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  • US Version
  • Integral Version
Release: Aug 29, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Version and the Integral Version (both available on the UK Blu-ray by Powerhouse Films).

India, early 19th century: A secret society consisting of murderers and thieves who worship the god Kali gets on the radar of the British colonial government because commodity transporters keep getting attacked and robbed. Capt. Harry Lewis starts invesigating but gets replaced by arrogant Capt. Christopher Connaught-Smith, who can't see the big picture at any point, real fast. Lewis starts investigation on his own and that puts a target on his back.

This exotic adventure flick was shot during the golden era of the Hammer Studios. Based on the Thuggee brotherhood shattered by the British colonial government. Contentwise, the movie is mediocre with a few rather boring scenes but director Terence Fisher focuses on the sadistic acts of the cult. Luckily, there is no pointing because both the colonial government with its antique structurs causing problems for the investigation conducted by Lewis and the murdering Indians look pretty bad here.

The UK Blu-ray by Powerhouse Films, released as part of the Blu-ray box set "Hammer Volume 3 - Blood And Terror", contains 3 versions of The Stranglers of Bombay: The UK Version, the US Version and a so-called Integral Version that contains the entire footage from the UK and US Version.

The following comparison shows the differences of the US Version and the Integral Version - in other words the scenes that are in the UK Version but not in the US Version. The differences are rather curious though. In both the initiation scene at the beginning of the movie and also later on when the prisoners get punished, some reaction shots from one of the thugs - played by Marie Devereux - are missing. Certainly, one might say her watching her enjoy it is not for everyone. In my opinion, I believe her incredibly revealing cleavage is the actual reason for the cuts.

When Lewis gets mugged, the thug kicks him two more times when he is already lying on the ground. Other than that, the introductory text starts subsequent to the opening credits. Last but not least, the US Version lacks a part of the comment: " 1829...".

The UK Blu-ray box set is recommendable, the other movies are Yesterday's Enemy, The Terror of the Tongs and The Camp on Blood Island. As common for Powerhouse releases, there is a lot of bonus. All in all, a nice release for Hammer fans.


US Version: 79:52 min
UK Version: 80:17 min
Integral Version: 80:21 min

The US Version begins with the text about the Indian cult.

The Integral Version contains a similar text later on.

US Version: 27 sec


Shot of Karim in the Integral Version.

Integral Version: 2 sec


And again, the Integral Version contains a shot of Karim.

Integral Version: 1 sec


Now the introductory text in the Integral Version - the text part " 1829..." is missing in the US Version though.
Then a transition to the subsequent scene.

In the US Version, the transition is missing and the scene does not start until immediately afterwards.

US Version: 3 sec
Integral Version: 35 sec


Lewis gets kicked in the face, then the thugs grab the silk scarf. Before they leave, Lewis gets kicked in the stomach one more time.

Integral Version: 17 sec


Karim lies down on the ground when the prisoners are being taken to their cells.

Integral Version: 2 sec


When the kill order is being given, Karim turns her head, she looks pleased.

Integral Version: 1 sec


When the prisoners gets choked to death, only the Integral Version contains a shot of Karim watching with pleasure.

Integral Version: 1 sec