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original title: Fei ying gai wak


  • HK DVD (Cat. I)
  • German DVD
Release: Jun 20, 2010 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncut DVD by Laser Paradise (FSK 16) and the cut HK DVD by Megastar (remastered). Time designations refer to the uncut DVD.

The German DVD by Laser Paradise is uncut, but does not offer the original aspect ratio. The newest reissue of the HK DVD was remastered and - in order to achieve a Cat. I rating - cut by a scene because the rating agencies in HK are similarily prude as those in the US. The old version, however, was a Cat. I movie as well although it was uncut except for the zoom on Ada's back when she is naked.

The newest issue of the movie by Deltamac HK also features the zoom, but the nude scene with Elsa is included.

Total cut length approx. 3,5 sec.
The striptease (0:18:40)

Jackie and Elsa are being threatened by two arab gangsters. In order to confuse them, Jackie pulls Elsa's towel away. One now can see the naked Elsa from behind. The gangsters look puzzled, then the HK DVD starts again with Jackie's attack.
Duration: 1,5 sec.

Under the shower (0:31:59)

Ada is standing in the shower. The German DVD features a long shot of her, the HK only shows us her back because the image was zoomed in.
Duration: 2 sec.

Image of the German DVD: