions for the home video market and thus The Boss is no exception to the rule.

6 differences, consisting of
2 additional scenes
1 extended scene
1 extended scene with alternate material
1 extended scene in the theatrical version
1 scene with alternate material

The extended version runs 389.04 sec. or approx. 6 minutes 29 seconds longer than the theatrical version.
Extended Scene
0:06:00: The two butlers in the entrance area of the hotel panic when they realize that Michelle arrives with Claire and Tito. They obviously didn’t expect them to come back so soon. Normally, they seem to be responsible for the elevator being immediately ready to transport Michelle to her apartment and since that doesn’t work right away, they become very nervous. Finally, the elevator opens and Michelle sends Tito after them to give them a lecture.
54.2 sec.

Additional Scene
1:14:40: In this exclusive scene, Michelle appears at Ida Marquette’s home where she sits among her family and eats dinner. Michelle asks her for a short private conversation because she has a bad conscience about selling the cookie company to Renault. She feels guilty for leaving Claire and Rachel alone while Ida sits here happily with her family. Surprisingly, Ida tells her that this isn’t her family but a bunch of actors she pays to play them. She can’t stand her real family. Then, one of the actors appears to have a stroke but Ida is relatively indifferent to it.
195.24 sec.

Alternate Material
1:24:06: Without an apparent reason, both versions differ when Michelle explains offscreen that a security guard is on duty in Renault’s building. The theatrical cut shows him, the UR shows more of the location in fast-forward.
The UR runs 2.88 sec. longer

Additional Scene
1:26:47: Claire tells security guard Pete that she’s an escort that needs to get to Renault’s office. When that appears to become difficult, she leans over in an alluring manner in order to convince Pete to give her his permission.
71.88 sec.

Extended Scene with alternative material
1:28:04: Claire offers Pete to give him a dance if he lets her get into the elevator. He agrees and is obviously so aroused by this that he quickly seems to get off when she puts her arms around him. He then has to rest for a while while Claire and Michelle use the elevator. Shortly after that, we see Mike sneaking up to the sleeping Pete, taking his keycard and also taking the elevator to Renault’s office. There he meets the two women and makes a remark about Pete. The theatrical version doesn’t show this the same way.
The UR runs 69.12 sec. longer

Extended Scene in the Theatrical Version
KF: 1:24:40: In order to avoid an internal logic mishap in the theatrical version, Mike needs to offer an alternate explanation for how he got the keycard. Here, he didn’t get it from the sleeping Pete and that’s why he says that he got it from the other security guard while he got a cramp massage from him.
+ 1.4 sec.