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original title: Qian dao wan li zhu


  • US Blu-ray
  • German Blu-ray / 35mm
Release: Nov 18, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the American Blu-ray from Kino Lorber and the German theatrical version (used for inserts on the German Blu-ray by Imperial Pictures / Cargo Records)
- 8 missing parts on the American Blu-ray with a duration of 20 sec
- 7 missing parts on the German 35mm with a duration of 30.8 sec
A few additional master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the cut report.
Made in 1977 in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Dynasty was the first large-scale 3D film produced for the two countries at the time. It's a charmingly trashy eastern and like so many titles, however, it fell into oblivion over the decades. In the OFDb, the German theatrical release at that time was even noted as late as 2022. There was never a VHS release. Fortunately, however, German 35mm reels in quite good quality has survived, which was scanned by Imperial Pictures.
Internationally, the 3D Film Archive also took on the title and the American label Kino Lorber released a Blu-ray in 2021 with the, as usual, rather poor English dub. When comparing the German 35mm scan to the US Blu-ray, it became apparent that the US version was trimmed a bit around all reel changes. Even a fight in the first half of the film is missing a few moments due to various jump cuts. In turn, the German version also had a few film tears, with the very first shot and a dialogue in the finale being particularly noteworthy.
For the German Blu-ray premiere, available from November 18, 2022, the version of the American Blu-ray has now been taken as a basis and the missing parts there have been inserted from the German 35mm. The film is thus virtually uncut for the first time. We were provided with the German 35mm in advance, so we have covered the missing parts there in the appendix.
Running time information is arranged according to the scheme
American Blu-ray in 23.976fps / German theatrical print in 24fps
16:53 / 16:30-16:41

First reel change (incl. black frame break in the 35mm scan, which we otherwise ignored): In the German version, the riders can be seen 10 frames longer. After the reel change, the first shot inside also starts a bit earlier and the general rises.

1.3 sec

29:03 / 28:51

The US has a small jumpcut, while the DE goes through in one.

0.6 sec

29:11 / 29:00-29:01

A first blow of the monk is missing in the US.

1 sec

29:15 / 29:05-29:06

Shortly after that, a jump cut again leaves a moment of the fight missing at the US.

0.8 sec

33:41 / 33:30-33:43

Second reel change: In the German version, the long shot is half a second longer. After the act change, the shot in the hallway starts about 3 sec earlier.

3.8 sec

47:50-47:52 / 47:51-47:53

Strange: The US version zooms in as the dead men are kicked. In the German 35mm, the shot is seen from the same perspective till the end.

No time difference

US Blu-rayGerman 35mm

54:48 / 54:47-54:49

Third reel change: In the German version, the commander can be seen longer and forbids the men to leave.
Cut to the men confirming they won't.

Note: According to a English VHS copy it is said here in the English dub: "Nobody is allowed to leave the village".

2.2 sec

76:02 / 76:07-76:08

Fourth reel change: In the German version, the shot of the fight is a few frames longer.

0.7 sec

91:35 / 91:36-91:41

Towards the end of the credits, the US still has a jump cut, so the company credit is much longer in the DE image.

5.6 sec

Now we also present the bits where the American Blu-ray was longer than the German 35mm. As said, this material is all there on the German Blu-ray, because the US Blu-ray was used as a basis and only the above missing parts from the German 35mm were incorporated.

00:14-00:34 / 00:12

After the identical short credits, the German version is missing a big part at the beginning of the following shot: the riders arrive from much further back.

19.2 sec

05:49-05:50 / 05:28

The riders come through the gate a little earlier.

0.9 sec

30:05-30:06 / 29:55

Small jumpcut in the DE during the body rotation.

0.7 sec

53:30-53:32 / 53:31

Small jumpcut in the DF during the shot of the men running into the hall.

1.9 sec

66:24 / 66:17

Trivial mini-jumpcut in the DE in the middle of a quiet shot. Shortly after, Dorian Tan's "(?Damn?) bastard" is a bit choppy on the soundtrack because of this.

0.5 sec

69:56-69:57 / 70:02

Noticeable jumpcut towards the end of the shot, before Lang goes out of frame.

0.7 sec

78:10-78:18 / 78:20

Unfortunately, there was a longer film tear in the DE, through which obviously also some German original dub was lost. The general has a few nasty words left for Lang and approaches him earlier.

8 sec