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Chinatown Kid, The

original title: Tang ren jie xiao zi


  • Italian VHS
  • Uncut
Release: Jul 11, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the slightly cut Original Version (Italian VHS) and the uncut Original Version (US VHS)

- 29 documented differences
- Length difference: 68.2 sec (= 1:08 min)

There are further jump cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec each that will not be listed in the following comparison.

The Chinatown Kid (1977) by Shaw Brothers veteran Chang Cheh is basically the dry run for the "Venoms" before the same cast starred in the Eastern classic Five Deadly Venoms. That the here compared movie is a classic among fans on the one hand and yet rather unknown on the other results from the fact that the Original Version is not easy to get.

The NL VHS is only 108 minutes (PAL) long which says it all plus it is in dreadful fullscreen. The Italian VHS has almost the same length and even though it is in widescreen, the picture is slightly zoomed - as the following comparison shows.

Back in the day, the US VHS was the best release. Not only is the movie in widesreen but with a length of 114 minutes (NTSC) / ~ 110 minutes (PAL), it is also longer. Basically, the cuts listed in the following comparison are neglectable.

Time index refers to
Italian VHS / US VHS
Different title - the remaining English export credits are identically equal.


19:32 / 20:23-20:31

Tan and the girl longer on the rooftops.

7.6 sec

22:35 / 23:41-23:42

The bloody butt slightly longer & the car insignificantly earlier.

0.7 sec

25:27 / 26:42-26:44

The cops fire off a few more rounds & the camera pans to Tan running away.

2.3 sec

26:53 / 28:14-28:19

Tan hesitates before answering the phone.

4.8 sec

28:59 / 30:30

The arrival in the US briefly earlier.

0.6 sec

30:09 / 31:44-31:48

Longer tracking shot of the skyline.

4.1 sec

39:54 / 41:58-42:03

Huang poses a little longer, followed by closer shot of her looking at the guy who then takes over.

4.7 sec

42:59 / 45:16-45:18

Additional shot of the car.

2 sec

45:13 / 47:38-47:39

A few more frames of the two of them in their little room.

0.6 sec

45:27 / 47:53-47:55

Further jump cut during a shot of them.

2 sec

50:44-50:50 / 53:26

The US tape lacks two shots with some dialog between Tan and the daughter of the owner.

+ 6.3 sec

53:14 / 55:56-55:58

At the end of the shot, Tan punches the baddie in the stomach two more times.

1.5 sec

58:43 / 61:41-61:53

At the end of the shot, Yang walks around the apartment. Furthermore, the fight with Tan outside starts insignificant 0.5 sec earlier.

11.7 sec

61:08 / 64:25-64:26

The gambling table with the cards on it a little earlier.

0.7 sec

64:04 / 67:28-67:30

Howard a bit earlier before he takes off the glasses.

2 sec

65:05 / 68:34-68:39

Howard says one more sentence.

4.6 sec

65:45 / 69:21-69:23

At the beginning of the shot, So Fai Lung stands up.

1.8 sec

72:43 / 76:40-76:45

Tan longer on his way inside the White Dragon Club resp. he is stunned by what he sees.

5 sec

76:06 / 80:16-80:18

The guy who got hit is going down & Tan slightly earlier.

1.4 sec

77:55 / 82:11-82:13

Subsequent to Huang's dead body on the ground, there is an additional shot of Chu Ho running. Moreover, the following shot of So Fai Lung getting ready to fire off a shot starts a little earlier.

1.5 sec

78:29 / 82:49

A few more redundant frames are missing.

0.6 sec

79:36 / 83:59-84:02

The shot of So Fai Lung starts earlier.

2.6 sec

83:18 / 87:53-87:54

The last scene at Yang's quarters is slightly longer.

1 sec

85:36 / 89:54-89:56

Jump cut subsequent to the plates falling down.

2.3 sec

85:40 / 90:00-90:01

And another one.

0.8 sec

87:55 / 92:47

Tan longer on his way upstaits & he arrives earlier.

0.8 sec

92:59 / 98:04-98:05

After the exterior shot, the shot of Tan on his way to the door begins earlier.

1 sec

98:21 / 103:41-103:42

Apparently the last reel change - hence the mark on the right shortly before. As a result, the shot of Tan showing up from the background begins a little later.

1 sec

103:11 / 108:45-108:50

For the very last time, a shot starts eaarlier.

5 sec

On the US tape, "The End" pops up in English. The Italian tape, however, contains the Italian equilavent instead.