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Shawscope Vol. 2 Blu-ray Box (US edition)


So I Married An Axe Murderer

Scream 6



The Last Starfighter

Mad Monkey Kung Fu

original title: Feng Hou


  • Celestial version (US DVD)
  • Arrow Video Blu-ray
Release: Dec 07, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the Celestial HD version (represented here by the German Blu-ray, used almost identically on the US DVD by Dragon Dynasty) and the original version (included on the UK/US Blu-ray from Arrow Video).

- 7 relevant missing bits
- Duration: 11.2 sec

Several other master errors/"framecuts" with a duration of less than 1 sec each were not listed in the report.

In late 2021, Arrow Video released the "Shawscope Vol. 1" box set in the UK/USA, which included 12 films from the legendary Hong Kong film studios. In addition to 5 legacy HD masters from licensor Celestial, there were 7 new HD restorations here that did not have the infamous framecuts that can be found in most of Celestial's catalog. In several reports, exemplified by the comparison to The Five Venoms, where other reports for titles in the box are also linked. Since November 21, 2022 (UK) and December 06, 2022 (USA) respectively, the "Shawscope Vol. 2" box is now available. This time there are even 14 films on board, with 9 of them in new HD restorations without framecuts.

Having already discussed the animal violence scene censored in the U.K. on Mad Monkey Kung Fu, we'll note here what additional moments can be discovered in the new restoration over the previously distributed Celestial version. The difference in running time turns out to be relatively minor:

  • Previous Celestial master: 109:34 min (German Blu-ray in 25fps) - equivalent to 114:25 min in NTSC on the US DVD of Dragon Dynasty.
  • 2022 restoration from Arrow Video: 115:33 min (Arrow Video Blu-ray at 23.976 fps).

Minus Celestial cues on the old version, the new Arrow version is actually 01:39 min longer. As expected, this is almost completely distributed among inconsequential "framecuts" at the beginning and end of shots that are barely noticeable during normal viewing. Only one shot is missing completely, but sometimes several seconds at a time and at one point (early fade-out) it feels a bit like censorship.

Note: E.g. the Hong Kong DVD from IVL, the US DVD from Dragon Dynasty, the French DVD from Wild Side or the iTunes version are also exactly this shorter Celestial version. The German DVDs from T.V.P. or M.i.B. are interesting though. Both are largely identical to the HD version of Celestial and thus can be classified as cut. Overall, however, there are still about 20sec less framecuts in this earlier Celestial. At least the scene with the bloody hands in the 19th/20th minute is identical as in the Arrow restoration here.

Running time details are arranged according to the scheme
German Blu-ray in 25fps / Arrow Video US Blu-ray in 23.976fps

The Celestial logo is missing from Arrow (at least at the beginning of the main movie, but it still comes as a single video file before it).

+ 10.5 sec

Shortly after, yellow vs. white film credits.

German Blu-ray (Celestial HD master)2022 UK/US Blu-ray (Arrow Video restoration)

04:14 / 04:17-04:19

Chan takes a hearty swig at the end of the shot.

1.7 sec

08:30 / 08:52-08:53

Chan pauses with the fan for a moment longer at the end of the shot.

1 sec

19:45 / 20:54-20:55

The Celestial Master fades to black a bit earlier, while Chan actually falls forward longer. As he does so, his bloodied hands can be seen way more clearly.

Note: Interestingly, this bit is included in the German DVDs of T.V.P. and M.i.B. which showcase an earlier Celestial work on the picture. As written in the intro all other bits highlighted in our report were already missing in this earlier SD version from Celestial too.

1.6 sec

22:46-22:47 / 24:06-24:07

In Celestial, a cut to the people watching is inserted here. This covers up a small jumpcut. Actually the previous shot goes further: Little Monkey approaches the guy for a moment longer (with the crabs in his hands).

Note: In the German DVDs of T.V.P. and M.i.B., there is also the cut to the people during this scene to cover up the jumpcut. But it was used a bit earlier in the shot. The moment from the end of the shot, that is missing in the Celestial HD master and pictured here, is then actually included again.

No runtime difference

German Blu-ray (Celestial HD master)2022 UK/US Blu-ray (Arrow Video restoration)

38:07 / 40:20-40:23

The middle part of the tracking shot back from the ape-man has been removed.

3 sec

Note: A rather strange jumpcut at 63:53 / 67:32 is identical in both versions and thus probably to be seen as a deliberate stylistic device.

80:01 / 84:30-84:32

Towards the end of the shot, the other people also fall over the tabletop with which the baddies were just pushed backwards.

1.7 sec

107:10 / 113:14-113:15

Shortly before the end, however, a completely missing shot: The backflip in slow motion can be seen from another perspective.

(And yes, to sum it up again: This is also missing in the older SD master by Celestial which at least had 20 sec of framecuts less than its HD counterpart by Celestial.)

1.2 sec

The end fade-in again in yellow vs. white.

German Blu-ray (Celestial HD master)2022 UK/US Blu-ray (Arrow Video restoration)

After the end fade-in, the old version still has two references to Celestial.

+ 10.5 sec